State Senator Paul Lundeen on the Democrat Plan to 'Give' Coloradans Money

Yesterday we had CO Gov Jared Polis on the show to talk about the Democrats plan to "give" Coloradans money. Really it's nothing more than accelerating and slightly modifying TABOR refund payments required by law. It's laughably transparent that Democrats, maybe even including Polis himself, are scared to death of what's coming in November's elections and they're pulling out all the stops to buy the voters' favor. Joining us to talk about it is State Senator Paul Lundeen (R-Monument).

Note that even the Denver Post called out the state gov't for misleadingly not noting that the funding for the "Colorado Cashback" is just a constitutionally required TABOR refund that they're somewhat restructuring to make it more of a wealth redistribution scheme and less of a tax refund.

TABOR refund: $400 for Colorado taxpayers, $800 for joint filers by late summer (

Here's the misleading original press release:

Colorado Cashback: Governor Polis, Legislative Leaders Announce New $400 Colorado Dividend for Every Hardworking Colorado Taxpayer | Colorado Governor Jared Polis

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