Ross' Tues Blogcast: Are elections secure? Zillow fumble; Abortion @ SCOTUS

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Hans von Spakovsky is an election law expert and senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation. He and long-time political reporter and analyst John Fund have a new book out: "Our Broken Elections: How the Left Changed the Way You Vote." Hans and I will talk about the book as well as about his argument that new congressional "voting rights" legislation is not just unnecessary but harmful. Here's an interesting report on that: Destroying Election Integrity: The Unnecessary and Unconstitutional John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (S. 4/H.R. 4) | The Heritage Foundation


Attorney Erik Jaffe has filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court that I support completely. In it he argues that SCOTUS should overturn the Texas "abortion law" (Texas SB8) because its enforcement mechanism is designed to be an end run about traditional enforcement of constitutional rights and, if the Texas law stands, other states will use the same mechanism to attack other rights, such as our Second Amendment rights. Here's an article about the issue: Analysis: Texas abortion law critics warn conservatives of unintended consequences | Reuters


If you have any connection to venture capital in Colorado, you've heard of the extremely successful Foundry Group. Much of their success...indeed much of the success of any group that's looking at very-early-stage investing is understanding what makes a great entrepreneur. Seth Levine is a partner at the Foundry Group and co-author of "The New Builders: Face to Face with the Next Generation of American Business." As I'm someone who has done a fair bit of early-stage investing but only with limited success, I'm really looking forward to this conversation! One more link about Seth and his work:

Zillow's huge flop (but I don't think it means "the housing bubble has burst")

Zillow Seeks to Sell 7,000 Homes for $2.8 Billion After Flipping Halt (

Zillow’s flips flop, hurting profits but benefitting homeowners (

Zillow’s zeal to outbid for homes backfires in flipping fumble – Orange County Register (

Gov Polis proposes massive state budget...and postpones all "cosmetic surgery"?!?

If you gave a kid a bunch of money and sent him into Disneyworld to do his shopping, that's probably how Governor Polis and Dems in the legislature feel about having several billion "extra" dollars of our children's future earnings to waste now. To be fair, I expect Polis to be more responsible with the spending priorities than the legislature will be, but that's a low bar.

Gov. Jared Polis lays out plan for record $40 billion Colorado budget (

Really, what good will a "cosmetic surgery" order do, especially postponing all such procedures at non-hospital outpatient surgery centers?

Polis orders halt to cosmetic procedures to preserve hospital beds (

What else can Democrats screw up in Virginia?

It's a trite criticism of a politician that he or she is "out of touch" but that sure does describe Terry McAuliffe. After finding is campaign collapsing due to his horrendous views on education, he made a statement that (on a percentage basis) there are too many white teachers and then he brought in the incredibly unappealing teachers union leader Randi Weingarten to campaign for him?!? She is the living exemplar of the harm wrought on our children by the education establishment, both in terms of curriculum and in terms of refusing to teach during COVID. And if that's not enough, the truly heinous people at the Lincoln Project did this: Journalists Slam Lincoln Project for Racial Hoax against Youngkin Campaign (

The best response came from the Babylon Bee: (You'd have to know that one of the leaders of the Lincoln Project is this scumbag:

PT Barnum warned us there'd be days like this

Investors Lose $2 Million After Scammers Create Fake Squid Game Cryptocurrency (

A comment from Australia (about the American president)

Yesterday, my Australian wife spoke to her mom (who is in Australia). Mom said that images of @JoeBiden falling asleep in Scotland are all over the news and she was wondering if the US is embarrassed and "is that really the best a country the size of the US can do?"

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I know we're not supposed to recognize that there are differences between men and women but this is hilarious

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