Mandy's Thu Blog: Thanks to Veterans, Larry Reed, and Thirsty Thursday

THANK YOU VETERANS! I am so very blessed to have so many veterans in my life after growing up in a non-military family. It has given me insight into what goes into serving and the sacrifices made by the men and women who serve and their families. Don't forget about the Veterans Day 5k and 10k this weekend!

ECONOMIC HISTORY LARRY REED IS ON TODAY AT 1 TODAY TO TALK ABOUT THE FIRST WOKE PRESIDENT And it's not Obama, it was Warren G. Harding, who was not EXACTLY "woke" by today's standards but was certainly woke for 1921 standards as he delivered a speech in Birmingham, Alabama calling for equality for black Americans. Read about it here. I especially love this excerpt of the speech:

Coming as Americans do from many origins of race, tradition, language, color, institutions, heredity; engaged as we are in the huge effort to work an honorable national destiny from so many different elements; the one thing we must sedulously avoid is the development of group and class organizations in this country. There has been time when we heard too much about the labor vote, the business vote, the Irish vote, the Scandinavian vote, the Italian vote, and so on. But the demagogues who would array class against class and group against group have fortunately found little to reward their efforts. That is because, despite the demagogues, the idea of our oneness as Americans has risen superior to every appeal to mere class and group. And so I would wish it might be in this matter of our national problem of races. I would accent that a black man can not be a white man, and that he does not need and should not aspire to be as much like a white man as possible in order to accomplish the best that is possible for him. He should seek to be, and he should be encouraged to be, the best possible black man, and not the best possible imitation of a white man.

We are also going to discuss Joseph and Esther Reed (no relation that Larry is sure of) and their contributions to America's fight for independence, plus his new column on how to fix education in America.

IT'S A VETERANS DAY AND THANKSGIVING THIRSTY THURSDAY! And The Wine Yogi is bringing it as a veteran herself. We've invited Ben Allbright, also a vet, to join us for this spectacular tasting, which you can read all about here!

WHY NOT HELP A COOL VETERANS ORGANIZATION TODAY? I've got Tom Larson from the Motorcycle Relief Project on at 12:30 to talk about how his group helps veterans who may be struggling with re integration or life in general. Learn more and help them financially here!

DON'T FORGET YOUR GRATITUDE TODAY! As #30daysofgratitude continues....

DUDE My friend Michelle blew my mind with this today.

A LOT OF NON-COMBAT VETERANS HAVE EXPRESSED THIS FEELING TO ME This is a short but important column from a 20 Navy vet who gets uncomfortable when people thank him for his service because he never saw combat. I get it, but I think he's wrong. I'll explain today.

HERE ARE A WHOLE BUNCH OF FREE THINGS FOR VETERANS TODAY And if you've served, you don't have to pay for a meal today, just pick three of these places and have at it! Here is another list with discounts at all sorts of retailers.

BLACK LIVES MATTER THREATENS THE NEW MAYOR OF NEW YORK And I'm just going to put this story right here. You can draw your own conclusions about the organization based on the threats made.

DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO SHUT DOWN THE CITIZENS INITIATIVE IN COLORADO And I'm here to tell you this should be fought tooth and nail. Just like they don't want parents in schools, they don't want citizens telling them what they can and can't do. Jon Caldara writes about it here.

DEMOCRATS ARE ALSO JACKING UP YOUR WINTER HEATING COSTS I refuse to let the Democrat party off the hook for the energy prices we are seeing now. Excel is now warning customers that their power bills will go up because of the cost of natural gas, which has been artificially jacked up by the policies of the Democrats and Joe Biden. From banning drilling on federal lands to stopping pipelines in the US while approving them for Russia, the Democrats are the reason you are paying so much for power and fuel. Period.


THIS LOVEY BIRD IS FOR DAVE Because he loves these things

DEMS ARE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO DITCH KAMALA FOR 2024 and this column outlines the how and why. I'd like to point out that this is what happens when you pick a candidate based on skin color and gender before all else.



POLITICAL AFFILIATION MAY LOSE YOU THAT JOB At least according to this new study which is actually very interesting. This makes sense because I don't want to work with some screaming insufferable progressive and I'm sure they don't want to work for me. Which is a shame, because we really need to spend more time with people who don't agree with us. Just kidding, we all need to stay in our lanes. Just kidding, we all need to mix. Whatever, this is all exhausting all the time.

PROVING YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD This man fulfilled his dream of becoming a 89.

THE NEW TRAILER FOR THE LUCY AND RICKY MOVIE IS OUT And I'm not sure how I feel about this from the trailer. First thought is Nicole Kidman is too thin.

ONE MAN ON A MISSION WITH DOG TAGS One man has taken it upon himself to return dog tags to the families of the soldiers who likely died wearing them. Read more here.

THAT'S NOT A KNIFE.... A guy whose friends need to call him Crocodile Dundee forever now because he escaped a crocodile with nothing but his wits and a pocketknife.

BOB HOPE'S LETTERS TO THE TROOPS ARE A BOOK NOW And you can read all about how he personally corresponded with lots and lots of soldiers. This is super cool and would be a great gift for someone this year.

Y'ALL THINK I'M SALTY ABOUT THE TIME CHANGE These two guys are on opposite sides of where we should land, even though they agree that the time change is idiotic and should be stopped. One has planted his flag firmly in Standard Time, and his foe is all about Daylight Saving. And they HATE each other apparently.

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