Simmons, Sutton, Broncos Players Can Feel the Russell Wilson Effect

Safety Justin Simmons & Wideout Courtland Sutton meet the media Tuesday. (Photo: Brandon Krisztal/KOA)

Former Broncos head coach John Fox used to say about Peyton Manning, "a rising tide, raises all boats." Well, there's no question as the Broncos begin their off-season training program this week, that the arrival of the 9-time Pro Bowl Quarterback has certainly inflated The UC Health Training Center.

Wide Receiver Courtland Sutton said Tuesday that just getting to learn from a guy who's likely headed to Canton, is unbelievable, considering the QB carousel the team has dealt with since his arrival. "His knowledge of the game is to a different level," Sutton said. "You can tell that it comes to him so easy, and he wants everybody around him to be able to understand it the way he understands it. That way we can all play as fast as we possibly can. It's fun to be able to be in the space, to be able to grow together, it's so early on, and to be able to feel the connection that we've already kind of put together, doing the thing in San Diego and then having the work that we've already started doing here. It's nice to be able to have the knowledge that he has, but then be also to be able to break it down to way that we can all be on the same page.

2nd Team All-Pro Safety Justin Simmons, who has yet to make the playoffs in his first six seasons, echoed the sentiments of Sutton when asked if there's a palpable energy shift just by the presence of a Super Bowl winning QB, who's gone to the post-season in 8-out-of-10 seasons he's played. "There's no denying the different energy and vibe in the building. The confidence guys are walking around with. Having a guy that can do that, just with his presence is exciting."

Wilson isn't the only person bringing the energy to the Broncos in 2022. That's the first word often used to describe first year head coach, Nathaniel Hackett, "he's been great," Simmons said. "You know Court(land Sutton) said it when he was up here, not to sound like a broken record, but just energy, his energy is almost unmatched, it's great. it's contagious. He's building and environment around here that's celebratory. You know you wanna come in, you wanna celebrate the ins and outs of guys lives, guys having kids. Marriages, upcoming marriages, things you should know about. It's new, it's fresh. You appreciate it. Just being around him for the past few weeks now, you can tell he's special, and he has a great energy about him."

You can watch both Simmons & Sutton's Press Conferences Below:

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