Ross' Fri Blogcast: The biz shot mandate lands; Cheese questions; #EndDST;

What an interesting week it's been, particularly politically. Great news for the GOP, bad news for the Dems and particularly for the far-left and "woke" Dems but of course they are the least self-aware mammals on the planet and are reacting by saying that Dems did poorly because they didn't run leftist-radical enough campaigns.

Today's guests

Mike Keuhler (pronounced "Keuhler") is the proprietor of Denver cheese shop So Damn Gouda. He joins us to answer some listener "I've Been Wondering" questions about cheese, such as "Why are there holes in Swiss cheese?" and "How is blue cheese made and are there more and less expensive ways to make it?"

I really enjoy Scott Lincicome's thinking and writing. In addition to writing for The Dispatch, he's a senior fellow in economic studies at the Cato Institute and a law school lecturer on international trade law. He's great at explaining important and complex economic issues in plain English. And he also definitely has opinions about other things. So today we'll tackle two things: What if the labor shortage isn't transitory? And should we end our twice-annual time changes known as Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time and just stick with one?

#EndDST - by Scott Lincicome - Capitolism (

What if the Labor Shortage Isn’t Transitory? - by Scott Lincicome - Capitolism (

Biden administration issues COVID mandate for employers; Republicans prepare to resist

OSHA has issued it's sorta-long-awaited rule requiring companies with 100 employees or more to require vaccinations or weekly testing for their workers.

Biden orders US companies to vaccinate all staff by January 4 or face fines up to $136,000 | The Independent

Republican politicians as well as businesses have some problems with the order. (I think it's 50/50 to be found constitutional by a court.)

Biden Covid vaccine mandate: Several business groups criticize rule (

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave a very good press conference yesterday talking about why he believes the rule is illegal and about how people are "sick of being bossed around". See the video immediately below...

The long knives are out for the NJ giant-killer

Republican truck driver Ed Durr beat the second-most powerful politician in New Jersey, a guy named Steve Sweeney who was the longest-serving state senate president in NJ history. Now, the establishment and their media cronies are coming for him in the usual digging into his social media posts which contain some things you might expect from a Harley-riding bluest-of-collars New Jersey truck driver.

Truck Driver Leads NJ Senate President After Spending $153 on Campaign – NBC10 Philadelphia (

Newly elected GOP state senator’s social media accounts contain xenophobic, anti-Muslim posts -

I've been Wondering: Do M&Ms packets all (theoretically) have the same ratio of colors?

M&M's Color Distribution Analysis –

The color distribution of M&Ms, as determined by a PhD in statistics — Quartz (

I've been Wondering: Why does it taste so bad to drink OJ after you brush your teeth?

Orange Juice And Toothpaste: Why They Don't Mix (

Why Does Orange Juice Taste So Bad After Brushing? (

This is the kind of thing that caused the election results you just saw in much of the United States

Proposed Changes to California's Math Curriculum Stir Debate - The New York Times (

Today's Video

I know this plays into some people's actual fears about Artificial Intelligence but it's pretty funny...I love the "violence button."

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