Ross' Mon Blogcast: Inflation sure doesn't feel transitory

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Kristen and I did a very steep hike in the JeffCo foothills, leading to a spectacular view that also included, in the distance, the remaining complete deforestation of a VERY large area due to the Lower North Fork Fire in 2012. We drove past the area coming's remarkable how little regrowth there is almost a decade later. Plenty of grass, a few yuccas and just a handful of brave small conifers.

Today's Guest

Larry Behrens is the Director of Communications for Power the Future. We're going to talk about how President Biden's environmental radicalism is raising the cost of almost everything.

BEHRENS: Massive Inflation Is Part Of Biden’s Green Tax | The Daily Caller

Gen. Michael Flynn, go (bleep) yourself

Michael Flynn draws condemnation for saying U.S. should only have one religion - MarketWatch

A massive increase in Medicare monthly premiums

When the FDA approved Biogen's Alzheimer's treatment drug called Aduhelm over the recommendation of its own panel that it not be approved because its effectiveness hasn't been proven, they were putting Medicare on the hook for treatments that will cost tens of thousands of dollars per year...again without any demonstrated benefit. Since the Medicare trustees have to set prices based on expected costs and since there may be significant costs for this drug, Medicare enrollees are getting smacked with a massive 15% monthly premium an important election year.

Medicare patients face 15% premium hike next year due to Aduhelm, COVID costs - Axios

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis also offered a ridiculous and unconstitutional plan to overturn the 2020 election

Memo from Trump attorney outlined how Pence could overturn election, says new book - ABC News (

I'm trying to think of what a large public indoor "unseated" event is...maybe a concert with lots of folks standing?

Colorado to require vaccines at certain indoor events |

This isn't surprising. Why don't leftists ever consider real-world reactions to their policies?

St. Paul Rent-Control Initiative Creates Housing-Market Chaos | National Review

We MUST cut education bureaucracy

At the public K-12 level, we must cut out unnecessary and unproductive "administration" rules and redirect that money to teachers' salaries. In colleges, we must cut those same bloated jobs and reduce tuitions. (Of course, there's a big difference between a private school, including a university, wasting money as it chooses to and a government school wasting taxpayers' money.)

America's teacher shortage will outlast the pandemic - Axios

Sounds About Right: Yale's Administrators Outnumber Its Entire Undergraduate Enrollment – RedState

Today's Video

This is a fun (although not really short) video about some of the most expensive and failed massive construction projects in recent history.

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