Ross' Weds Blogcast: Travels With George; Generals vs Biden; CO Crime Wave

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Imagine traveling the same routes, on as close as possible the same roads, and seeing and even staying at, the same places that George Washington did in the beginning of his presidency, and thinking about that incredible American history while you were doing so. We talk with author Nathaniel Philbrick who did just that about his very enjoyable book "Travels With George". You can get the book here:

More than a year ago, former District Attorney George Brauchler (who wasn't "former" at the time) predicted a crime wave in Colorado: Brauchler: Colorado should brace for a crime wave ( What does he think now that that prediction has unfortunately come true? Colorado’s violent crime rate hits 25-year high - Axios Also, George has some harsh words for Attorney General Phil Weiser's report that finds a "pattern and practice of racially-biased policing" in Aurora. George's response, which we'll also talk about on the show: Brauchler: Attorney General Weiser produced a flawed, politically motived report on Aurora Police Department (

Top generals prove President Biden a liar

On August, 19th, President Joe Biden told George Stephanopoulos that his military advisers did not advise him to leave troops in Afghanistan. Yesterday, Americas top generals told Senators that they had indeed given just that advice. I think this was a major unforced error for Joe Biden, but remember that not only is he a lifelong politician, which means he's trained to lie, but he's also not very bright (and wasn't even when he was younger.) All Biden needed to say was "I took in all advice and I made the decision." He didn't need to lie about what the advice was.

Worldwide Energy Crisis

This is a HUGE story that hasn't hit America yet. If it doesn't it will be due to our level of energy self-sufficiency which Democrats at the federal level and, at least in Colorado, at the state level persistently oppose.

U.K. puts soldiers on standby to deliver fuel as pumps run dry - Axios

Beijing and Shanghai face blackouts in deepening power crunch - Nikkei Asia

A smart listener points out that maybe China isn't too happy with how they treated Australia, a major source of coal, earlier this year: China energy crunch triggers shutdowns, pleas for more coal | Reuters

Random Bits

I love GMOs: India unveils new rice variety to cut down on use of water, labour | Reuters

Rare bipartisanship in the House but it might get ruined by Republicans in the Senate: House Passes EQUAL Act to Erase Sentencing Disparity Between Crack and Powder Cocaine –

The Taliban hurts the barber business in Afghanistan: Taliban issue no-shave order in southern Afghan province: 'No one has a right to complain' | TheHill

Guess what kind of animal is the new pet and good luck charm for the NY Yankees: Pet "Bronxie" is Yanks' good luck charm (

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