Mandy's Fri Blog: Military Readiness and Veterans Day Festival Stuff!

IT'S A CELEBRATION OF VETERANS NEXT WEEK And I'm talking to Todd Youngblood, board president of Colorado Veterans Project about the eighth annual Denver Veterans Day Festival in partnership with The City of Denver, and its 13th annual Denver Veterans Day Memorial Run. TI's coming up next week so we'll chat at 1 about it. Find out more about CVP by clicking here!

HOW READY IS OUR MILITARY? The Heritage Foundation does a Military Readiness Report every year and here is it for 2022. I'll talk with retired Lt. Col. Dakota Wood about how our military is doing this year. This tweet from a few days ago might come up.

THIRTY DAYS OF GRATITUDE CONTINUES! Today I'm grateful for my friends. More on the show.

SHOULD OLD POLITICIANS TAKE A COGNITIVE TEST? I have to say this idea is appealing to me. There are multiple professions where people have a forced retirement age, like being a pilot or working in the Foreign Service, so why not at least make the people running the country prove they aren't senile? Nikki Haley floated this idea and was quick to point out that this is NOT a partisan issue. If age is a factor for air traffic controllers, why isn't a factor for the guy with the nuclear codes? And how many Dems who are upset by this suggestion would have jumped on it when Trump was in office? I'm guessing a whole bunch. Better idea is to stop electing people who are ancient. Just saying.

AN INDIANA SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION BLOWS THE COVER OFF CRITICAL RACE THEORY NOT BEING IN SCHOOLS Watch this guy and then understand why I bristle at the notion that CRT is not in schools.

But I sure hope the Dems keep telling us it's not, because parents are paying attention and know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are being lied to. Keep it up, Dems, keep it up. Be sure to click on the link above to see the entire tweet thread where his district sent an email to principals telling them to lie to parents about what is being taught.

MICROSOFT HAS GONE COMPLETELY BONKERS With the wokeness at their meetings. Apparently we are going to take an hour and half to introduce ourselves now. Check this out.

I am left with the question: are they going to give BACK the land that their campus sits on or what? Why bring it up if you aren't going to rectify the tragedy? For real?

THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FINALLY TOLD BIDEN WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT PAYMENTS TO ILLEGALS Because the spokesperson said yesterday that he is "perfectly comfortable" with the idea of paying illegal immigrant families huge sums of money for separating them from their children. This after JUST THE DAY BEFORE Biden told a reporter that the payments were "garbage". I sure hope someone brings him up to speed soon. Politically those payments would be another nail in the coffin of Democrat in the midterms. Do it. Just do it.

NATIVE AMERICANS TOO DUMB TO HAVE HURT FEELINGS SUE COLORADO OVER NATIVE MASCOT BAN And I can only assume that the Polis administration feels this way. Read this:

The lawsuit by the nonprofit Native American Guardian’s Association was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court, naming Gov. Jared Polis, Attorney General Phil Weiser and Kathryn Redhorse, the executive director of the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs. The firm is representing a John Doe, Jane Doe and three other Colorado residents who cite Native American heritage in the lawsuit.
The organization’s lawsuit argues that the Colorado law is unconstitutional and “unlawfully enacts state-sanctioned race discrimination” against the Native American residents the association is representing.

It seems that some Native Americans aren't down with erasing their symbols from the public square and some of them even LIKE being represented in high school sports. Heh. Stupid Indians, too dumb to be offended, thank GOODNESS they have the white man to save them from their ignorance.

REPUBLICANS ARE NOT HAPPY WITH BIDEN'S PLANS FOR DISHONORABLE DISCHARGES OVER COVID VACCINES And rightfully so, although when you sign up for the military, you pretty much sign away your rights. That won't stop the GOP from raising hell about men and women being dishonorably discharged over the vaccine mandate. If I were a soldier who already HAD covid I'd be SO PISSED right now.

WHEN A BLACK JAMAICAN WOMAN IS ACTUALLY WHITE And I'm not talking about Kamala here, because her politics align with those on MSNBC. I'm talking about the new Lt. Governor of Virginia Winsome Sears. The hosts on MSNBC called her an Auntie Thomasina without saying exactly those words. How predictable. Dave said this Wednesday.

TODAY DEMOCRATS LOST BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE THE MEDIA BEHIND THEM Yesterday it was because Republicans are always bringing up race, and today it's because they say Republicans control the right wing media machine and they just can't compete. What they meant to say is that they don't have media anyone WATCHES supporting them anymore. Sad. I hope they continue this important navel gazing.

DON'T LET THE LEFT GET THE VAPORS ABOUT OUR FRIEND BRANDON This column does a super job of reminding people of the vile and hateful rhetoric spewed and given a standing ovation by the Left who are now apoplectic about the simple phrase, "Let's Go, Brandon!" Heh.

WE MAY HAVE A COVID DRUG SOON And this one seems to prevent hospitalizations or death and should do away with any rational justification for any sort of mask mandate. Read more here.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, BIDEN IS USING CORPORATIONS TO DO A NATIONWIDE VACCINE MANDATE Because now he's looking at forcing shots on anyone working for a company with fewer than 100 employees. Companies and 11 states have already filed suit about the large company mandate.

SANTA MAY BE A BIT BUSY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Because there is a shortage of him. The labor crunch has hit the North Pole as we may not have enough Santas to fill all the gigs this year.

I LOVE THIS, BUT IT ISN'T REAL It was part of a Gillette campaign with then Tampa Ray Evan Longoria. But it's still cool.

PROVING EXACTLY WHAT THE MENTAL CAPACITY OF BLONDES IS And this has to be fake but I laughed so hard.

ASTRONOMER TO DO LIST #1: FIND ALIEN LIFE That is truly the consensus of what these guys are up to. Find out more here.

A NEW HIGH SCHOOL GRAD WHOSE SENIOR YEAR WAS RUINED BEATS A SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER RESPONSIBLE And this is FANTASTIC. The kid is 19 years old and beat the incumbent by 17 points and I'm guessing a lot of his votes were from his fellow classmates who are brand news voters.

HEY DENVER PARENTS, THIS IS WHAT PASSES FOR WORK ON THE SCHOOL BOARD FROM TAY ANDERSON Do you know what's missing from his brag sheet? I single WORD about student achievement and considering that just 43% of students can read proficiently and only 33% can do math proficiently I don't know what this fool is crowing about. I'd be embarrassed as hell.


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