Ross' Mon Blogcast: Bo Snerdley; Parents and education; Inflation humor

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You may know him as Bo Snerdley. James Golden was Rush Limbaugh's long-time producer and friend and he's written a new book, "Rush on the Radio" about those years of partnership. We'll talk with James about his thoughts and memories of their years together that transformed talk radio.

Former Congressman Bob Schaffer is the headmaster of Liberty Common School and Liberty Common High School, parts of the Liberty Common Charter School in Fort Collins. They're always ranked at or among the very best schools in the state. He's also Chairman of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. We'll talk about parental involvement in education and how that's become a political issue. I recommend this article to you as a good introduction to part of the broader controversy, including the idea of a "one size fits all" education that's been pushed on schools for decades by the education establishment.

A long but important article about how union-connected activists are destroying public education in Denver

Dismantling Denver - Education Next

If you vote in Centennial, try these candidates for city council

Neal Davidson and Robyn Carnes

I fear Denver turning into Portland

As I've said on the show, it's not as simply as "Democrats" wrecking cities, although they tend to do so. It's radical "progressives" turning parts of cities into death-traps and no-go zones, and I say that as a strong proponent of criminal justice reform. But reforming the parts that don't work well or fairly doesn't mean just destroying everything, including the parts of the system that keep us safe. Check out this story from Portland followed by two stories from Denver that should have every Denverite furious and maybe a little afraid:

'Where are we headed?' Portland's record-setting year for murder fuels search for answers (

State, Local Officials Vow Action After CBS4 Investigation Shows Judges Giving PR Bonds In Violent Felony Cases – CBS Denver (

4 dead, 9 wounded in 8 separate shootings in Denver metro (

Town of Morrison wants to keep padding its budget with traffic tickets

Consultant suggests Morrison stop relying on ticket revenue to fund PD |

Even if Initiative 303 passes in Denver, it might not achieve what you hope in terms of moving out the homeless

Judge rules portion of Denver Ballot Issue 303 is invalid |

This pretty much sums up the Biden administration's understanding of inflation

Psaki Points Out That Inflation Doesn't Matter Since There Are No Goods To Purchase Anyway | The Babylon Bee

These shortages are bad news but I'm grateful to those who keep the 911 system functioning moderately well right now

Staffing shortages at 911 call centers in Denver leads to longer wait times (

Irrational exuberance by one of the biggest real estate companies

Zillow’s flips flop, hurting profits but benefitting homeowners (

Zillow’s zeal to outbid for homes backfires in flipping fumble – Orange County Register (

Do you REALLY think this is the right way to (not) fund the federal government?

Earn under $75,000? You may pay zero in federal income taxes for 2021 (

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I'm not really the "funny cat video" sort, but this parody of Jurassic Park is a lot of fun

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