Mandy's Wed Blog: Pam Anderson Wants To Be Sec Of State

PAM ANDERSON (NOT THAT PAM ANDERSON) WANTS TO BE OUR SECRETARY OF STATE And she's joining me today at 1 to discuss why you should support her candidacy to unseat the horribly partisan Jena Griswald. Find out more about Pam by clicking here!

WHY CAN'T REPUBLICANS GET OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY? The Douglas County Commission is a perfect example of why Republicans always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. When they do get elected, as three did to fill the spots on the commission, they can't work together like normal people, they have to wrap themselves in unnecessary drama that draws attention to their disfunction. I've met Lora Thomas multiple times, I've met Abe Laydon several times and I've met George Teal and they are all nice people who want the best for Douglas County. So why can't three people behave like adults to address the needs of the county? Now Laydon and Teal have removed Thomas from her role as Chair AGAIN. This time it's because of a resignation letter that she publicly shared. I have no more details but this is an embarrassment once again. Here's the kicker, she's done after this term in office. She's running for Sheriff, which may explain why this is happening, as perhaps Laydon and Teal perhaps support a different candidate. If Teal and Laydon don't realize that by doing this, they are not only tarnishing Thomas but tarnishing the image of Republicans in Douglas County and frankly, we don't need this in this state, we've got enough problems as it is. Get it together, Dougco board.

A LOT OF CRYPTO CURRENCY IS AN ENERGY SUCKING VAMPIRE And this is something we should pay attention to for a variety of reason, not the least of which is that when crypto mining shows up energy prices for everyone go up. It happened in one upstate New York town with an abundant renewable energy source in the form of hydroelectric. All was well until a crypto farm moved in and used more energy than 4,000 home each MONTH. When they didn't have enough power for everyone, the town had to buy more expensive energy and everyone else had to pay for it. Read this cautionary tale here. (One reader pointed out that not all crypto currency mining is so energy intensive but I don't have details)

WILL THE COLORADO SENATE FIX THE FENTANYL BILL? Governor Jared Polis just threatened to veto a bill about rent control for mobile home parks and that language was stripped from the bill. Will he come out and demand zero tolerance on fentanyl and threaten to veto the bill the House just passed that didn't do that? The bill is now headed to the Senate where they can amend it and send it back to the House. We'll see if he sticks his neck out on this one or panders to the addict crowd like the House did.

WHY AREN'T WE PURSUING NUCLEAR IN COLORADO? This story from our friends at the Denver Gazette asks the question, and the answer if very unsatisfying. When they asked the Governor's office about it, read this claptrap response from Connor Cahill, the Governor's shill:

Conor Cahill, a spokesman for Polis, said energy from wind and solar energy is “more affordable and do not require the decades long planning process that nuclear energy requires.”
He added: “We let the free market decide — the government isn’t in the business of picking winners and losers.”

This as the Governor's green energy program is literally a laundry list of government choosing less reliable winners and relegating cheap, reliable energy into the loser category.

BANKS ARE PREDICTING A WORLDWIDE RECESSION But there seems to be no consensus on what kind or how long. I told you last week to prepare for a recession, as there is no way to bring the labor market back into line (it's too tight now) and bring inflation in check without causing some sort of recession. Deutsche Bank is rather pessimistic while Goldman Sachs isn't so much.

EREBODY HAS HAD THE RONA Well not erebody but a whole bunch of us. Scientists now estimate that 60% or Americans have been infected with covid of some sort, which is good news going forward because it gives a whole bunch of us some immunity.

HOW ABOUT A PAPER THIN SPEAKER? And I don't mean human speaker, I mean an audio speaker. Scientists have developed one that turns any flat surface into a giant loudspeaker. It's super cool, check it here.

WHAT DO YOU REGRET? This is a cool video of people from 5 to 75 years old talking about regrets.

COLORADO DEMS ARE TRYING TO PREVENT US FROM VOTING TO LOWER OUR PROPERTY TAX INCREASES We haven't gotten our new home valuations from the super hot market yet, but they are going to be HIGH and really hurt some lower income people. The Democrats know this and are worried to death that a ballot initiative to cap property tax increases to 3% will pass. They are trying to say in this article that the polling data shows the initiative won't pass, but it's early and people haven't been told about it yet so I think they are blowing smoke here. In the meantime, Dems are trying to parse together some sort of temporary relief so they can say they fixed it when they clearly won't fix it because they want more of our money. I hope they fail.

