Mandy's Thu Blog: A School Board Candidate and Thirsty Thursday!

WE NEED TO FLIP SOME SCHOOL BOARDS And as I live in Douglas County, I'm working on that. Today I've got Mike Peterson at 1 to talk about what he'd like to do as a DougCo School Board member and why he'd appreciate your vote. Find out more about him and slate of candidates he's running with by clicking here. Remember kids, Anyone But The Union Candidates, or ABTUC is our message.

IT'S OKTOBERFEST FOR THIRSTY THURSDAY! And this is our first back in the studio and I've invited Ryan Edwards from Broncos Country Tonight and Inappropriate Angie to join me, and we may have an appearance by Big Al too so this is going to be a good one. Find out more about all the good stuff The Wine Yogi brings in by clicking here.

THE ACLU HAS GONE FROM DEFENDER OF THE DOWNTRODDEN TO BULLY IN THE LEGISLATURE This article details the myriad of ways the Americans Civil Liberties Union in Colorado has gone from a legal aid organization dedicated to fighting for Constitutional principles to a lobbying organization getting progressive pro-criminal legislation passed. They can spin it any way they want, but that's where we are. They are advocating for bills that severely limit the ability of police officers to make arrests and other kinds of legislation that make it easier for dedicated criminals to continue robbing and stealing as long as it's a misdemeanor. If you want to see gangs of criminals making massive hauls from your local target, keep sending the ACLU money. What's ironic is the ACLU has been COMPLETELY silent while the government has run roughshod over everyone's clearly defined Constitutional rights during the pandemic. They no longer care about civil liberties, they are total progressive policy organization and if you give to them, you are giving to progressives. I definitely love that they are targeting Dems who don't agree with them though. You reap what you sow.

IT'S BEEN A PLEASURE WATCHING TREVOR STORY BECOME THE ALL STAR HE IS TODAY And now we can do what Rockies fans do, which is cheer him on from afar because there is a zero percent chance he will ever play in a Rockies uniform again. Why would he? Our management talks a good game about winning but they don't do the things they need to do to actually win. Just ask Nolan. Or Tulo. Or DJ. Or any of the other stars we've had here who are long gone.

OOOH, A STERN LETTER FROM OUR MILQUETOAST SENATOR SHOULD DO IT Our useless Democrat Senator Michael Bennet, who was unable to keep the HQ of the Bureau of Land Management in Colorado after his former Republican colleague got it moved here, is now trying to show his power by sending a sternly worded letter to the head of the Air Force about keeping Space Command in Colorado. That should do it. I guess scheduling a meeting or inviting him to Colorado to tour our operations here is a bridge too far for Bennet. I'm sure a letter will do it, especially one he can release to the press to show how powerful he is. What a joke.

ABOUT THAT INFRASTRUCTURE BILL AND BIDEN SAYING HE WON'T RAISE TAXES ON THE MIDDLE CLASS I saw this some time ago and have been meaning to bring this up, but did you know that there is a HUGE tax that would be levied on Miles per Driven? This is a suburban and rural tax almost exclusively and would raise taxes DRAMATICALLY on those people. The bill doesn't bring the tax into creation, but it does order the Department of Transportation to study the viability of the tax. Why not just put tolls on every road? Because people would scream the mountaintops about that, wouldn't they? They want to make it like withholding taxes where we don't actually feel like we're paying the money even though we are paying the money. This bill is too full of non-infrastructure stuff and garbage and I'm ashamed it got any Republican support in the Senate.

OH, AND THAT DEBT LIMIT THING I haven't been talking about this latest game of debt limit chicken because we all know how it will end. Lawmakers, many of whom have been in Congress to jack the debt up to where it is now, are going to work out some deal to save the country from default and we're supposed to be happy about it and think they are heroes. I'm done giving it oxygen. A short term deal will be struck today before the drama continues until the conclusion I have laid out above. They are all idiots.

WE MAY BE ABLE TO THANK PROGRESSIVES FOR KILLING THEIR OWN BILL I'm not sure how this thing is going to end up just yet, but progressives are giving San Fran Nan a fit because they don't want to vote on infrastructure before they vote on their Great Democratic Vote Buying Bill that is going to surely bankrupt the country. Part of me wants them to pass it to hasten our demise so an era of austerity can begin to toughen us up again. But then I think of my children and grandchildren who will bear the brunt of this spending and hope it fails in dramatic fashion.

BEN SASSE SAYS WHAT WE ARE ALL THINKING And that is, and I quote, "I don't give a shit" when asked about the most extreme members of Congress and what they say and do. He called out Matt Gaetz, AOC and Marjorie Greene Taylor as "people who aren't serious adults" and he's absolutely right. Read the rest here.

WHEN YOU THINK OF THE PERFECT GIFT.... A family photo was the source of one dad's consternation. His son fixed it hilariously.

And how did Dad like it?

LA COUNTY IS THINKING OF EXPANDING THEIR SHOW US YOUR PAPERS POLICIES by requiring anyone wanting to go into pretty much any public space indoors to be vaccinated and show proof, including places like malls and movie theaters. This should go well.

THIS IS NEXT LEVEL DADDING RIGHT HERE Tired kid and hot dog tray in hand, and yet, he does this.

HOW ANIMALS WOULD RUN IF THEY WERE HUMAN I'm just here for the sloth.

BRITNEY SPEARS MAY SOON BE IN CONTROL OF THE FORTUNE SHE EARNED As her father was removed as a conservator yesterday. This puts the legal wheels in motion to give her control of her $60 million dollar fortune. As she is almost 40 this is LONG overdue. I hope she trusts the right people and this ends well for her. I feel sorry for her. Her family is a bunch of leeches. This would have never happened with a dude. Just saying.

HOW DID THE PANDEMIC AFFECT YOUR SEX LIFE? If you are single, it probably hurt it, if you are in a relationship living with your partner it may have helped. A whopping 46% of those people reported MORE sex during the pandemic. At home, with no where to go, I sure hope so. Read more here.

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