Mandy's Wed Blog: Election Results and Food Truck Wednesday

SO WASN'T LAST NIGHT KINDA FUN? At least as I write this at 8:10 pm it is, with Virginia, a state that Kamala Harris said this about:

About to elect a Republican (spoiler alert: the GOP CLEANED UP in Virginia) Awkward, amright? MSNBC had a COMPLETE meltdown over Clintonista McAuliffe snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and it was a delight. The fact they had to go to New York City where Democrat Eric Adams predictably won over GOP sacrificial lamb Curtis Sliwa to cheer themselves up tells you how despondent they were. Oh, and I'd love for you to meet Virginia's new Lt. Gov. Check this dame out.

Plus her name is Winsome Sears which sounds like she's the lead in a romance novel about a hardboiled detective with a heart of gold. I'm not sure you paid attention to New Jersey, but the Governor's race is a virtual tie with the Democrat incumbent down by about 1200 votesup by 15,000 but here is what a recount looks like. Now let's get to Colorado stuff.

WE GET THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE And boy are we crappy people. Some of the stuff I wanted to pass failed, some of the candidates I wanted to get elected did and some didn't, but I'll never understand Denver voters. They voted for almost all the bond issues, not realizing that interest rates will tick up soon and make it harder to make those bond payments, and they voted AGAINST the homeless camping on public property ban. The only bond issue they voted against was to fix up the National Western Complex, which isn't that surprising because you are asking city slickers to pay for rural infrastructure that just happens to be in Denver. You can check all the results here.

WE FLIPPED THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who voted to flip the school board from our current board who have abdicated their responsibilities on decision making to our unelected Superintendent and tried to bring racist equity training into the district. I am VERY excited to see what this board does and hope the teachers who campaigned for the other slate will give them a chance before starting trouble. Again. We shall see. Find the results for school board elections around the metro and state here.

IT'S A NEW DAY IN AURORA! There will be a bunch of new faces on the Aurora City Council this year, and four of them are not much like some of the more extreme members of the current board. Hopefully this city council will do something significant to right the ship at the Aurora PD.

REPUBLICAN VOTERS SHOWED UP BUT BARELY And this kind of stuff makes me SO MAD because if more than 35% of Republicans had voted in these races we could have won a LOT more of them. Some of these races only had 1,000 ballots or less and they could have been swayed by Republicans simply mailing their damn ballots. But keep on complaining and not voting, I'm sure that will work.

SO HOW ARE THE PORTS IN FLORIDA DOING? I love, love, love, love these stories. While California and the other west coast ports are backed up and clogged, Florida's ports are running along nicely. Watch this.

THIS IS WHY CRYPTO CURRENCY IS NOT THERE YET On Monday next week I'm going to play an interview with a guy named Brandon Burgason and learned a whole bunch about Crypto currency. But I asked him about THIS VERY THING during the interview and we talked about some of the issues like this with what was clearly a pump and dump scheme by the creators of this currency based on the series Squid Game. There were a TON of red flags on this, and yet a bunch of investors lost a crap ton of money because the founders took the money and ran. This is exactly the kind of stuff that will give governments an opening to come in and regulate the HELL out of crypto. If you are going to invest in crypto, educate yourself about what you are buying and don't fall for stupid crap like a currency based on a tv show.

COVID VACCINE SHOTS FOR KIDS 5-11 HAVE BEEN APPROVED And I sure hope the parents who are very worried about their children getting covid and dying (which is a completely irrational and unsupported by science worry) rush to get their littles vaccinated so they can stop whining about people not wearing masks. Read more about the approval here.

WELCOME TO THANKSGIVING, CAN I SEE YOUR VAX CARD? This is a thing that is happening this year, as families cautiously get back together because of covid. Now families are asking everyone planning to attend a family gathering to be vaccinated. Are you going to do this? I am actually going to visit a friend who is having a BBQ while we are there and she asked if we were all vaccinated. I think it's well within the rights of whomever is hosting to ask this, and well within your rights to decline if you don't want to go.

THE HISTORY OF MADNESS AND HOW WE ADDRESS IT And I mean mental illness, not just being angry. Michael Shellenberger has written this outstanding column with research from his excellent book about mental illness the history of government and pharmacological intervention here.

THIS IS A FAUCI ACT WE CAN ALL GET BEHIND I loled for real on this one today. Senator Joni Ernst has introduced a bill called the “Fairness and Accountability in Underwriting Chinese Institutions Act.” or FAUCI Act for short, and it would require a full investigation into how American dollars are being spent in the Wuhan lab while banning money from being spent on gain of function research. I love this.


MINNEAPOLIS WAS NOT DOWN WITH DEFUNDING THE POLICE AFTER ALL Not even a little bit, as a bill to defund the police and create some feel good stupid department of something failed 56% to 43%. I bet that more than one of those 43% who voted for it are secretly happy as hell it failed.

I AM READY FOR CHRISTMAS AND I AM NOT SORRY As a matter of fact, some decorating is gonna get started up in here THIS WEEKEND. Now a news story which I will repeat like gospel says celebrating the holidays early is NOT a bad thing. SEE???? From the article:

It’s actually not a bad idea to celebrate Christmas early. Experts have said that decorating for Christmas makes people feel happier and jollier.And those who start hanging the holly earlier end up becoming happier along the way, as the Deseret News reported.
“When you’re putting up decorations, you’re thinking of happier times, times with family and friends and family traditions you engaged in,” psychotherapist and author Amy Morin told “Good Morning America.” “For some people it’s bittersweet — if family members are no longer here — but it’s still a way to connect.”

So get ready to tinsel up the joint early this year!

SCREEN TIME SHOT UP DURING THE PANDEMIC FOR KIDS And has NOT come back down. The EIGHT HOURS on average that kids are spending glued to phones is making them fat and anxious and it's up to parents to rein it back in. We'd do so, but that might cut into our screen time. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get kids to just play anymore?

A RIGHT WING TEACHER DOES WHAT LOTS OF TEACHERS DO ALL THE TIME AND A LIBERAL PARENT IS MAD To be clear, I do NOT think a teacher should EVER discuss his or her own political views in the classroom. It's not their job and conservative parents have been SCREAMING about this for YEARS. That being said, it is kinda funny when it happens in the other direction. This mom is OUTRAGED that a teacher told her son Trump won the election and that the vaccine mandates are all about government control Read this part from the story:

“I trusted her to teach him the facts about history and she went off on this rant like a preacher on a pulpit,” Silikula said.
It was a moment that Silikula said damaged her relationship with her son because he believes his teacher.
“…when he first got in the car and said, ‘Dad, teachers know everything. She’s right, dad. You’re wrong.’ He’s damaged. He’s hurt. He’s scared. He doesn’t trust his parents now. He thinks we lied to him,” Silikula said of her son.

So what's she's saying is that she doesn't want a teacher to indoctrinate her child with political beliefs she disagrees with. Wow, where have I heard THAT before.

DO MEN SUFFER MORE FROM A BREAKUP? A sort of study of an online forum seems to show they do, or at least they complain about it more. Read more here, but I'm not necessarily buying it.

UNBIASED WASHINGTON POST ONLY ENDORSES DEMOCRATS FOR VIRGINIA GOVERNOR FOR THE LAST 45 YEARS But they want us to believe they are fair and balanced. Mmmkay. Read it here.



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