Mandy's Mon Blog: Krista Kafer Is My New Political Analyst

DR GARY IS ON AT 1 TODAY TO TALK ANTI-AGING Find out more about Downtown's Healthcare by clicking here.

KRISTA KAFER IS ON TO TALK MIDTERMS Krista is one of my favorite people that I've met since I've been here, and she joins me to discuss this upcoming political season. You can read her columns in the Denver Post, as a matter of fact, here is her latest.

IF YOU'RE GOING TO SEE GARRISON KEILLOR TONIGHT TAKE NOTE They moved his show from Red Rocks to the Buell Theater downtown. Check out this great article on Keillor in the Denver Gazette (which needs correction about where the show is) and here is the update on the venue.

THE GREEN BUILDING BILL MAY BE DEAD And this is GREAT news for Colorado housing costs. It appears lost in committee and I'm okay with that. Read more here about how much this would have cost anyone looking to build a new home.

THIS RED ROCKS WORKER IS AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS AND I'M BUYING ONE OF THESE NOW There are certain "charms" that come with seeing a show at Red Rocks. The spectacular scenery, the obvious reverence the musicians have for playing there, and the walk to and from the car make it a really special experience. Then there are the spilled drinks and beers and people try to navigate down the rows in the dark. A longtime Red Rocks worker has solved the problem with a Red Rocks cup holder and she's selling it for 20 dollars and yay her! Find out more about this genius product that will pay for itself in about two beers that don't get spilled. I just pre ordered mine. This is genius.

COLORADO ISN'T THE BUSINESS FRIENDLY STATE IS ONCE WAS And Heidi Ganahl lays out just how hard it's gotten while the size of state government has exploded at the same time. It's a good column read it here.

DANIELLE NEUSCHWANGER IS MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE As she announced her acceptance of the nomination for the Constitutional Party so she can continue to run for Governor and likely insure that Polis gets re elected. This is short sighted and stupid of her, she's going to lose spectacularly and damage what could have been a bright political future in this state. I am incredibly disappointed in her selfishness and the level of delusion she is displaying with this move, but I'm not sure Danielle really wants to get things done. I think she more about building her "brand". I'll explain today during the show.

THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO PUT ENVY ON THE BALLOT By forcing onto the already long and complicated ballot we already get a new table that shows how any income tax changes would affect each voter. What would the table do? The Democrats believe it will make it easier to get voters to vote for a tax increase on the rich while preventing them from voting for a tax decrease that would benefit people who pay more taxes more. They want voters to see those number and hope that they envy kicks in so they do what Democrats want them to do. This is a solution in search of a problem for voters.

WE ALL OWE RON DESANTIS A BIG THANK YOU Because his recent actions with Disney have sent shockwaves through corporate America that has CEOs across the country rethinking weighing in on cultural issues. The Wall Street Journal says the actions taken by Florida have given CEO's pause before jumping into the fray. Good. Read this:

But Disney’s recent experience in Florida has captured the attention of C-suite executives at companies big and small, given the impact on its operations, many say. “I think probably anybody sitting in a leadership role follows it to some degree,” said Julie Schertell, chief executive of Alpharetta, Ga.-based manufacturing company Neenah Inc., which has around 2,500 employees. Ms. Schertell said the Disney drama reminds her as a CEO that she must look at situations from every angle. “Because I want folks to assume positive intent, like ‘Here’s what we’re trying to do, and if it feels like a misstep, let’s talk about that. And of course, correct on it,’ ” she said.

If this means less woke companies I'm all for it. Thanks, Ron!

RUSSIA SHOWS ITS ANTI SEMITISM AND NOW ISRAEL IS FORCED TO RESPOND Israel is friends with anyone who will help them. I'm not mad at them, it is what it is, and when all of your neighbors want to kill you, you take what you can get. They have worked hard to remain neutral on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but that may be over now that Russia said Hitler was Jewish. That did not land well. The reason he said it is it's hard to argue you're liberating a country from Nazis when the President is Jewish. Israel has responded with righteous indignation, but how does that translate long term?

