Pat Surtain II "Feels" Raised Expectations with Arrival of Russell Wilson

Pat Surtain II and Dre'Mont Jones met the media Tuesday at UC Health Broncos Training Center. (Photo: Brandon Krisztal/KOA)

Cornerback Pat Surtain II had about as good a rookie season as any player to make a Pro Bowl or All-Pro roster. He knows not only are expectations raised based on how he fared in his first year, but certainly with the arrival of quarterback Russell Wilson. "You can tell the energy's been different, the culture's been different," Suratin said. "We set our minds on the season ahead, just completing that big time goal. The main goal is getting to the big stage, which is the Super Bowl. We're preparing to get to that point in the off-season and it starts right now. I could just feel the team's energy, the focus, the shift towards the season, just focusing on getting to that big game, you can just feel it around the building."

Defensive Lineman Dre'Mont Jones is headed into the final year of his rookie contract, and admitted he left money on the table, and said he gave himself a 7.5 out of 10 for his performance in 2021. He also said he can't focus on a new deal and it'll come in time, but with Wilson under center, and the team playing with a lead, they can pin their ears back and get after the opposing QB. Understandably Jones was pleased with the team's trade for Wilson, "To be honest, I was like, ‘Oh! We got Russell [Wilson]!’ Jones said. "Then they said they traded for ‘Russ’ and some players. So everyone was like, ‘Oh—who are the players?’ [laughs]. But it was cool realizing [that] I’m still here, and ‘Russ’ being here, too. I can just tell the energy has been totally different in this building from him and [Head] Coach [Nathaniel] Hackett."

With the performance Surtain demonstrated in his first NFL season, he knows the expectations for him have been elevated as well. Although, when you are drafted 9th overall, they are already high. Nonetheless, the all-rookie performer is looking forward to taking another big jump in year two. "I just want to build on consistency, technique, fundamentals and those sorts of things," Surtain said. "I think I can improve on more film study, of course—recognizing offensive patterns and offensive concepts. [It’s about] slowing the game down a little bit in the second year."

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