Mandy's Fri Blog: Housing Will Cost Even More, and Denver Dems Grab Guns

DAVE DID THE UNIFY COLORADO CHALLENGE LAST NIGHT And he had so much fun he invited his conversation partner on the show today to talk about it. We will visit with Kevin Chen at 12:30.

PEOPLE ARE STRUGGLING WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES RIGHT NOW And I am STOKED to have Dr. Charles Weber on at 2pm to talk about mental health in the area and Family Care Centers. Family Care Centers have been helping individual adults, kids, teens and families in the Springs for years and now they are coming to Denver. Find them by clicking here.

THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN SOMEONE SETS THEIR POLITICAL FUTURE ON FIRE I like Danielle Neuschwanger quite a bit. She's young, smart, funny and capable of being a strong part of the Republican party's future. Or should I say she COULD have been a part of the future until she decided to blow up that future by running for Governor in a different party. Danielle believes she was treated unfairly by the State Assembly process, and she may have been I can't say for sure one way or the other. But by deciding to jump back into the race as the Constitutionalist Party candidate she has completely extinguished any interest I have in finding out. A big part of being successful in politics is understanding the rules and using them to your advantage as much as possible. Those rules can be the party rules, the electoral rules, whatever, but you have to play by them lest you turn into Tina Peters. If Danielle wants to have any sort of future, she needs to recognize that by blowing up the rules and assuredly handing the election to Jared Polis by splitting the GOP vote, she is cutting out a huge swath of support she will need in her political future. She's not been in the game long enough to know that politicos have long memories, and fundraising really, really matters. I'm going to invite her back on the show to discuss and hopefully convince her to not throw away a promising future because she's mad. We shall see.

IF WE'RE GOING TO MAKE HOUSING EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE I HAVE A SUGGESTION The Democrats in the House are hellbent on making the most expensive housing in the country even MORE expensive by forcing stupid new green energy building codes on everyone. These are the same kinds of building codes residents who suffered losses in the Marshall Fire just demanded be suspended because they made the cost of rebuilding prohibitively expensive. Joshua Sharf writes about it here in Complete Colorado. I have one simple amendment that I think could make a difference. Add an amendment that says if the bill passes, every member of the Legislature shall be forced to retrofit their own homes with all of these new green energy things. That should take care of it. If it's truly to fix a "climate emergency" we should have no issue making that happen.

DENVER DEMS ARE TARGETING CONCEALED CARRY HOLDERS WHO DON'T COMMIT CRIMES And this is BEYOND stupid and I promise I will be asking the Mayor about it on his next visit. The move to ban concealed carry at Denver Parks comes just as one park is shut down because a man was murdered by a guy I'm pretty sure doesn't hold a concealed carry permit. Perhaps a concealed carry permit holder could have stopped that crime? Just a thought.

THE BIDEN ADMIN WANTS TO TAKE FROM THE VA TO GIVE TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS And I lost my mind this morning when I saw this. In recent testimony DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas implied that resources such as doctors and nurses could be deployed to the border to help illegal immigrants instead of veterans. When one lawmaker tried to pin him down for a yes or no answer, you get this:

Don't you love it when someone starts with "let me be clear" and then just doesn't answer a simple yes or no question? You can read more here, but if this happens I sure hope no veteran ever votes Democrat again, because they don't give a rat's ass about you.

THIS AS THE BIDEN ECONOMY IS IN SHAMBLES As our GDP actually SHRANK during the first quarter by 1.2%. Yikes. And unfortunately for the Dems, inflation has eaten any wage gains and people can feel the difference, no matter how many times Biden says the economy is resilient and their policies are working. They are not working, they are a disaster and the midterms can't get her fast enough.

AND WHILE THE ECONOMY BURNS BIDEN WANTS A MINISTRY OF TRUTH This is literally straight out of an Orwell novel but since Dems never read 1984 or seem to have taken it as an instruction manual, here we are. From the press release:

the country’s newspapers presenting themselves “as a solid bloc,” committed to “the Cause” and obscuring or outrightly burying any fact or story antithetical to it. Even more than post-factum censorship, Biden* favors this kind of proactive steering of the press, hardly subtle and clearly defining his expectations as both military and civilian leader of the people. In the United States* social and political pressures—and the resultant self‐ policing by the media—were at least as important as actual legal proscriptions, probably much more important….

Seems like that's already happening, eh? Oh, I was KIDDING when I said that was from the press release, that's from an article about Mussolini's Ministry of Truth, I just changed Mussolini to Biden and Italy to United States. We saw this very thing by the legacy media on Hunter Biden's laptop before the last election. I'm sure this will be fine, it will all be fine.

