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Red Rocks isn’t just my favorite place to see a concert. It’s the favorite place in the country, even the world, for many bands to play. Now, thanks to some high tech stuff, using a ticket to get in will be easier than ever...because you won’t even need one. Blaine LeGere is Head of Strategy at AXS (pronounced Access). We'll talk about their new partnership with Amazon to develop palm-based ticketing at Red Rocks so you don't have to dig around for a ticket or even for your phone to get into your concert. New Technology At Red Rocks Amphitheater Puts Tickets In The Palm Of Your Hand (

A lot of people are sick of the politics where they live. Yes, it's difficult to move out of the country but it's less difficult to "vote with your feet" to leave your city or county or state. We'll talk about it with George Mason University Law School Professor Ilya Somin, author of the book "Free to Move" and new article for National Affairs entitled "Voting With Our Feet".



Joe Biden promised his supporters that he was an absolute master of political infighting and would bend the Senate to his will. It hasn't happened. Between the fight between the radical "progressive" wing of the Democratic Party and the few remaining elected Democratic moderates in Congress, the Biden agenda is stuck, and if he can't get it unstuck (and soon) he may be a failed and lame-duck president less than a year into his term. The prospects rightly terrify Democrats who may be running for office in the next few years and the well-regarded non-partisan Cook Political Report just moved the Virginia governor's race, between the ultimate Democratic insider, Clinton-friend Terry McAuliffe, and basically unknown Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin to the "toss-up" category as one new poll shows Youngkin in the lead. I often think of Virginia and Colorado as mirror images of each other. Educated electorates, large military presence, went from red to purple to blue in a short time. If VA can vote in a Republican, maybe all is not lost in CO. (And I don't say that because I'm a Republican (I'm not), but because Democrats are destroying this state.)

Also, the ridiculous "Arizona Audit" now reaches the conclusion it was always going to reach: Biden won Arizona. In fact, according to the audit which was pushed by Donald Trump and his most mendacious supporters, Biden won by a few hundred votes more than the original count had determined. Arizona 'audit' finds Biden won (by more votes) and no evidence of fraud (


Michigan to have nation's first electrified road to wirelessly charge EVs, Whitmer says (

You can now risk eternal damnation by buying Sunday Chick-fil-A (

Yes, it's true, you can't buy some gaming computers in Colorado because we're becoming California: Armstrong: The absurdity of Colorado’s gaming computer ban – Complete Colorado – Page Two
Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop | Dell USA

Just because you can, does it mean you should? A New Company Wants To Resurrect The Woolly Mammoth Using DNA Splicing : NPR

I'm always skeptical about things like this but I'm trying to keep an open mind: Fast-Food Chains Test Reusable Cups, Sandwich Boxes - WSJ

Yes, there's a new Muppet Movie!!!

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