THIS IS A SUPER COOL VIDEO ABOUT PERMAFROST Melting permafrost creates a slew of other issues but also can provide some cool windows into what was happening 50,000 years ago.

DOES PFIZER'S COVID DRUG WORK AS WELL AS IT SHOULD? The US is seeking "urgent" data on people who take Pfizer's covid drug Paxlovid only to relapse about nine days after they finish taking the drug. This seems concerning and no one knows why some people do this, but they are looking for info about it now, so if this describes your or someone you know's experience, please read this.

AMERICANS BELIEVE ELON MUSK WILL MAKE TWITTER BETTER By a significant number. It's funny to me to see people on Twitter who are super mad about the changes predict the demise of the platform when in reality this poll shows just 19% of people say they will use the platform less than before (they are lying, btw). Musk has been next level trolling everyone this past week and that's worth an account alone. Even a majority of Democrats say he will make it better. Of course he will.

SHOULD YOU SHARE YOUR SALARY INFORMATION? I've never worked in an industry where everyone knew what everyone was making. Young people, who likely don't make a lot of money, have decided that is a bad policy. They are sharing their salaries with each other, and that does go a long way towards salary transparency, which should be a good thing, right? Unless you're a high performer who outearns everyone else, that is. Then it could be awkward.

ONE SCHOOL FREE OF POLITICS IN WOODLAND PARK IS CELEBRATING A YEAR OF GREAT EDUCATION And it's a cool school that was featured in The Federalist last year so they thought they would check back in to see how things are going. My favorite part of the story is how the union loving folks who were just defeated are creating chaos as school board meetings and accusing the non-union backed members of the school board that were swept into office racists and religious zealots. It's almost like there is a playbook given out by the teachers unions, isn't it? I'm surprised they didn't stage a sickout too.

GIVES NEW MEANING TO THE PHRASE "EAT YOUR PEES" Could urine be the solution for farming? As this article shows, we have a real problem with synthetic fertilizers now, and perhaps diverting pee could take care of that. I'm not the least bit upset about this as I already know what farmers put on food to make it grow and it's not much better than pee. Unfortunately it will take a rebuild of every sewer system to make this happen but we'll work the details out somehow.

FIGHTING AGING AND DEATH ISN'T NEW This is a very interesting story about just how long we've been trying to hold back the ravages of time. Spoiler alert: a long, long time.

ARI FLEISCHER SAYS BIDEN WON'T RUN AGAIN IN 2024 And this would be great, but there are a couple of things that have to happen according to Fleischer. The first is the takeover of the House and Senate by Republicans. This would be nice, and if we choose Joe O'Dea in June Coloradans may have a chance to help with that. Second, the Democrats must turn on Joe. That is entirely feasible to me, as he has promised to get out and campaign for Dems, and considering his lousy approval numbers, this will only help Republicans. Read the column here.

DOES THE OLD "HAIR OF THE DOG" TRICK WORK FOR A HANGOVER? The short answer is yes, but only temporarily. It's been so long since I've had a hangover but I remember them well. For me it was a Bloody Mary and about forty gallons of water. The combo of salt and water did the trick. Now you can grab some electrolyte packets or a quick IV to reduce the horrible feelings. Or not get stupid wasted instead, that's what I've chosen.


JILL BIDEN'S BIOGRAPHY IS A MASSIVE FLOP How massive? It sold 250 copies its first week. You read that right. It only sold 250 more books than I sold and I don't even have a book.

SPIRIT AIRLINES IS AFRAID THEY WILL BE MADE BETTER SO CHOOSE TO REMAIN CHEAP INSTEAD They have rejected JetBlue's offer to buy them and are instead sticking with equally crappy airline Frontier's offer instead. I would think that the merger of the two dirt cheap, nickel and dime you to death airlines would be a bigger problem than merging a low cost carrier with a really good one, but whatever.

THE NEW DISINFORMATION BOARD IS HARD AT WORK AT THE WHITE HOUSE Because of the high levels of disinformation coming from there. The Babylon Bee covers it.


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