Mandy's Tue Blog: Californian of the Year and Let's Talk About the Future!

FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS ON AT 1 And he's talking about how The Great Resignation will reverberate for a long time. Read his column on it here. Find out more about Thomas by clicking here, and listen to his podcast by clicking here!

JON CALDARA IS ON FOR THE CALIFORNIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD And the Independence Institute gives out this dubious honor to the Coloradan who does the most to make us resemble the craphole that California has become. He's on at 2 to share why this year's winner, which you can find here, got the award.

30 DAYS OF GRATITUDE CONTINUES And today I am so grateful for my health. After having NO health issues AT ALL for the first 49 years of my life the last three years have been a bit rough, but now things are much better. Never take good health for granted and if you wake up without pain every day, thank your lucky stars for that! I will never take those things for granted again.

PLEASE VOTE TODAY, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE And here is the voter guide I did to help you out, and you can find other voter guides linked in that voter guide if you want to check my work. As of the latest update yesterday, only 19% of Colorado voters have returned their ballots. This means that you can make a BIG DIFFERENCE. Please drop off your ballots by 7pm today, or stop by your polling place to cast a ballot. The School Board elections are CRITICAL this year.

MY 2021 ELECTION GUIDE IS RIGHT HERE Click this link to find it.

TRI COUNTY HEALTH IS PUNISHING DOUG CO And it's all because DougCo didn't like Dr. Douglas's draconian measures when it comes to covid. Now they are punting on covid related stuff because they say DougCo's new board of health has made it too difficult for them to do the job. Fine, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS ARE SCARED TO DEATH THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE POWER And if you don't believe me, look at this hit piece they put out about Cherry Creek Schools candidates they don't control.

Got that? Non union approved candidates aren't just wrong on policy positions, they are MILITIA MEMBERS AND INSURRECTIONISTS! They are going to shoot your children and overthrow the government, obviously. I sure hope Cherry Creek voters aren't as stupid as the unions think you are.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS ARE PLAYING DIRTY IN FORT COLLINS TOO And a parent has filed a complaint about the collusion between the Poudre Education Association (teachers union) and sitting board members when it comes to ways to attack parents who want to know what their kids are learning. This joins several other complaints about campaign finance violations and more dirty pool by the teachers unions. What are they so scared of? Can't they win on ideas alone? JK, they can't.

DENVER CITY COUNCIL SAYS NO THANK YOU TO CANDI CDEBACA And all of her amendments to the Mayor $1.49 billion dollar budget were shot down, many with her being the only yes vote. In the story from the Denver Gazette, Councilman Kevin Flynn cracked back on her bringing this stuff up as amendments:

“Some of these amendments are for programs that might have a lot of merit to them but, without being fully fleshed out, it’s hard to support them,” said Councilman Kevin Flynn, who voted against most of the amendments. “Were these to be developed over the budget year in cooperation with the administration, it might actually have been included in the budget this year.”

It's way easier being an agitator than it is an effective politician. The fact she couldn't muster even a few more votes for her pet projects (some of which are not bad ideas, by the way) shows how the council views her. No one feels like they need to do her a favor.

LIBERAL PARENT IS STRUGGLING TO CHEER FOR HIS SON BRANDON And this made me laugh and laugh today. Thanks, Babylon Bee!

OUR STATE MANDATE IS GOING TO LEAD TO STAFFING SHORTAGES AT HOSPITALS The same people who have been working in hospitals since the beginning of the pandemic without getting sick are now being fired for not getting the vaccine for the illness they've been exposed to for eighteen months without getting it. This is going to lead to staffing shortages at hospitals where they are dealing with patients who do have the virus they haven't gotten in eighteen months. But this makes perfect sense. If your elective surgery is cancelled in the next month, you can place the blame squarely on this policy choice.



ELON MUSK MAKES A BOOB JOKE ON TWITTER AND FEMINISTS ARE SUPER SALTY ABOUT IT And using it to show how sexist STEM fields are. To be clear, they pretty much are but not because of Elon Musk, because they are inhabited mostly by men. So you notice how no one complains about how feminine teaching is? If you want to work in a male dominated field do it, but learn to take childish jokes for what they are, childish jokes. Read more about this stupid kerfuffle here. Now if you want to make hay because Musk doesn't have enough women in top positions, or he refuses to hire female engineers, go right ahead.

A NEW BLOOD TEST CAN FIND 50 KINDS OF CANCER And many of these cancers have no recommended screenings so this is a game changer. The California based company is still working on FDA approval but they did a pretty large study with the Mayo Clinic that found less than a 1% false positive rate. It also finds cancers like pancreatic in the early stages when there is some chance of beating them. Currently the test is a cash pay thing, as insurance doesn't cover it, but it's only $949 and if you are at high risk of cancer, this should be a part of your annual spending. Find out more here.

JESSICA SIMPSON CELEBRATES FOUR YEARS OF SOBRIETY WITH A WONDERFUL POST In which she acknowledges her alcoholism and more importantly the reasons she gave in to drinking. I share this in case you may be feeling the same way she felt four years ago right now. If you are, Go Sober can help, find them here.


YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE WORDS COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH MEAN If you're using slang that is. A new survey says half of Americans use slang even though they don't even know what the words mean. Use the Google, people. Use the Google.

THE STORY BEHIND LET'S GO BRANDON If you're lost on the Let's Go Brandon thing, this column should fix you right up.

BIDEN IS DAZZLING AUSTRALIANS WITH HIS PERFORMANCE IN GLASGOW Thank goodness we elected someone who was going to restore our standing in the world.

SLEEPING NEKKID COULD LEAD TO BETTER SLEEP And I am hard pass on this one, but if you are trying to get a better night's sleep maybe ditch the jammies. Read more here.

DUDE this guy jumped almost 200 feet in the World's Highest High Dive jump. I will not fight him for this honor.

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