Ross' Fri Blogcast: Kevin Nealon; Saving Veterans; Too much beard spending

Well, it took a whole week but I am finally feeling like I'm not jet-lagged anymore. I hope your transition to Standard Time was accident and heart-attack free. Gonna mostly have a lighter show today, except for what I hope will be an important, even if intense, conversation with Brian Johnson (not the lead singer of AC/DC.) Starting the show off with Kevin Nealon will be quite a treat!

Today's Guests

Kevin Nealon has had a heck of a career. Movies, TV shows, even art, and of course 9 seasons on Saturday Night Live. He's playing this weekend at Comedy Works South at the Landmark. You can get tickets here: Kevin Nealon | Live in Denver | Comedy Works. Remember that you have to show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test (within 72 hours of the show) and you have to wear a mask to walk to/from your table...but it's worth it! By the way, Kevin is a REALLY good caricature artist! The Caricatures of Kevin Nealon (

Brian Johnson (not from AC/DC) is an US Army vet and founder of WarriorNOW. His current mission, the most important mission of his life, is to do all he can to prevent veteran suicide. We'll about how how he's helping and, I hope, how we can help him in that mission.

By the way, even though this is the other Brian Johnson, this is a really interesting interview (if you're an AC/DC fan) about how he got the lead singer gig after Bon Scott passed away.

North America's rarest animal shows up in a Colorado garage

Or, as the headline puts it: Rarest mammal in North America found in Colorado garage (

Of COURSE there's another season coming

I don't know about all this...‘Gganbu’ Turns Squid Game’s Capitalism Critique Inside Out (

Pastor George Roberts RIP

Just this morning I was looking to book a guest for the show on the very important topic of increasing gang violence in Denver. What I found instead was very sad news. (I saw the first article and then looking to get in touch with Pastor Roberts, found the second article.)

The Holly Part 2: Denver sees more gang activity among kids 13-14 |

Pastor George Roberts Denver Obituary | Westword

I've Been Wondering: What's the color mix of M&Ms?

Do all packets of M&Ms have the same mix of colors?

M&M's Color Distribution Analysis –

The color distribution of M&Ms, as determined by a PhD in statistics — Quartz (

One of the most ridiculous items in the "Build Back Better" plan

Manchin Opposes Bonus EV Tax Credit for Union-Made Cars (

America's labor shortage is NOT getting better

JOLTS report: A record number of workers quit their jobs in September - The Washington Post

Today's Video

I really don't know what to say about this except that it seems like a cute, maybe even lovely, and relaxing thing for a Friday. The video's title is a doozy!

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