Ross' Thurs Blogcast: It's the Veterans Day show

Even though I didn't serve in the military, as the son of two US Navy officers (both physicians in the Medical Corps), Veterans Day means a lot to me. We'll spend most of today's show talking with and about veterans, but we'll certainly mix in some other fun and interesting topics as well.

Today's Guests

First, I don't mind offering a little free advertising for Ernie's Mountain Bakery & Cafe in Conifer. Ernie's is owned by Lydia McCullough, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Give Ernie's a try if you're in the neighborhood!

Colin Cahoon served in the US Army as a helicopter pilot. He's now a successful author and his newest book, Mended Wings, is a wonderful compilation of stories of members of our military who received Purple Hearts for being wounded in combat.

After Bruce Davey graduated from the United States Naval Academy he became a Naval aviator, including flying for the Blue Angels. We'll spend a full hour with Bruce talking about everything from flying in tight formation to the role of "Fat Albert" to his view on Critical Race Theory in the Service Academies. I've put some great Blue Angels video at the end of this note.

Speaking of Veterans Day

History of Veterans Day - Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs (

And Where CO Vets & Military Can Eat Free On Veterans Day 2021 | Denver, CO Patch

Other Stuff

DougCo's "mask opt-out" probably faces the same fate, and for the same reason

Texas mask mandate ban for schools overturned by federal judge | The Texas Tribune

If you're going to watch an Avalanche or Nuggets home game, be prepared

Proof of vaccination or negative test now required at Ball Arena (

Teach your children well

Cherry Creek High School students banned from businesses over bad behavior | FOX31 Denver (

Another way to launch a space ship? Just throw it really hard!

This is pretty cool...for more, see the video below

The future of satellite launches? Startup CATAPULTS a prototype vehicle into space | Daily Mail Online

Can someone please explain to me...

How guys with facial hair spend more on "grooming" than guys who don't?

48% of Americans Think Bearded Men Are Better With Money

Some of the only good news you'll ever hear from the IRS

The IRS says it's boosting tax brackets due to inflation (

Today's Videos

Blue Angels, Fat Albert, and catapulting a rocket into orbit

The Blue Angels last air show of 2021

Fat Albert!

Catapulting a space ship into orbit

If they can commercialize this, the decreased cost of launch would be tremendous as would be the decreased weight of the launch vehicle.

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