GOOD NEWS THOUGH, BIDEN WILL BE ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL FOR DEMS! With his miserable approval ratings this is GREAT news for those running against vulnerable Dems. He's going to be out selling his accomplishments and plans for more giant spending plans.

WHY ARE WE DOING TO KIDS WHAT EUROPE HAS STOPPED DOING FOR GENDER DYSPHORIA? This column lays out how Europe has been dealing with kids who believe they are transgender versus what we do with kids who think they are transgender and this matters because Europe has been at this longer than we have. They USED to use the protocols of gender affirmation that are popular in blue states, but they have stopped. Why? The data from long term studies shows it does not significantly improve mental health outcomes and that most children resolve their gender dysphoria to remain their biological gender. Many of those kids are just gay. This is the information that Florida just used to create its non-gender affirming policies that are designed to get the mental health help for kids without shoving them into life as a permanent medical patient. It's very interesting and should be of interest to everyone.

THIS IS WHY PARENTS ARE TURNING OVER SCHOOL BOARDS We have yet another example of a school system actively working to prevent parents from knowing their child is suffering from gender dysphoria.. It's in the Education policy for the State of Maryland that teachers are to "support" the child who says they are transitioning by calling them the wrong name and pronouns while using the kid's real name and pronouns with the parents. The assumption is that parents are bad and don't have any right to know that their child is in a state of distress. This is why parents are fighting back. These children are NOT the school's children, and they are trying to create a further chasm between children and their parents. This is shameful and I'm glad parents are suing to stop it.


AIR BNB IS DOING THE RIGHT THING TO ATTRACT TOP TALENT And that is declaring that AirBnB workers can work from wherever their hearts desire, whenever they desire it. And here's a cool thing, they aren't going to mess with pay, so you can move to someplace with a super low cost of living and still make bank.

WOULD YOU PAY MORE FOR GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE? I am in the whopping 58% of Americans who say heck yes. Companies really should take note.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WORDS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE At least according to I think they got some of these right but perhaps there are more?

CHEATING IS UP IN COLLEGE And it's getting worse by a long shot. In this story it talks about confirmed cheating in online testing environments, which has doubled in two years. Good news is it's still very uncommon, but the rate of growth should be concerning. Have we stopped teaching character to young people? Is this why they want loans they took out voluntarily forgiven? It sure seems like these younger people don't have the same character we need for our country.

WHEN ART COLLIDES WITH POLITICS This is a good column about the push and pull between art and politics from a critic who struggles with separating the two on occasion but I think we've all been there.

YOUR DOGS PERSONALITY DOESN'T HAVE MUCH TO DO WITH ITS BREED At least according to this study, but I think more may be inherited than they are giving credit for. I've learned for instance that Saint Bernards all seem to be the biggest cuddlers on the planet and most love to play tug. However some don't like tug, though all seem to need cuddles 24/7. Read more here.

A HUGE NEW STUDY ON DOG LIFE EXPECTANCY SHOWS ROSS IS IN TROUBLE As he's got two of the shortest lifespan breeds in his house. They did not analyze Saint Bernards, but they don't live that long anyway. I'm going to see if I can keep Jinx around as long as possible!

I'M SURE HE'S FINE THOUGH And I'm not even talking about him stumbling over Kleptocracy, which is somewhat understandable. I'm talking about "accommodating" Russian oligarchs and the weird laugh at the end.

BART RESTORES THE MASK MANDATE The Bay Area Rapid Transit system in San Fran has put a mask mandate back in place until July 18th. They believe they are helping people, we know they are not, but I don't have to ride it so get on with your bad selves.

THE PERFECT PARKING SPOT...DANG IT A MOTORCYCLE The Babylon Bee has the latest on a scourge in every parking lot in America, followed only by the scourge of "Damn Smart Car" in the same situation.

IF YOU NEED ME I'LL BE GLUING 50,000 MATCHES TOGETHER Because I think this jet ball would have worked if the hole had been bigger in the back.

IF YOU'RE GONNA ASK A GOTCHA QUESTION YOU BETTER KNOW THE ANSWER In a Congressional Hearing about Supreme Court "reforms" a conservative witness said this:

“The left hates Justice Thomas because he is a Black conservative who has never bowed to those who demand that he must think a certain way because of the color of his skin. The racist attacks have repeatedly sought to portray Justice Thomas as dependent on white people.” 

Cue Democrat Dem Hakeem Jeffries who came in with the question that would surely shut that down, except this happened instead.

I laughed hard at this this morning.

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