Ross' Weds Blogcast: Demetri Kofinas; Inflation spikes; Stupid vs Evil

For what it's worth, my editor at the American Spectator said that my new essay about Joe Biden's history-book ambitions is the best political essay he's read in a long time. I hope you agree: He’s No FDR - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Today's Guest

Demetri Kofinas is the host of the podcast "Hidden Forces" which is the only podcast I pay for, even though you can hear much of it for free. He has great conversations with great guests because he does incredible preparation for every interview. Demetri is one of the most thought-provoking guys I know and I hope you enjoy our conversation. More at Hidden and follow him on Twitter @Kofinas

If there's one economic situation that can truly take down governments, it's inflation. And it's here.

Inflation climbs 6.2 percent in October, the largest increase in 30 years, amid supply chain backlogs - The Washington Post

U.S. Inflation Reached 30-Year High in October - WSJ

And producer inflation in China, which funnels directly into prices of our consumer goods, is spiking too:
China factory gate inflation hits fresh high of 13.5% in October - Nikkei Asia

A one-in-one-hundred-million find

The inevitable second season of Squid Game is on its way

What's worse: evil or stupid?

A listener reminded me of Bonhoeffer's essay. Interesting thinking by an interesting man who was hanged by the Nazis at the very end of WWII.

Bonhoeffer on Stupidity (entire quote) | Southside Messenger

I know this confirms my nerd status but I remember a lot of these

If you're a long-time computer nerd, you'll probably enjoy this article a lot as it brings back memories of computer image formats that you haven't thought of in years... 10 Image File Formats That Didn’t Make It (

Colorado's "Make My Day" law: Does an apartment basement count?

Colorado Supreme Court hears arguments in 'Make My Day' law case |

Today's Video: I Sued the School System

With so many people now thinking about what and how our kids are being taught in government (aka "public") schools, this video seems timely even though it's 5 years old. It has over 24 million views. It's not perfect, but it's very good and it's the kind of thing that (as it's already proven) can take a message "viral".

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