O-Lineman Billy Turner says Nathaniel Hackett a Big Factor in Return

Broncos Offensive Lineman Billy Turner reacquaints himself with the Denver Media via Zoom (Photo: DenverBroncos.com)

The Broncos introduced new/old lineman Billy Tuner via zoom Tuesday. Late last week he agreed to a 1-year deal worth up to $5 Million to return to Denver. The-8-year versatile veteran spent the last 3 years playing for head coach Nathaniel Hackett, who was the Packers O.C. And while Turner, who started 11 games for the Broncos in 2018 admitted that Russell Wilson factored into his decision to choose The Mile High City, his relationship with Hackett may have played a bigger part in getting the deal done. "He's just one of those bright positive souls, that fortunately I've had the great fortune of meeting in this industry. There's a lot of people that come and go in the world of professional sports. When you're able to meet somebody that is a great person, that you're able to consider a friend like that, you never want to pass up a situation where you have the opportunity to play for someone like that.

And Hackett had a similar sentiment about Turner when he spoke Monday at the NFL Owner's Meetings, "Billy is the best, man," he said. "I mean, he’s such a great dude. I think that with him—looking back at it, his experience through the flexibility and how he played—he would jump from one position to the other was something that would always blow me away. It was something I would talk to him about just how he approached it and how he works every day as a pro to be able to do something like that and play right tackle, left tackle, right guard. I mean, it’s really unbelievable. Just as a man as he is off the field is just awesome. I love him. I’ m so excited to have him on our team."

Turner doesn't just have a great relationship with Hackett, he's also a favorite of his youngest daughter, who actually wears a Billy Turner jersey at the games. "It's Dope!" Turner said. "Talking with [Coach] Hackett and his family—it’s cool because it’s no different than the relationship I share with Nathaniel. We talk about a bunch of different things. It’s not just football related. That’s why we’re tight. Meeting his daughter Everly and talking with her and the rest of their family—everybody doesn’t like me because I’m a football player. She likes me because of the other things that I do outside of football—the clothing, the art, and all these other things that she has interest in. It’s full circle, 360-degree family type of thing with the Hackett [family]. They’re great people. That doesn’t only show through Coach Hackett and the way that he coaches the game and communicate with his players and staff and how he treats people. That’s a full-circle thing with how their family operates and just how they exist in life.”

The conventional thinking is Turner will battle with Tom Compton, and Calvin Anderson for the starting right tackle spot. That could be a big key to his incentives, but he started 11 games at guard and tackle in Denver his final season, and played up and down the line in Green Bay across 43 starts, so he's no predicting where he'll end up playing. "I personally don’t have any expectations," Turner said. "I learned a long time ago not to go into any year or any game with any type of expectation. You can talk to coach Hackett about that. It’s funny because when I was in Green Bay, you might get to a Wednesday or Thursday and then you find out that you have to play a different position. That’s just the norm for me. I honestly have no expectations for any position for me to play. I can play all of those positions. I’m comfortable at all those positions. I personally wouldn’t pick one over the other because my goal is to help the team win football games and bring another championship to Denver. However I can best do that is where I’m going to be.”

Watch The Full Zoom Press Conference Below:

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