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BASEBALL TAKES OVER THE FOR LAST TIME AT 12:30 But boy do I have fun stuff on the blog!

RUSSELL BRAND FIGURES OUT THE DEMOCRATS ARE SNEAKY LIARS And he took to Facebook to talk about it and you should watch it. He lays out the case of why it's important to know that Russiagate was a Democrat fabrication and then lays out the case very nicely. I bet he still votes for Democrats if he can vote though. I don't know his citizenship status.

HERR POLIS FORGOT TO THANK OIL AND GAS FOR HIS VEGAN TUXEDO And Jon Caldara noticed and did what he does best, he wrote a snarky column about it. I must have missed the vegan crowing about how the Governor and the First Gentleman wore vegan tuxes for their wedding. What I do know is that polyester and satin are made from petroleum, the same stuff Polis hates while it's coming out of the ground before it's turned into a virtue signaling tux. Caldara didn't.

I NEED YOU TO FIND OUT WHO THE TEACHERS UNIONS IN YOUR AREA ARE ENDORSING And support the hell out of ANYONE ELSE. ABTUC is my new mantra, isn't it clever? It stands for Anyone But The Union Candidate! I got the idea when I saw this article about the candidates being endorsed by the Aurora Teachers Union. It's handy how they give you the names to avoid like the plague. If you want your kids kept out of school or clad in masks forever, vote for union candidates. Oh, and check out this quote:

“The candidates our members have recommended this election year reflect our values as an organization,” said AEA president Linnea Reed-Ellis in the release. “Our candidates reflect who we are by standing up for equity, funding, diversity, and elevating educators’ voices.”

What's missing from this sentence? Oh yeah, the kids.

CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS IS BEING SUED FOR DISCRIMINATION OVER MASK WEARING AT CANDIDATE FORUMS And the woman suing has two medical conditions that she says make wearing a mask impossible for her. At a forum for school board candidates the mask mandates were used as a weapon against her 100%. Read more here.

ONE OF THE POLICE UNIONS IN AURORA IS GOING TO NO CONFIDENCE THE CHIEF The vote is being taken now by the Aurora Police Association about Chief Vanessa Wilson and I have it on good authority this isn't the only no confidence vote that will take place. There are at least two unions representing cops in Aurora and the APA is the smaller of the two. From what I hear the vote isn't even close, with members very unhappy with the Chief. According to my source the leadership of the larger union is very buddy buddy with Chief Wilson but the membership wants to have a confidence vote that will not end well. She's awful, she's not a leader and she needs to go. And the next Chief needs to be hired for his or her skills and leadership ability, not because they check some demographic boxes that look good on paper.

VIOLENT CRIME IN DENVER IS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL IN 25 YEARS And it's hard to not blame the Mayor and every other elected official who embraced the anti-cop movement last year, along with changes to police immunity that have lead cops to pull back on active policing. What do all of these things have in common? They are all Democrats. Just saying. Read the ugly details here.

WHY IS DENVER GIVING OUT TAX DOLLARS TO RESTAURANT WORKERS NOW?? This makes NO sense to me. Denver just approved a $1.5 million dollar fund that restaurants can apply for to give extra money to bring on new employees. But read this:

“Lower-wage workers have been disproportionately affected by reduced hours, job losses and job insecurity,” said Eric Hiraga, office executive director. “Grants for employers to pass directly to their workers is the best short-term solution we know for immediately improving the climate for recovery and growth.”

There are a MILLION restaurant jobs open right now. Every single one is hiring that I've been to in the last six months. Lower wage workers can work their asses off if they want to. Get two jobs even, hell get three. This isn't about workers, this is about trying to fix the problems created by stupid lockdowns and extended unemployment benefits that created a huge sense of entitlement for people with very few marketable skills. Government created the problem that government now says they will fix. With our money, btw.

he already had covid, was some kind of anti-vaxxer. He was asked about it at a press conference and he gave the absolute best response. Watch this.


I ALMOST FEEL SORRY FOR JEN PSAKI But not really. She's trying to cover for her boss, who lied in an interview with George Stephanopolous when he said some of his military advisers advised a full pullout of troops. She double talks so hard and she avoids answering a direct question about who, exactly, advised him to pull out all troops. It's politics at its worst.

COVID BROKE THE BABY BOOMERS And many are just going to retire now instead of trying to continue to work to bank more money for retirement. This is a good article on the Mass Resignation of our older workers and frankly, this is good news for younger workers looking to make a move into a better position or buy an existing business to run themselves.

THIS EXPLAINS WHY ALAN JACKSON LOOKED SO OLD AT HIS RECENT CONCERT And I talked about how he moved like an old, old man and had to sit during the concert where he sounded absolutely perfect. He announced he's got a degenerative hereditary disease that is making walking and balance a real problem. But he says he will still continue to tour, proving what a pro he is.


JOHN STOSSEL IS SUING FACEBOOK and you need to watch this to find out why. I think he has a case here.


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