Ross' Thurs Blogcast: Global energy crunch; 1st Casualty; Jon Caldara's dad

Show Guest: Toby Harnden

British/American journalist Toby Harnden is, as far as I can tell, the only non-CIA person ever to be allowed to talk with all living members of CIA Team Alpha, the first US force into Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks. Many folks will have heard of Mike Spann, the first American casualty of that war; he was with Team Alpha. Toby joins us to talk about his new book "First Casualty". It's a gripping can buy it at the link below. And if you want to hear more from Toby, check the video at the end of this blog.

Toby Harnden | Author | Journalist | First Casualty

First Casualty: The Untold Story of the CIA Mission to Avenge 9/11: Harnden, Toby: 9780316540957: Books

Show Guest: Jon Caldara

My friend and radio colleague Jon Caldara wrote a wonderful piece about his father, who passed away recently, talking especially about his dad's determination to get his family to Colorado...and to keep them there: Caldara: The Colorado that drew my father out West – Complete Colorado – Page Two

The Big International Story

I meant to get to this yesterday but ended up with too much other stuff to talk about. The problem hasn't gone away since then. Much of the industrialized world is facing some serious threats to electricity production. And China may wish they had played more nicely with Australia.

U.K. puts soldiers on standby to deliver fuel as pumps run dry - Axios

Beijing and Shanghai face blackouts in deepening power crunch - Nikkei Asia

China may be forced to lift Australia coal ban as power crisis worsens (

(Related: How a blow to Australian wine shows tensions with China - BBC News)

China energy crunch triggers shutdowns, pleas for more coal | Reuters

The Big Colorado Story

Looks like we have a final map, as long as the State Supreme Court upholds it and there's no good reason to think they won't, for Colorado's Congressional Districts. As Axios put it, Democrats are seeing red. (Nice pun!)

Democrats are upset about new Colorado congressional map from redistricting - Axios

All the nerdy data:

I understand the concept, but who decides what is "misinformation"?

YouTube blocks all anti-vaccine content | Reuters

Is Social Media More of a Blessing or a Curse?

Facebook is ‘pausing’ work on Instagram Kids app amid growing scrutiny (

Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show - WSJ (

Just a couple of the really bad ideas in the Democrats' insane multi-trillion dollar socialist boondoggle

Dems’ Plan To ‘Tax the Rich’ Might Include a Huge Tax Break for the Rich –

IRS would track all bank transactions over $600 under Biden plan; Businesses revolt (

I actually don't mind this story...the problem is when this sort of thing goes too far

Provo 4th grader raises money through lemonade stand for inclusive library books (

With this potential culinary restriction, South Korea aims to get into the 20th century...or maybe the 19th

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