Ross' Thurs blog: Racist gov't grants, electric boat motors, mask mandates

You may recall that the Colorado State Legislature passed a racist law granting money to business owners who suffered economic losses from long as they weren't white business owners. When they figured out that that was blatantly illegal they reworked the legislation so that "minority owned" were replaced by "disproportionately impacted"...and then they defined "disproportionately impacted" so that it could be satisfied simply by being minority owned. I believe the new version is just as illegal as the previous version and I hope some people will join with the Pacific Legal Foundation to sue the state over this racist law. PLF attorney Wen Fa, a guest on today's show, will be handling the case.

Attorney Wen Fa | Pacific Legal Foundation

CO DIB Grant: Disproportionately Impacted Business Grant | Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

You can see that they literally just replaced “minority owned” with “disproportionately impacted” and then defined the latter to mean, among other things, the former: C:\001_en2.txt (


I’m fascinated by the pros and cons of electric vehicle motors, for example great torque and mediocre range. Today we talk with Alex Mongeon, CEO of Vision Marine: Electric Outboard Engines & Boats | Vision Marine Technologies

Attorney Igor Raykin is threatening to sue Douglas County if as part of leaving Tri-County health, DougCo’s new health dept drops a mask mandate for schools. I usually agree with Igor, at least on things we talk about on the radio, but I'm not with him on this one. Remember that you will be able to listen to my conversation with Igor (and almost every other guest interview we do on the show) by going to

Attorney threatens to sue if DougCo drops mask mandate |

And in a slightly related story: United Airlines employees sue company over its 'draconian' COVID vaccine mandate | Fox Business


OK, these next couple of stories are pretty gross, even sickening but when I get two such stories in two days it seems like something I need to talk about.

Accused cannibal gets prison time for botched castration (

Mom and Daughter Killed Adult Film Actress With Backyard Butt Implants, Cops Say (


We talked yesterday about getting your holiday gift shopping done early. Here are some ideas:

One possible gift: Polish singer sells parts of her BODY as NFTs including 'G-spot, nipples and lips' starting at £73,000 | Daily Mail Online

One that doesn’t need advance purchase but is clearly designed to annoy some people: MSCHF Sunday Service

You can now risk eternal damnation by buying Sunday Chick-fil-A (



A ransomware attack, probably from Russia, on a farming co-op that supplies feed for about 11 million farm animals would seem to violate President Biden's warning to Vladimir Putin that such attacks on "critical infrastructure" would not be tolerated. This might be a serious test for a seriously weak president.

$5.9 million ransomware attack on farming co-op may cause food shortage | Ars Technica

Critical Infrastructure Sectors | CISA

A listener asks is this true? It absolutely is: Armstrong: The absurdity of Colorado’s gaming computer ban – Complete Colorado – Page Two

It's weird how little emphasis the reporters put on the obvious factors that criminals are either not being arrested or are being let out of jail immediately, and, more importantly, that there are fewer cops around and the ones who are still here are much less motivated to police proactively or to take any risk: Murder Rose by Almost 30% in 2020. It’s Rising at a Slower Rate in 2021. - The New York Times (

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