Mandy's Mon Blog: Defensive Gun Use and Dr. Gary is Back!

JOHN LOTT IS THE GO-TO GUY ON GUNS And he wrote an outstanding column on why we don't hear about defensive gun use in the media. It's not totally what you might think, it's more about defensive gun use not leaving a bunch of bodies laying around. I'll have him on at 1p. to discuss it, and you can read his column here.

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT REGENERATIVE MEDICINE? I've got answers today with Dr. Gary from Downtown's Healthcare. He's on at 2p today with Karen Rea. Find Downtown's Healthcare by clicking here to schedule a free evaluation.

TRUST ME, I AM TIRED OF SPORTS BOOK ADS TOO But any time a politico talks about limiting advertising for a product I get my hackles up, especially if the justification is "there are too many and they annoy me" which seems to be the reason given by Democrat Alec Garnett here. If this is the new standard for limiting advertising I sure hope he applies it to political advertising just before an election. Except it won't. Capitalism works because if you annoy enough people with whatever you're doing (like airing too many annoying spots) your customers will flee. Let the market work, don't jump in and fix something that will fix itself.

KRISTI BURTON BROWN IS SUPER IMPRESSIVE And I am more filled with hope right now for the GOP in Colorado than I have ever been. Watch this great interview with Jon Caldara to see what I see.

ANOTHER COLORADO VENDOR MAY GO TO THE SUPREME COURT OVER RELIGIOUS FREEDOM And this one isn't about cakes, it's about websites. A website creator who markets wedding websites for hetero couples only is in the crosshairs this time. After losing an appeal in the 10th Circuit, Lorie Smith is going to take her case to the Supreme Court. This may seem like a no-brainer because of the Masterpiece Cakes case, but the ruling in that case did NOT clarify anything about the religious freedom aspect at all. Here's hoping she takes it to the Supremes because religious liberty is one of our core principles and it needs to be defended.

READ HOW DEMOCRATS ARE DESTROYING OUR AG INDUSTRY They already destroyed oil and gas, now they are trying to destroy ag by not understanding the product at ALL as they create a slew of legislation that is allegedly going to protect workers. It does NOT because when there are no jobs left, workers don't have work. The bill is about ag worker overtime and it will dramatically increase the cost of food for consumers and producers in Colorado. But hey, what's the big deal to a bunch of urbanites, amiright? Read here about the impact a similar bill in California is already having.

NO, THE SEXES ARE NOT THE SAME And this is a really good article about sex differences and their role in sexual conflict. Every conflict in this world ultimately comes to "mate with me". I'll explain today.

YES PARENTS, YOU CAN LIMIT SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR KIDS And this is a GREAT column by a young woman who survived without social media UNTIL SHE WAS 17!! And guess what? She's grateful her parents kept her in the dark until then.

REMEMBER WHEN THESE THINGS WERE GREAT EVEN THOUGH THEY SUCK NOW? I love this question: What used to be awesome but sucks now? There are some great answers in this one.

YOU CAN'T SUPPORT THE POLICE IN ONE WASHINGTON STATE SCHOOL But please feel free to fly your BLM or LGBTQ flag instead. This school needs to realize what banning speech as "political" while not banning other clearly political speech means. A teacher was told to remove her Think Blue Line flag in support of police officers because it made people feel "unsafe". These people need to grow the you-know-what up. I sure hope nothing bad happens in this school so they have to call BLM to help.

PRESIDENT BIDEN HATES THE AMERICAN PRESS And he said as much with a meeting with the Indian Prime Minister. Watch this as he tells the PM to not answer any questions. What a chicken sh*t this guy is.

BUT THEN WE ALL THINK HE'S AN IDIOT New polling data for the President is NOT GOOD, especially when asked the question if they believe that the Leader of the Free World is "mentally sharp". Oh boy. Only 43% of respondents said yes. Yikes. Read the rest here, but it's no better.

THE IMAGINARY CLIMATE CRISIS OMG I LOVE this paper written by Richard S. Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences, MIT. This essay is a slightly extended version of a lecture delivered to a joint zoom meeting of the Irish Climate Science Forum and CLINTEL on March 31, 2021. In it he details how he has been battling against climate change hysteria for thirty years and he wonders why his messaging has failed. It is so worth your time if you believe in science, which in this case is certainly NOT settled.



REALLY COLORADO? THREE YEARS OF YOUR LIFE TO KEEP BOOZING IT UP? This is a weird survey that asked people how many years of their lives they would give up to be able to keep drinking forever. Coloradans said three years. This are all young people who are far from death, trust me. Ask a 70 year old this and the answer is much different.

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO MAD ABOUT DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER JOINING THE SEARCH FOR BRIAN LAUNDRIE? Twitter was all mad this weekend when Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman announced he was going to find Brian Laundrie. There were tweets like "why is he making it about him" and crap like that. Y'all, "bounty hunter" is IN THE GUY'S NAME. It's his freaking job for criminy's sake. If he can find him does his mullet really matter? What's wrong with people?

COULD RADIATION CURE HEART ARRHYTHMIA? This is a super cool development for people with severe heart arrhythmia. Right now only a surgery can fix the issue and it's heart surgery so it's super invasive. Researchers found they were able to "reprogram" the heart and get it back to its younger state using targeted radiation. This is cool.



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