Mandy's Wed Blog: School Board Rules and Docs Demanding Us in Masks

DOUGCO'S OUTGOING SCHOOL BOARD ISSUED SOME RULES FOR MEETINGS And it's unfortunate that they would be made to feel that they need to issue a list of rules that includes no tailgating at meetings (really?), no signs or banners that block the view of others and no "offensive utterances or gestures" but the board felt they needed to do so. What's funny, not haha funny, is that the OLD reform board that was relentlessly attacked by union members issued the SAME rules to GREAT criticism by many of the sitting board members now. You know why? Because people were acting like total aholes at school board meetings. Here's the part that may shock you: I'm in favor of these rules. I'm in favor of them now, and I'm in favor of them in the future. Because now that the board is out of union hands I can assure you they will begin to gin up the same kind of nonsense they did before to get their people IN so why not nip THEM in the bud NOW.

CLIFF MAY'S COLUMN ON GLOBAL WARMING Is right here and you should read it.

THE COLORADO MEDICAL BOARD IS CHERRY PICKING MASK STUDIES TO ASK THE GOVERNOR TO PUT US BACK IN MASKS And this letter from them to Governor Jared Polis includes a link to an article which allegedly aggregates studies to show that masks work. It's a perfect example of how the CDC and the medical community is cherry picking which data they pay attention to while also favoring observational studies without control groups over random controlled trials (considered the gold standard until covid) that show masks DON'T work. In this article from City Journal, the author shows exactly how the medical community is ignoring the types of studies they used to demand while favoring tiny anecdotal stories from hairdressers and families in North Carolina to justify shoving us back into masks. But it gets better, the Colorado Medical Board, which allegedly follows science and understands how it works, wants to PUNISH any physician who doesn't toe the company line on masks, including pulling their licenses. All in the name of "public health". I'm going to see if the President of this board will come on the show to discuss the science. Either he doesn't know there is a whole world of solid science on masking using solid scientific methods or he is ignoring it on purpose to punish doctors who do.

THIS AS THE GOVERNOR CREATED OUR CURRENT HOSPITAL BED SHORTAGE And FINALLY the media is beginning to ask questions about why we don't have enough staff for the patients. Read this part:

“We’ve seen nationally that one in five health care workers have chosen to leave the healthcare industry during the pandemic because of burnout, stress, difficult working conditions, and that’s the case here in Colorado as well. I don’t have the specific numbers, but we certainly know we are seeing some of our workforce leaving,” Welch said.
That’s significant because staffing affects capacity. “We can have a hospital bed and all the resources but if we don’t have the nurse or the provider there needed to provide care then we can’t put a patient in it,” Welch said.
The numbers paint quite a picture. “On (Friday) the 5th, we had 8700 total acute care beds. If I go back even to mid-August we were at 9300, almost 9400, so a decline of 700 acute care beds over that time,” Welch said.

But I'm sure it's your fault for hanging out with your friends.

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS TODAY AT 2 So get your thinking caps on, though we are not using the ACTUAL book but a news story about a dad who killed the man who sold his daughter into prostitution and is now being charged with first degree murder. Read it here.

ROSS KAMINSKY WROTE A COLUMN ON BIDEN'S FAILURE TO BE FDR And It's about time we recognized that FDR EXTENDED the Great Depression instead of ended it, but I digress. Read Ross's column here because he's right and we need to understand how to combat this nonsense that he's somehow saving the country. The only way I differ with Ross on this column is that he underestimates in this column how much FDR used his works programs and tax money to buy elections around the country, which is exactly what Joe Biden and Dems are trying to do now. It worked for FDR, let's hope it fails miserably this time.

WHOLESALE PRICES ARE UP 8.6% OVER A YEAR AGO And this is bad news for consumers, because this is WHOLESALE. Even when you strip out food, trade and energy prices inflation is still way, way up. This is a huge issue for the Biden Admin and the Fed and for consumers, especially those on a fixed budget.

AND INFLATION IS UP 6.8% YEAR OVER YEAR And the Brandon Presidency is starting to look a lot like the Carter Presidency, with the same level of incompetence in the White House. This is fifth straight month of inflation over 5%. Janet Yellen says the Fed will not let the runaway inflation of the 1970's happen on her watch, but she hasn't done anything to stop it yet, has she?

THE FART HEARD ROUND THE WORLD. President Biden ripped one while talking to Prince Charles' wife Camilla Parker Bowles and apparently she's been talking about nothing else since. She is telling people "It was long and loud and impossible to ignore," and she can't get over it. Sigh. This is the leader of the free world. It does give more credibility to Poopgate though.

THE GOVERNOR IS FINALLY ENGAGING ON THE HOMELESS ISSUE And I think this is a GREAT start. The Governor wants to repurpose a facility that was originally for juvenile offenders into a recovery campus for homeless mentally ill and addicted people. It's a fantastic first step, although this part of the article raised eyebrows for me:

Similar to Fort Lyon, people would learn about the recovery campus through various nonprofits, doctors, case managers and mental health counselors, Toombs said. “That person could say, ‘Hey, I’m ready for a change,’” she said. “And they say, ‘Here is this option. Does it seem like a good fit for you?’”

That sounds lovely, but someone in the midst of a psychotic break or hopelessly addicted to meth is not going to have that moment of clarity, there needs to be a funnel that forces people to make that choice. I'm all in for "jail or treatment" as a model until people start to get the message that we will help them get healthy but we won't enable their problems and allow them to ruin our cities and towns. Those things can exist together and are the only compassionate means of solving this crisis. We'll see if that tactic is adopted.



WOLF BLITZER IS TAKEN TO TASK FOR NOT SUPPORTING BIDEN ENOUGH I mean really, that's what the kerfuffle over a tweet he sent out with a photo of gas prices at one DC gas station. Here is the offending tweet:

Others in the media pounced with info about other gas stations in the area that were cheaper. Note, nothing in Blitzer's tweet is inaccurate, but it's not good for Biden so it must be stopped.

BECAUSE OUR YOUNG PEOPLE ARE FAT, NOW DIABETES IS HITTING EARLIER And the Cleveland Clinic is now moving it's screening age for Type 2 diabetes down to 35. This is not good news.

BIDEN HAS NOMINATED ANTI-FOX NEWS DAME FOR THE FCC And I can only imagine the hue and cry if Trump nominated someone who said on Twitter “[D]o you still want me to believe that social media is more dangerous to our democracy than MSNBC?” Well this idiot said that about Fox News and has also said that other right wing broadcasters should lose their FCC license. For all of you who voted for Biden because you thought he was a moderate, you're an idiot who got played.

SHIFTY SCHIFF CAN'T STOP LYING EVEN WHEN SOMEONE FINALLY CALLS HIM ON IT Rep Adam Schiff was the King of the Russiagate Clown Parade and rushed to every microphone to remind everyone that THEY HAD THE EVIDENCE that Trump was compromised when he knew the CLEARLY DID NOT have the evidence. He finally got called on it. Read more here.

WHEN GUYS TRY TO BE TOO TOUGH It looks a lot like this.

THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO IS BEING SUED OVER IT'S VACCINE MANDATE And now 18 students have joined the suit. Read more here.


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