Mandy's Wed Blog: Book of Questions and The Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

LET'S TALK FOOD TRADITIONS TODAY Because we are doing our All Sides Mini Thanksgiving Celebration tomorrow for the show and I want to know if there is something out there I've missed, so I want to know about your family Thanksgiving traditions!

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS AT 2 TODAY Because we need to put our thinking caps on. This makes a GREAT gift for Christmas, just a suggestion.

FOOD JUST GOT REAL AT CASA BONITA I'm not sure how I feel about the prospect of having great food at Casa Bonita. What would we make fun of? Will we still call it Casa Diarrhea? Likely no, as Trey Stone and Matt Parker have gone and gotten themselves a legit chef for the remake of the iconic restaurant. James Beard award nominee Dana Rodriguez is the new Executive Chef and she is bringing *gasp* scratch made Mexican food to the Casa. This is a great interview with her about what's coming and I'm really, really excited about this now.

WHO THINKS CHANGING THE LANGUAGE WILL PREVENT SEX OFFENDERS FROM RE OFFENDING? The Sex Offender Management Board for one. They want to change the language from "sex offender" to "those who have been sexually abusive" and I don't even see the logic here. You STILL committed the crime. You STILL are a sex offender. I'd like to see any evidence that this reduces recidivism before we make the change. I would think they would be more concerned about changing the status of people who have been convicted as young people of having sex with someone underage but close to their own age. That seems like a bigger issue.

THERE COULD BE SOME REAL ESTATE DEALS AS ZILLOW DUMPS IT'S I BUYER PROGRAM Zillow was going to make a fortune buying up homes, flipping them and selling them. Except they didn't know the market well enough and bought a bunch of homes above asking price and now they are tanking. Many of those homes are in Colorado, and they are coming back on the market, and they are below what Zillow just paid for them months or even weeks ago. Read more here. This bit here is why you need Chad Madlom if you want real estate advice, and NOT Zillow:

Anzur recently brought clients to a Zillow-owned home in the south metro area that was priced about $75,000 over similar properties in the neighborhood. The property next door, he said, was blighted; no grass, peeling paint and rusting barbecues in the dirt.
“Zillow could not see that. They see beds, baths, square footage and locations,” Anzur said. “Their algorithm really fell short in evaluating other things that are important to purchasers.”

Go with someone who knows the market. Especially since Zillow is belly up on this. Call Chad at 303-900-8570.

WITH A PLAN LIKE THIS FOR DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS MUST BE THRILLED According to recent memo, the Democrats have landed on what they think is going to be their winning strategy for 2022 and if this is all they've got, Republicans must be THRILLED. This column breaks down the myriad of ways the Dems are completely disconnected from the people they want votes from. The New York Times says Dems should be downright terrified.

BILL MAHER SAYS WHAT WE ALL THINK ABOUT THE ZOOMERS And though there is some bad language, it's worth your time.

OH CANADA, YOU ARE OUR FUTURE IF WE DON'T PAY ATTENTION This is a fantastic column about our friends to the North, who are further down the path of the destruction of all that is good about their history than we are. The author regales us with all the ways that Current PM Justin Trudeau, himself the product of a privileged Canadian political dynasty, has apologized for anything unflattering in Canada's history while also describing Canada “in all our institutions,” as “built around a system of colonialism, of discrimination, of systemic racism.” Sound familiar? From the column:

No matter how admired our country may remain internationally, no matter how ardently people around the world long to immigrate here for a chance at a better life, our presumptive leaders are eager to scorn Canada as a meagre and regrettable conceit. That the confessional mode they favour has become so prevalent confirms what Christopher Lasch long ago diagnosed as the strain of narcissism that courses through contemporary culture, lending ready appeal to all such facile gestures of self-reproach. There is, indeed, no cagier career move for any Canadian academic, journalist, bureaucrat, or politician these days than to repudiate Canada, and with feeling.

Read the rest because this is our future as long as progressives control schools and government.

WANT TO UNDERSTAND SKY HIGH GAS PRICES? READ THIS It's not about drilling in the US, because you already know that part and it's role in forcing us to grovel to OPEC again, but about the Biden Administration's disastrous policy towards Saudi Arabia and conversely, Iran. In his zeal to appease journalists still angry about the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi (even though it did not occur on American soil) Biden has frozen out the kingdom when he needs them the most to bring down gas prices. If this were any other President, the press would be having a field day with the collapse of Mid East progress begun under Trump, but no, they protect their guy. This article is not so kind and points out rightly so that Biden is cozying up to an even WORSE human rights violator than the Saudis in Iran in the hopes that we can somehow buy oil from our sworn enemy. Or something.

WANT TO WARD OFF CANCER? TAKE A HIKE Or get at least 300 minutes per week of moderate exercise. What does moderate exercise mean? It's a 45 minute walk per day. Read more here.

MORE GOOD NEWS ON INTERMITTENT FASTING A new study shows that it reduces inflammation DRAMATICALLY along with reducing metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. This is right in line with Dr. Jason Fung and The Obesity Code. Now if I could just get back in the habit...

SCIENCE SAYS GRANNIES ARE GOOD FOR YOU Unless you had the "get a switch" sort of granny, they were not nice. A new study says grandmothers are hardwired to protect their grandchildren. Read more here.

THIS BABY HEARING FOR THE FIRST TIME IS SO SWEET AND SO DEPRESSING Because the mother is wearing a mask when her child should be seeing her mouth move while she talks. But sweet because it's beautiful regardless.

REMEMBER THE RACIST BORDER PATROL AGENTS WHIPPING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Trick question, that never happened even if the media said it did. Now the same media who ran with the stupid whipping narrative is not covering the follow up story that shows the whole thing was completely bogus. But whatever.





YOU GOT A DEATH WISH? LISTEN TO THESE CHRISTMAS SONGS WHILE DRIVING Proving that we are near the end of civilization and have run out of useful things to study, someone studied which Christmas carol is most likely to cause an accident. I always knew Frosty looked like trouble.

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