Mandy's Mon Blog: A New Book on Homelessness is Shocking and Clean Speech!

MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER IS A RESULTS ORIENTED PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL And usually those things don't go together but they do in this guy. He's the staunch environmentalist who pushes nuclear, and now he's written a book that should be required reading for every big city mayor in the country. The book San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities is OUTSTANDING and you should read it and buy it here now. I'm thrilled he's joining the show today at 1:35 to discuss it.

RABBI LEBAN WANTS US ALL TO THINK ABOUT HOW WE SPEAK And he's the man behind Clean Speech Colorado, a month long movement designed to help us all use kinder language in all we do. Read more and participate here, he's on at 2 to discuss.

LET'S DO THIRTY DAYS OF GRATITUDE THIS MONTH! I LOVE Thanksgiving and I am SO EXCITED that ALL of my kids and grands will be with us this year to celebrate I am ready to get into the spirit NOW, so do this with me. Every day in November find something to be grateful for. Keep it yourself, post it online, do whatever you need to do to keep doing it, it will change your perspective! Today I am grateful for my husband, who has sacrificed his own dreams to make mine a reality. I could not have done it without him.

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE RETURN YOUR BALLOTS TODAY OR TOMORROW I just checked the Secretary of State's website and only 16% of voters have cast their ballots as of Friday. You can check to see if your ballot made it by clicking here if you mailed it. If you don't know who to vote for check my voter guide here. School Board races matter so much, the Aurora City Council race matters so much, and with a turnout that low, your vote matters a great deal! DO NOT MAIL YOUR BALLOT, you must drop it off. Do this TODAY.

SPEAKING OF VOTING, REP. JASON CROW ENDORSED AN ANARCHO-SOCIALIST And I have idea what exactly that designation means but this guy hates capitalism, wants to seize the means of production from private industry and he wants to be on the Aurora City Council, which is already a mess. And so-called moderate Jason Crow endorsed him. Read more about this special kind of idiot here.

AURORA'S SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS ARE ALSO CRITICAL IF YOU LOVE SCHOOL CHOICE Because there are a ton of anti-choice candidates who do not support charters running. Read more here.

THE GOVERNOR IS TAKING CONTROL OF HOSPITALS AS COVID CASES SURGE and hospitalizations rise. The new Executive Orders puts the state in charge of transfers between hospitals and put a crisis plan into place. This as Colorado has insanely high levels of vaccination. Oddly, in Florida, where the Governor didn't do the crazy stuff our Governor did but promoted the use of monoclanal antibody treatments the rate of hospitalizations has plummeted as have case numbers. This editorial in the Wall Street Journal notes how carefully the same journalists who praised Gavin Newsom are completely ignoring that turnaround. We all know why.

TALK ABOUT BIASED NEWS COVERAGE, THIS STORY MADE ME LOSE MY MIND YESTERDAY I've lived in Douglas County since 2013 and I know exactly what happened with the unions decided to "take back" the school board from conservatives. They sent union thugs and teachers to every meeting to scream, shout and disrupt EVERY meeting to give the impression the district was in chaos so people would vote the board out. It worked. NBC News did not live here though, and wrote this absolute horse crap story about the current race. Funny how there were no stories on NBC News during the YEARS that the unions disrupted EVERY school board meeting when the reform board was in power. I actually wrote this guy an email with the clarifications he needed. For the love of God, PLEASE VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OFFICE.

AMERICAN AIRLINES CANCELLED A BUNCH OF FLIGHTS THIS WEEKEND So it's not just Southwest, although at least American had the stones to admit part of this was a staffing issue. American cancelled hundreds of flights this weekend and already cancelled over 100 this morning. Whichever airline figures this out first wins my business forever.

UNLESS THAT SOUTHWEST PILOT REALLY DID SAY LET'S GO BRANDON In which case I am back to being #southwest4life. If you didn't hear the story, an AP reporter was flying on Southwest when the pilot, during his announcements, said what she thought was "Let's go Brandon" which is the super funny way that conservatives nicely say "F*ck Joe Biden". You can listen to it here, but it could be "brandon" or "braves" and considering the Braves were playing the Houston Astros for the World Series that seems like it could be a casual sports dig, as the plane was leaving Houston for Albuquerque. (side note: I have never, not once ever spelled Albuquerque right on the first try in my entire life).

The best part about this is the way Left Twitter LOST THEIR MINDS about this. Some asked if a pilot had said "long live ISIS" instead what would happen, as if they are even REMOTELY connected. These are the same people who told people that EVERYTHING is politics and kicking people they disagreed with out of businesses was the way to go. Shouting at politicians eating was CELEBRATED. Now they can't stand the thought that anyone with a microphone could possibly hate the idiot they put into office. I just bought a "Let's go Brandon" shirt and may wear it every day.

LADIES, IT'S TIME TO BE MORE MARRIAGEABLE And though this column is a wee bit tongue in cheek, it's not wrong. I keep telling this to the young women in my life, but if you want a proposal, be marriage material. I'm going to talk about this today, because it's time the conversation got real instead of the feminist fantasy that young women have been fed for decades.




A JUDGE RULES THE CITY OF DENVER DOESN'T HAVE TO RESPOND TO COMPLAINTS IN A TIMELY FASHION At least when it comes to complaints about illegal homeless encampments in Initiated Ordinance 303 which is currently on the ballot. A judge gutted the 72 hour rule that would have required authorities to respond to complaints within 72 hours or face the prospect of being sued. It's all about giving property owners more power to deal with the out of control homelessness Denver is encouraging.

WE GET OUR STOLEN HOUR BACK FROM THE GOVERNMENT THIS WEEKEND And it's gonna get dark hella early and I'm fine with that. This article says that if you want to become a morning person, now is the best time to make the switch.

TIME TO SANITIZE THE REMOTE And this is something I do at every hotel I visit, but I've never sanitized my own remote because my family all has the same germs. Find out more about safely cleaning all your electronics here.

CHUCK TODD SHARES A NEW SHOCKING NBC POLL FOR BIDEN And I guess I shouldn't say "for Biden" because this poll doesn't really show much "for" Biden as much as a bunch "against" Biden. This has to be TERRIFYING for Dems in the midterms. Read the rest of the poll data here. Biden is nearly where Trump was in his first year, but the big difference is the media which hammered Trump relentlessly with fake Russian Collusion has been relentlessly covering for Biden's incompetence this entire time.


CALIFORNIA PASSES STRICT NEW RACIST ID LAWS TO ENTER BUILDINGS And not only do you have to have proof of vaccination, you must show a photo id with it to enter an enclosed space in Los Angeles. Since we know from all the Hollywood celebrities that demanding picture id to vote is hella racist, I'm sure they will be out in force to protect those poor, stupid black people in LA who don't have id, because we all know black people don't have id. (the previous statement is sarcasm highlighting the stupidity and racism of that position) It is now officially more difficult to enter a building in LA than vote in Georgia. Just saying.

FINDING LOVE ON A DATING APP MAY NOT BE THE BEST WAY TO MEET A MATE At least according to one study which showed those who met on dating apps are more likely to be divorced after three years. This may be true, but I know a LOT of people who met on dating apps who have been married way longer than three years. I think if you rush into something there is going to be trouble,and perhaps since these people may be meeting people who live further away from them on dating apps it may rush things a bit.

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