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MICHELLE ZELLNER IS ON TODAY AND WE'RE TALKING DIABETES Because it's National Diabetes Month and diabetes is KILLING people needlessly and we know how to stop it. Find out more about Michelle, join her amazing programs or have her come to your business or organization by clicking here!

WE FORGOT OUR GRATITUDE YESTERDAY! And I am very disappointed in myself but we will get cracking on being grateful again today.

GOOD NEWS, JEFFCO SCHOOLS, COVID HAS BEEN STOPPED BY POLITICAL CAPITAL OR A LACK THEREOF So an exhausted JeffCo teacher sent me an email today about a recent communication from the school nurse, who accidentally told too much of the truth. Here is an excerpt:

Please keep groups from mixing. We are very close to outbreak status at the school and this will cause us to go back to close contacts being sent home to quarantine like last year. I think we want to prevent an outbreak if at all possible.
Remember, no student or staff should come to school with any symptoms unless they are related to a chronic allergy or health concern and I have a doctor’s note on this. Our country is at a 9.3 percent positivity rate. If you remember, last year we started shutting things down at 5%. The health dept. shared that they do not believe there is any political capital to be had in shutting things down but that they thought we should be shut down. (emphasis mine)
This is serious and we need to really pay attention and do anything we can to keep students and staff distanced, masked and try to prevent further outbreak. Mixing students is not advised by me at this time. Please, we need to work together to keep school going.

So now the Jefferson County Public Health Department is NOT issuing a school closure order even though they allegedly THINK the school should shut down because there is not enough political will to do so at this time. No word on how they followed the science to find politics, but here we are.

FASHION IS A HUGE ENVIRONMENTAL NIGHTMARE If you saw the photo accompanying this blog, it is a desert in Chile where "fast fashion" goes to die. Cheap ass clothes that are made in China and sent to the US that don't sell are then sent to South America where literal TONS of them end up dumped into the desert. Not only that, check these stats on fashion:

For one, the fashion industry accounts for 8 to 10% of the world's carbon emissions, according to the United Nations. In 2018, the fashion industry was also found to consume more energy than the aviation and shipping industries combined. Researchers estimate that the equivalent of a garbage truck of clothes is burned and sent to a landfill every second

Fashion is a nightmare that must be stopped.

WHAT IS SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT SOUNDS LIKE A LIE BUT ISN'T I saw this question on Twitter this morning and loved it so I'm stealing it for the 1pm hour. Get ready to respond!

GOVERNOR POLIS WANTS TO HIRE MORE PEOPLE TO HELP HIM AVOID COMING ON MY SHOW And Colorado Peak Politics NAILED it when they rightly point out that the Governor is running for re election next year and he wants more people to do his election communications on the state taxpayer's dime. I'm trying to decide whether or not to have the Governor on if he comes sniffing around close to the election. Right now it's a no.

PERMANENT NOTICE OF OPEN DRUG MARKET SWEEPS IS NOT SITTING WELL WITH HOMELESS ENABLERS The City of Denver is trying a new tactic to deal with homeless camps open drug markets in Five Points. They have erected a permanent sign announcing that any obstructions to the Right of Way will be cleared on a regular basis rather than being allowed to fester into a massive homeless camp open drug market. Of course Candi CdeBaca is complaining about the sweeps because she wants her district to be infested with open drug markets or something. Read more here.

ANOTHER TEACHER TARGETING CONSERVATIVES STORY This one about a quiz that asked students to identify a "group of complete idiots" which included answers like the KKK, Fox News, All of Florida, and Texans as answers. The school says they are investigating. Okay. I'm sure that will help.

BUT ACCORDING TO CNN, THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT IN SCHOOLS Watch Brianna Kiellar try to wrangle the lie into Senator Rick Scott's comments.

THE KYLE RITTENHOUSE TRIAL IS GOING WELL FOR KYLE As the testimony of Gage Grosskreutz yesterday actually confirmed Kyle's Rittenhouse's version of events that he fired only after a gun, which was illegally being carried by Grosskreutz, was pointed at him. Read more here. A police officer also testified that there were "inconsistencies" in what Grosskreutz told police and what is clearly shown on video. Even the New York Times said as much, even as other outlets were covering it up.


AL FROM QUANTUM LEAP IS DEAD RIP Dean Stockwell, who will always be Al to me. Read more about his very long career here.

OBAMA TAKES A PAGE FROM GOOD OL JOE'S PLAYBOOK AT THE CLIMATE SUMMIT By screwing up where he was by referring to Scotland as the "Emerald Isles" which is a nickname for Ireland, which is another country. Then he quoted Shakespeare as "The Bard" though Shakespeare is the Bard of Britain and Robert Burns is considered the Bard of Scotland, where the capital is NOT pronounced Glas-GOW. It was not a good day.

IT'S THE END OF GENERAL ELECTRIC AS WE KNOW IT As the over 100 year old company is about to be busted up into three separate public companies. It's not a bad idea and if they can pull this off, the current CEO Larry Culp is going to be credited for saving, although destroying, one of our premiere companies in the US. From the Wall Street Journal:

GE said it is spinning off GE Healthcare, which makes MRIs and other hospital equipment, in early 2023, with GE expecting to retain a stake of 19.9% that it plans to sell over time. In 2020, the unit had about $17 billion in revenue.
GE revenue by segment Source: WSJ analysis of company dataNote: 2021 is through nine months. Power includes​Renewable Energy
GE plans to combine its power unit and renewable energy unit, which make turbines for power plants and wind farms, respectively, and spin off that operation in early 2024. The company’s remaining digital division will also be moved into the power business. Those units together had about $33 billion in revenue in 2020.
That would leave behind a GE focused on making and servicing jet engines. The unit, a key supplier to BoeingCo., has been hard hit by the pandemic and had about $22 billion revenue in 2020.


TEXAS, THERE'S A NEW COLLEGE IN TOWN AND IT LEANS RIGHT It's the new University of Austin in Texas, and it's being put together by lots of conservative thinkers and media personalities to compete with the non stop liberal clap trap happening at other Texas schools. They say they will be offering classes starting in 2022. Read more here.


DO THE STAIRS LEAVE YOU HUFFING AND PUFFING? First off, you aren't alone, but second off, take them more often. This new survey talks about how people don't like to be sore after a workout so they don't workout or something. Who else wears the soreness like a badge of honor?

THE WHITE HOUSE SAYS SCREW THE COURT, OUR VACCINE MANDATE IS HAPPENING And remember, this isn't the first time that the Biden Admin has flipped the bird to the courts on an issue after they've been told to stop. He did the EXACT same thing with his unconstitutional eviction moratorium, and now he has his spokespeople out telling businesses to IGNORE the stay granted in the appeals court. Let's just play "What if Trump did it" for a hot minute. It would be wall to wall on what a dictator Trump was. Now NBC News is giving excuses for the admin in their story.



HOW HIGH WILL THE TOP MARGINAL RATES GO UNDER THE BIDEN SPENDING PLAN BEING PROPOSED NOW? It's not pretty and some state's would have a combined tax burden of over 60% when federal, state and local income taxes are applied. Why would anyone continue to live in New York or New Jersey if they are successful? Or California? Colorado comes in at a cool 56%, which is a whole ten points LOWER than New York.

A MOM IN WISCONSIN HAS BEEN GRANTED THE RIGHT TO VISIT HER SON'S SCHOOL A mom who heard some concerning things about what was happening in school asked the school if she could come visit the classroom and was told 'NO'. So she threatened to sue and lo and behold she's been granted permission to see what her son is being taught.

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