THAT WHOLE DISNEY MOVE BY DESANTIS HASN'T FAZED DISNEY As they announced that since the district can't be dissolved without the State meeting Disney's billion dollar bond obligations, they would continue business as usual. Florida law on special taxing districts supports Disney in this assertion. I think by the time this is all said and done, Florida will realize they can't legally do what they are doing, but DeSantis gets the boost from sick-of-it conservatives for his run for President.

IS CONGRESS GOING TO LEGALIZE POT? There will be a bill before the August recess and expect it to have a bunch of pork unrelated to weed stuffed in it to buy the votes needed. With only four states holding out with complete prohibition and a few more with CBD only it could be a tight squeeze in the Senate. They need to do this now, the ship has left the port on this. It's ridiculous to not legalize it and make it the corporate behemoth it promises to be.

JOE BIDEN'S NUMBERS ARE GETTING EVEN WORSE And I love it when reporters go to academics (who likely voted for Biden) to ask why the President's approval ratings are in the toilet and sinking. Check out this magical part from Neil Levesque, director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College:

Mr. Levesque said the president’s popularity is declining primarily because the White House hasn’t adequately explained to voters major economic issues such as inflation and shortages of consumer goods.
“When gas prices have been going up for the year that we’ve been in the Biden administration, particularly after the Keystone pipeline decision, and all of a sudden have [Mr. Biden] say this is the ‘Putin gas tax’ … it’s not dishonesty, per se, but it’s not being honest,” the pollster said.
“Inflation is being blamed on supply chain problems. Maybe there’s some evidence to that, but also the fact that several trillion dollars was approved by [Democrats] during COVID to try to stem off Armageddon, and it has instead really fired up the economy, and that’s why we have this inflation. I think the White House is not honest about these issues, and I think it sort of turns people off,” Mr. Levesque said.

Got that? It's not because the President often looks like he doesn't know where he is, it's that they haven't EXPLAINED how awesome he is enough. Mmkay.

BIDEN ADMIN HANDS BIG PROFITS TO LIGHT BULB MAKERS By phasing out completely the use of cheaper incandescent bulbs. Now we are all stuck with these LED lights that are supposed to last forever but don't even come close. I am now trying to find a replacement for an LED lighting fixture that I was told would last 25 years six year ago, and since I have eight of these damn fixtures if I can't find a match I get to replace them all. This is a total racket created by the makers of light bulbs to force us to buy their far more expensive LED lightbulbs.

ABOUT THAT DAILY ASPIRIN YOU TAKE... If you don't have cardiovascular disease there is not benefit to taking a daily aspirin and in addition, it could lead to dangerous bleeding.

BIDEN ADMIN WON'T FIGHT TITLE 42 RULING Because vulnerable Democrats begged him not to I'm guessing. A judge in Louisiana banned Biden from dropping the policy based on covid that has been used to return migrants to their home countries, and after initially saying he was going to fight it, the admin says they won't.

SAN DIEGO PARENTS FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE ELIMINATION OF HONORS CLASSES And they successfully managed to get those classes restored. Why did the school district say they were going to end the classes? Because they weren't diverse enough. That's it, that's the reason. Why haven't Cherry Creek schools parents fought back against the elimination of the Valedictorian? Just curious.


TWICE YEARLY INJECTIONS COULD CONTROL BLOOD PRESSURE But I have questions. Like how does this drug work? What does it do? What does it suppress? I guess this trial is good news for people on daily meds, but I would definitely want more info before I took this shot. If you have developed lifestyle related high blood pressure because you are overweight and don't exercise, why not try to take care of that first?

WHY DO WE HAVE TO SUE TO FIND OUT WHAT OUR KIDS ARE BEING TAUGHT? That is the question one Michigan mom asks in this column about how she ended up suing her local school district. She wanted to see the course material for a class, only to be stonewalled at every turn and charged ridiculous fees for little to none of what she requested. This is being played out all over the country.


LIFE LESSONS FROM A SCIENCE TEACHER We recently shared the BEST video of a teacher giving her students life lessons every day in the classroom, and now we have a column about a science teacher who paints a life slogan for kids instead.

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