Mandy's Tue Blog: The Mayor Joins Us Today!

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK SHOULD BE BACK FROM DC IN TIME FOR A 1PM INTERVIEW And we'll discuss the usual suspects like homelessness as Denver commits even more money to the issue, plus we'll talk about his trip to DC for the signing of the infrastructure bill.

IT'S NOT MAGIC, IT'S REGENERATIVE THERAPY And Dr. Gary is on today to discuss the latest advances in regenerative therapy and how they can help beat back some of our aging processes. Find out more or schedule your appointment by clicking here!

GRANT FUNDED POSITIONS IN THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE MUST HAVE COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY I am not opposed to a Governor getting grants to pay for positions within his or her office, as long as the entire grant process is completely transparent. This article from the Colorado Sun shows where various grants came from, but it's short on details for me. One detail I'd like to know is who makes the hiring decisions about who fills those positions? What kinds of strings are attached to the money? If you click through to the earlier reporting on this you see a whole BUNCH of red flags that MUST be addressed if this is going to continue. For instance, this:

The donations operate outside the state budget with limited oversight and transparency, and continue a pattern from previous governors. At least three of the grants accepted by the governor’s office include confidentiality clauses that limit the information available, according to documents obtained by The Sun. And four donors funneled money for the grants through other organizations, hiding the true source.

This is untenable. This is corporations funneling money through philanthropic organizations (from which they get a nice tax right off) to influence public policy through soft lobbying. Here are some quick rules that need to be laid out for any Governor moving forward. No non-disclosure agreements is right at the top. Second, the non profit providing the grant must disclose who gave the money in the first place. Third, some sort of legislative committee needs to be in on this. If we did that, it would go a long way to making this look a whole lot less shady.

TAKING THE KIDS TO THE PARK? BE SURE AND LOOK OUT FOR USED NEEDLES Governor's Park is now closed after more than 40 used needles were recovered from the playground. The Parks Department says they've got a new plan but unless they stop the homeless drug addicts from using the park I'm guessing we'll read this same story in a year again. Is this who we are, Denver?

NOT EVERYONE LOVES THE GOVERNOR'S BUDGET PROPOSAL Where he uses a lot of your money and mine to spend on programs that promote his agenda but DO NOT FIX THE DAMN ROADS. Rose Pugliese writes about the nonsense in the budget here.

IS IT OKAY TO CORRECT SOMEONE'S SPEECH? A whopping 66% of grammar nazis in this country say yes, but I say no, especially if they didn't ask. Now if it's someone I care about I may quietly let them know their error privately later, but NEVER around other people and NEVER in a condescending tone. I am in the minority here.

MORE "LEADERS" WANT MORE RESTRICTIONS FROM POLIS And I sure hope he holds fast on his new non-interventionist approach. The Metro Denver Partnership for Health, which is made up of six metro area public health agencies, including Denver’s, is asking the Governor to institute a vaccine mandate to get into bars and restaurants. Here's a better idea, if you are terrified of getting covid, don't go to bars and restaurants. Problem solved.

SCIENCE SAYS "EVERY BREATHE YOU TAKE" IS THE ULTIMATE SONG And before you go NO WAY like I did, you need context. A rather dorky study broke our days into sections based on the kind of music we listen to and they determined that the Police song had the ability to cross over each section of the day to get maximum play ad therefore be the "ultimate song". Read it here, but surely we can come up with something better. This study was done in the UK, therefore UK bands are definitely favored.

MEN ARE JUST AS EMOTIONAL AS WOMEN Well duh. And this isn't about crying, it's about emotion, and anger is one of those emotions. But it's not about JUST anger. A new study shows that men are just as emotional as women, but we view their emotions as more socially acceptable. When a guy cries over his team's loss in the big game, no one asks if he's on his period. If a man is quick to anger in the workplace it's just passion, but for women, it's bitchiness. I know this to 100% true.



A WEDDING PHOTOG SAYS THESE THREE SIGNS MEAN THE MARRIAGE WON'T LAST And I have to say, these are really good. I'd like to add that if the bride or groom gets absolutely HAMMERED the night before and is vomiting or super hungover on the wedding day watch out. I've seen that happen four times and none of those marriages lasted.

LOOKING FOR AN INTERESTING AND UNIQUE GIFT? Here are a few for you, and I'll take the crepe maker.

A VIRGINIA PE TEACHER FIGHTS THE STUPID PRONOUN THING AND WINS A teacher was suspended for refusing to use students preferred pronouns and allowing students to choose facilities based on their gender identity. He sued and won and now has been reinstated. This is not good news for the pronoun Nazis.

EMPLOYEES WANT FLEXIBILITY AND MANAGERS NEED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO OBLIGE Because the Great Resignation is a real thing and companies scrambling for workers need to figure out how to attract good workers. A recent survey showed overwhelmingly that workers want flexibility in where they work and what time they work. I say if people are meeting their goals and being productive does it matter where they work from?

SCIENTISTS FIND A PREDICTOR FOR TYPE 2 DIABETES YEARS BEFORE THE ONSET OF THE DISEASE And that marker is Follistatin. Follistatin is a protein involved in regulating a person’s metabolism. The liver is mainly responsible for secreting this substance. When Follistatin levels are persistently high it is far more likely you will develop Type 2 diabetes even if you are of normal weight and active. Read more here.

HOW BLUE STATE TYRANNY DROVE AN ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY OUT And straight into a red state full of freedom and beauty. Read this great column here, and I'm wondering how long Colorado goes before we do the same.

EXPECTING COVID CONFLICTS AT THANKSGIVING DINNER? HERE ARE SOME TIPS First off, we all have a choice here. Choose to not engage. In case that doesn't work, here are some tips from a counselor on how to navigate any potential issues.

THERE IS A SUPER LONG LUNAR ECLIPSE THIS WEEK As in three hours long eclipse, which is very, very long. Read the details here.

DEMOCRATS ARE SHEDDING VOTERS EVERYWHERE BECAUSE OF THEIR EXTREME POSITIONS The culture wars are real and the Democrats are losing. That's essentially what this article says about who the Democrat party is alienating with it's focus on divisive and harmful ideologies that turn people off.

WORMHOLES WHICH MAY NOT EXIST MAY THE FUTURE OF SPACE TRAVEL This feels like science fiction and not science, but sciency people seem to think it's legit so here we are. So what are wormholes? A wormhole is a hypothetical short-cut that could facilitate travel between two otherwise distant points in spacetime. The speculation is that you will be able to hop into one side and then out the other, but wormholes have never been witnessed and remain largely speculation as of now. But still cool.


THIS IS WRAPPING SORCERY From a Japanese store.

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