Mandy's Fri Blog: A Great Negro and Mike Rosen

IT'S DIABETES MONTH AND WE'RE TALKING TYPE 1 TODAY We spoke about the lifestyle disease Type 2 diabetes with Michelle Zellner earlier this week, but today we're talking about the autoimmune disease of Type 1 diabetes which is a completely different animal. No amount of diet and exercise can reverse Type 1 diabetes and it can strike at any age. You need to know the warning signs, which you can find here, and I'm talking to a family that lives with Type 1 every day about how it affects their family. Sarah Isakson and her son Keaton join me at 1! Find out more about the Children's Diabetes Foundation by clicking here.

MIKE ROSEN TALKS MOVIE AT 2 With a smattering of bad jokes to boot. He's talking about Yellowstone, which EREBODY was watching last week, except me.

YES, JOE BIDEN CALLED SATCHEL PAIGE A "GREAT NEGRO" Watch this first before we discuss.

Well Mediaite, the alleged watchdog which only watches conservatives, sprung to the President's defense by pointing out he ALWAYS tells this story and has used it OVER AND OVER again, along with the super clever "I'm Jill's husband" when introducing himself to world leaders. Essentially our President is the equivalent of a doddering grandpa who walks around deploying the same jokes while handing out Werther's Originals to all the kids so he can sniff their hair. Then other outlets realized that they needed to prop up the old coot, jumped to his defense as well. Here's the deal, he obviously misspoke. It happens. My issue here is the disparate treatment of Biden v a Republican President, and if you don't believe me, here is the link for the Covfefe merch from a Trump misspeak.

YES, THERE ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO NORMALIZE PEDOPHILIA And you can look at this non-binary Associate Professor from Old Dominion University as an example:

Got that? PEDOPHILES don't like being called PEDOPHILES. Perhaps they should try and get help so they aren't sexually attracted to children anymore instead of trying to change the language to give themselves cover?

PRIOR COVID INFECTION PROVIDES BETTER LONG LASTING IMMUNITY THAN VACCINATION This study of organ transplant patients, all of whom take immune suppressing drugs, studied not antibodies, which are designed to die off once the infection has been beaten, but T cells instead. T cells are the cells that kick our immune system into high gear when we are infected by a virus. Essentially they are the memory of the immune system and able to create an appropriate response to something that attacked us previously. Now another study shows that prior covid infection is better at making T cells than vaccination. This is in addition to the prior fifteen studies which show the same thing. The study from organ transplant patients literally says this in the abstract:

Together, these results suggest that SOTR generate robustT-cell responses following natural infection that correlate with disease severity but generate comparatively lower T-cell responses following mRNA vaccination.

Perhaps this is why so many vaccinated people are now getting covid, but likely they will never have it again because of their T cells from infection. Read the whole study here if you are so inclined.

A SCHOOL BOARD RECALL LOOKS LIKELY IN WINDSOR As two school board members have been targeted by parents tired of not being listened to. They gathered the signatures and are waiting on verification but the organizers believe they have the signatures they need to recall Board President Jennifer Lieber and Director Regan Price. Read more here. The Superintendent is also out in the district after contentious meetings with parents who say he didn't listen to any of them.

REMEMBER WHEN THE SCHOOL BOARD ASSOCIATION CALLED PARENTS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS? Fun fact, they coordinated that message with the White House and Department of Justice BEFORE they sent the letter to the White House. This seems to be contrary to what White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki said when asked about it in October:

"Let me unravel this a little bit because the National School Board Association is not a part of the US government, I’d point you to them," responded Psaki. "What the Department of Justice said in a letter from the Attorney General is that 'threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation's core values.' That is true."
"These were threats against public servants, threats against members of the school board. Regardless of reasoning, threats and violence against public servants is illegal. That's what he was conveying from the Department of Justice," she continued.

Got that? She pointed the finger at the NSBA as a non-governmental organization while glossing over the fact they WORKED WITH THE GOVERNMENT TO CRAFT THE LETTER. Nothing that happens at the national level when it comes to education is happening without Dr. Jill having her fingers in it, and she never met a union hack she didn't love.

YES RUDE CUSTOMERS ARE DRIVING PEOPLE OUT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE And the latest viral video of a horrible woman throwing soup into the face of a woman working at the counter of a restaurant shows just how awful we've all become in the last years. This column speculates on how it's hurting the labor market.

JIMMY CARTER 2.0 CONTINUES WITH A NEW IRANIAN HOSTAGE CRISIS This one at our embassy in Yemen. Iranian backed militants stormed into the embassy and took staff members hostage, but don't worry, the State Department has announced they are "unceasing in its diplomatic efforts to secure their release". There are still some Yemeni staff members being held on top of the many security staff members who have been kidnapped there in the past few weeks. If security staff members were kidnapped, why didn't we send in soldiers to guard the embassy? Real question there.

JOHN CLEESE HAS BEEN CANCELLED....BYJOHN CLEESE And in perfect form he struck first for his long ago skit where he played Hitler. Read about his move to blacklist himself for that here.

NEED TO SEE A SPECIALIST AND CAN'T GET AN APPOINTMENT? Here are some tricks and tips to get into see the doc you need a bit faster.



THEY SAID TRUMP HATED THE MEDIA BUT HE DIDN'T RAID JOURNALIST'S OFFICES This is a story about the Project Veritas raid by the FBI who allegedly were on the hunt for a lost diary of Joe Biden's wayward daughter Ashley. Essentially it's the end of press freedom that began under the Obama Administration. What if the Trump Admin had raided the offices of Mother Jones when they published the bogus Steele Dossier? Imagine the outcry then. Now? Crickets.

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