Ross' Fri Blogcast: Is weather forecasting improving? Want stock in Trump?

Voter Guide update

I've updated my 2021 voter guide to include recommendations for the Cherry Creek School District elections (Gibbons and Leach...see more below with today's video). Please make sure to have a read if you think I can be of any help, especially with your understanding of the statewide ballot measures, Amendment 78 and Propositions 119 and 120. (FYI, I recommend YES on 78 and 120 and don't have a recommendation on 119 after taking hours and hours thinking about it and talking with folks on both sides.)

Today's interesting guests

Theresa Shelton is running for school board in Jefferson County. Vote for her if you can!

Is it my imagination or has weather forecasting improved a lot in the last decade or so? We'll ask Jonathan Porter, Chief meteorologist and SVP of Forecast Operations at AccuWeather

This one comes straight from my personal love of "audiophile" stuff and the pure enjoyment of listening to music, especially on fantastic gear that really brings you the truth of the sound. William Minter and Mitchell Foster are the proprietors of ESP HiFi, a new "listening cafe and bar" in Denver, where they'll play great music (usually vinyl) on great gear while you enjoy a tasty beverage and a good conversation with your companion(s). Here's a nice write-up in 5280 Magazine: Step Inside Denver’s First HiFi Listening Bar (

Why is this Denver School Board candidate paying the racist unemployed Tay Anderson?

Interesting news story from Denver Gazette columnist Jimmy Sengenberger: COLUMN: Tay Anderson grooms a school board ally | Columns |

Want to buy shares in Trump (or at least his social media company)?

In case you haven't heard of "SPAC"s they're basically companies that go public without having any business just waiting for the opportunity to use their "blank check" to buy a business. Yesterday we learned that a SPAC called Digital World Acquisition Corp with ticker symbol DWAC had merged with Donald Trump's impending social medial platform, Truth Social. DWAC went from $12 to $45.50 on Thursday and as I write this early on Friday morning the stock is now trading around $90, which I believe would value Trump's stake in the company at around $1.5 billion.

I don't give investment advice. I'll just say that if you're thinking about playing in this thing, please be very careful. Remember that Trump has a long and consistent history of business failure, especially outside of real estate. (Yes, he has plenty of money but given how much he started with from his dad he should have quite a lot more...he's just not as good at business as most people believe, or as he claims, even though he's far richer than I will ever be.)

I note that his group may already be facing a headache for violating the terms of the license of the software that the platform seems to be using.

Another interesting thing will be to see how Trump talks about Section 230 going forward since his new platform will benefit from it as much as the platforms he despises do.

Yeah, I think he paid too much

Customer sues Denver Dating Co. for lack of ladies in database (

American minds, civility and rationality are being destroyed by wokeness

Straight from your institutions of learning, these terrible and ridiculous examples of the progressive left attacking America and basic decency

South Carolina professor fighting for his job after misunderstanding leads to racism claims (

Cheerleaders Blasted For "White Privilege" Banners (

Some "I've Been Wondering" questions

What does CV stand for in ship number (hint: not “carrier vessel”)

USN Ship Hull Classifications (

History and Technology - USN Ship Designations - NavWeaps

How many baby boomers retired in 2020?

More Baby Boomers have retired since COVID-19 began than before | Pew Research Center

By 2030, All Baby Boomers Will Be Age 65 or Older (

Retirement Trends Of Baby Boomers (

Question from Producer Dragon: Why is a “fire drill” called a drill?

drill | Origin and meaning of drill by Online Etymology Dictionary (

Today's Video

I usually put light-hearted videos up on the Blogcast but I just want to make sure everyone understands what's at stake in school board elections. This video is of Kathy Bates of Cherry Creek School District D. She's everything that's wrong with our school boards and I urge everyone to vote for Jennifer Gibbons and get rid of Bates' foul, hateful presence. Here's Jennifer's web site: Jen Gibbons for CCSD 2021 ( If you vote in District E, please vote for Bill Leach: Bill Leach for CCSD 2021 (

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