Mandy's Fri Blog: Cry Macho Isn't and Dave is Headed to Vegas!

MIKE ROSEN ON TODAY TO TALK MOVIES AT 2 And I really, really wanted to like Cry Macho, the new film by Clint Eastwood but I really, really didn't. I'll tell you why at 2. I think Mike is also going to review Stillwater as well. Here is a review of "Cry Macho" that I think is too kind.

AT 1, LET'S TALK WOKE BUDGET WITH JON SCHWEPPE He's the Director of Policy and Government Affairs for American Principles Project. What's in the ginormous spending bill Democrats are trying to wrangle over the finish line? A bunch of woke garbage. We'll talk to Jon about the details at 1. Read about the $3.5 Trillion dollar package of cradle to grave spending that hides the real cost here.

DAVE IS HEADED TO VEGAS, BABY! And I know a lot of you have a lot of good advice for Dave so we're taking it in the first hour of the show. It's been a stressful week, what with our country being invaded and an incompetent leader in charge so let's have some fun.

THE GREATEST BASKET EVER MADE And I'm just gonna say it, this guy probably needs a job or something but I'm glad he took the time to do this.

GET YOUR "FREE" AT HOME COVID TEST FROM THE STATE And I'm sure paranoid people are already ordering their multiple kits so they can test every day even if they have no symptoms. But find out how to get yours here.

COULD THERE FINALLY BE COMEUPPANCE FOR THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN AFTER ALL? I am NOT getting my hopes up, but John Durham has just begun to issue indictments after his long and plodding investigation into the origins of the Russian Collusion investigation. This is an article about one aspect of it, but it does give me hope that one indictment is not all we will see. This article specifically addresses the fabricated link between the Trump campaign and Alfa Bank in Russia. If we are to have a country left, we need to see this through in the strongest possible terms, which I still doubt will happen.

COLLEGE KARENS FREAK OUT ON STUDENTS STUDYING Because one of them has a Police Lives Matter sticker on his laptop. This is where we are now

IT'S OKAY TO KISS ON DATES AGAIN IN OREGON Where there is an outdoor mask mandate because the Governor is an idiot. The Health Department told people in the spring they should not KISS on dates, but now they have relaxed that advice. Phew!

SWEDEN WAS RIGHT AND HERE'S A LOVELY ARTICLE WITH THEIR ARCHITECT OF COVID RESPONSE And Anders Tegnell makes Dr. Anthony Fauci seem as competent as Dr. Pepper. Instead of rushing to follow the lead of the communist government who unleashed this madness on the world, he stuck to his plan and Sweden is doing beautifully right now. Read more here.

LIKE BROTHER LIKE BROTHER IN THE CUOMO WORLD Chris Cuomo has been called out in a commentary in the New York Times by a former producer who says he grabbed a handful of her butt while hugging her hello after he left her employ. It was a gross gesture and she lays it out perfectly, not sexual, just dominating in a sexual way. Chris Cuomo will be doing extra shows on the #metoo movement now that he's been proven an enabler for his creep of a brother and this column I'm sure.

JOE BIDEN ISN'T PAYING HIS FAIR SHARE of Medicare taxes, that is. Seems he may have illegally used an S Corp to avoid paying about 500k in Medicare taxes. I'm sure it was just an oversight and not an attempt to keep more of his own money when he was making $13 million a year, right?

DEREK JETER MAKES SURE HE GIVES A BALL TO A KID Much to the chagrin of the obnoxious woman jumping up to take it from him.

WHAT IF OUR MOON WAS REPLACED BY OUR PLANETS? This video does that and it's super cool.

POTENTIAL ENERGY VS KINETIC ENERGY In the form of a cannon of springs.

FYI, JEDIS ARE NOW RACIST And I could NOT stop LAUGHING as I read this very, very serious column taking people to task for using the acronym "JEDI" to mean "justice, equity, diversity and inclusion". Why is this problematic? Just read this snippet from Scientific American:

The Jedi are inappropriate mascots for social justice. Although they’re ostensibly heroes within the Star Wars universe, the Jedi are inappropriate symbols for justice work. They are a religious order of intergalactic police-monks, prone to (white) saviorism and toxically masculine approaches to conflict resolution (violent duels with phallic lightsabers, gaslighting by means of “Jedi mind tricks,” etc.). The Jedi are also an exclusionary cult, membership to which is partly predicated on the possession of heightened psychic and physical abilities (or “Force-sensitivity”). Strikingly, Force-wielding talents are narratively explained in Star Wars not merely in spiritual terms but also in ableist and eugenic ones: These supernatural powers are naturalized as biological, hereditary attributes. So it is that Force potential is framed as a dynastic property of noble bloodlines (for example, the Skywalker dynasty), and Force disparities are rendered innate physical properties, measurable via “midi-chlorian” counts (not unlike a“Force genetics” test) and augmentable viahuman(oid) engineering. The heroic Jedi are thus emblems for a host of dangerously reactionary values and assumptions. Sending the message that justice work is akin to cosplay is bad enough; dressing up our initiatives in the symbolic garb of the Jedi is worse.

Y'all, it gets worse from there. I thought it was a joke, but no, it is not. Read the rest here and feel sorry for the TEAM of people who got together to write this piece. The don't even get into the Star Trek vs. Star Wars situation which has way more validity than this crap.


So he's mad at the Border Patrol agents that he has put in an untenable position by having NO coherent strategy at the border so he's going to hold THEM accountable. We all know who is to blame for this. What an idiot this guy is. At least I can say that now without being called a racist. Refreshing.

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