Mandy's Tue Blog: Rally Racing + Things that Used to Be Great But Suck Now

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT YOU JUST HAD TO RACE CARS? My guest at 1:05 is Renee Brinkerhoff and she's the keynote speaker at the upcoming 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Colorado Women's Alliance (of which I am proud to say I am now on the board of!) next week. Renee is for real one of the most interesting people I've ever encountered. You're going to love her story and how she took her success as an international rally racer and is using it to fight human trafficking. Buy your ticket for the CWA event by clicking here to hear the rest of her story! Find out more about Renee's organization and their work to end human trafficking by clicking here.

GO OUT, HAVE FUN AND SUPPORT HEIDI GANAHL'S RUN FOR GOVERNOR! I will never forget the day that Blake Street Tavern owner Chris Fuselier came on the show to discuss how the Governor's draconian policies were hurting his and other restaurants in Colorado and he said, "and I voted for the guy!" to which I responded, "I sure hope you remember this next election cycle." Well guess what? He did and he has and now he's hosting a fundraiser for Republican challenger Heidi Ganahl at Blake Street Tavern NEXT WEEK!!


Tuesday, October 5, 2021 5:00-8:00PM at Blake Street Tavern, 2301 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205 Street Tavern

Email: for an official invite and an RSVP so they can staff and provide the right amount of food!

WHAT USED TO BE GREAT BUT NOW SUCKS? I saw this on Reddit and LOVED it. I put it on Facebook last night and BOY did you guys give some great answers. We're talking about this today.

DID THE GOVERNOR'S DEAL WITH A POLITICAL CRONY KILL SENIOR CITIZENS? That is a very dramatic headline, but it's not an inaccurate question. The Governor struck a deal with a start up company called Curative to provide Covid tests that were used in nursing homes. Curative had no experience with such testing and there was no reason to believe they had any expertise other than being connected to a big Polis donor who made the connection. The tests were lousy and gave false positives ALL THE TIME, something that was reported by multiple health professionals over and over again, but the state didn't pull the tests until 17 days AFTER the FDA put out a warning about the Curative tests being garbage. This meant that seniors in nursing homes who get a false positive were moved to covid wards where many of them likely got covid and died. Now some are calling for an investigation into the sweetheart deal with Curative and the resulting deaths from bad tests. The Governor has refused to answer questions about any of it. Shocking. I think I'll just refer to him as Jared Cuomo from now on.

MASKS ALLOW PEOPLE BEHAVE WORSE And the same kind of nonsense we're seeing on airplanes is now happening at our schools as kids return this year. This column talks about behavior issues being worse this year as kids are beefing in the halls, getting in fights and just otherwise behaving badly. I think this is because masks dehumanize us, but also because these kids are coming of age during a time when they see people taking to the streets and burning things down with impunity across the country. But that's just my working theory.

ALL DEMOCRATS CAN'T BE THIS STUPID, CAN THEY? And I'm talking about the idiot member of Congress Pramila Jayapal who took to Twitter to tweet out this claptrap: “U.S. has nearly ONE-THIRD of the world’s billionaires. Meanwhile, our poverty rate is the 4th highest in the world. Tax the rich.” The now deleted tweet shows exactly how dumb this woman is. If she really believes this she is willfully ignorant of HOW POOR the rest of the world is. Read just this paragraph from a National Review article:

Put it this way: If the United States invaded Britain tomorrow and made it the 51st state, it would probably bethe second poorest behind Alabama and ahead of only Mississippi. If Germany, Sweden, or Denmark joined the union, they would rank in the bottom third of American states in per capita GDP, median annual income, and a host of other quantifiable measure of wealth. Italy, Spain, and Portugal, among others, would be at the bottom. As a highly important forthcoming bookdetails, there is no reason to adopt a European-style welfare-state system.

Isn't that illuminating? You can read the rest of it here and you should.

CASA BONITA IS UNDER CONTRACT! And this is great news for fans of the iconic bad food destination. It sold to the creators of South Park for a cool $3.1 million.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE HEALTHY KIDS SURVEY MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO? I have a 12 year old daughter and I am rather horrified that she is going to be expected to take this survey. Remember when we were kids and we got a survey about smoking and drinking and weed? So much has changed. Now kids will answer if they are transgender, if they have been forced to have sex against their will, if they are gay or non binary, and a myriad of other questions that are inappropriate for kids this age. For real, read the rest here.

LOOK AT GEORGE BRAUCHLER DOING WHAT THE AURORA PD CHIEF SHOULD HAVE DONE And that is attack the report issued by Attorney General as the politically motivated claptrap that it is, and defend the officers in Aurora. I sure wish Chief Vanessa Wilson had this kind of backbone for her officers. Read it here.


WE FINALLY HAVE SOME GOOD RELIABLE TESTS FOR ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE And I didn't really know that there wasn't one already and that a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease is largely one of exclusion. Now there are several blood tests and other tests that can accurately diagnose this disease. Read more here.

A LITTLE BOY FREAKS OUT HIS MOM BY TALKING ABOUT HIS PAST LIFE And I have to say, Q used to speak her own language we called "Quinglish" that sounded legitimately like an ancient language so I feel this mom. Other parents shared stories of their kids freaking them out too. Kids are awesome but also totally freaky at times. Watch the story here.

YOU OTTER READ THIS STORY BEFORE GOING TO ALASKA Because apparently there are roaming bands of attack otters on the loose there. I find this profoundly disturbing because otters are so dang cute.

I ALWAYS THOUGHT MODERN ART WAS A RACKET And now one Danish artist has proven this. Artist Jens Haaning was given about 84k to recreate a sculpture called Labor for a museum. Instead he sent two empty frames titled Take the Money and Run and called it a day. This is genius though I'm not sure legal but surely the art museum wouldn't want to be seen as anti-avant garde art, would they? I bet he gets away with it.



WATCH THE PROCESS THE KIFFNESS USES TO CREATE HIS CRAZY VIDEOS As his help is enlisted by a friend and a bird video. The process is really, really cool.

YOU THINK YOUR COLONOSCOPY WAS BAD, AT LEAST THEY DIDN'T FIND A LADYBUG UP THERE And that's not the ONLY bug to be found during a colonoscopy. You can read more here BUT IT'S SO GROSS. Like super gross.

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