Mandy's Tiny Show Thu Blog: Mosquitoes Suck and Don't Quit Over the Vaccine

BASEBALL EATS THE SHOW TODAY AT 12:30 But here's some fun stuff to keep you busy.

GRANT'S NEW PODCAST IS OUT AND YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO IT This week Grant talks to Mark Dean. Mark Dean is a former collegiate hockey player, a 20 year veteran of the military, and a storyteller. He writes children books, poems, and music, and finds the most joy in his life from watching his two kids serve their communities. Mark has overcome many things in his life that have shaped him into the human he is today, but has always had one constant, and that is his deep love and appreciation for his family. To find out more about his work, go to Listen to Grant's podcast by clicking here!

Y'ALL MAKE THEM FIRE YOU OVER VACCINE MANDATES Someone has to push back and the only way to do that is to refuse and make them fire you. Here is another story about a cop leaving the job because of the vaccine mandate, but he LEFT, he wasn't FIRED. Make them fire you. Sure it's on your record, but if there is a lawyer out there who would scoop up fired employees for a suit you want to be part of that. I think they may have a case and if you quit you can't make the same arguments. Just saying.

MOSQUITOES SUCK AND ARE HISTORY'S MOST PROLIFIC SERIAL KILLER This video is SO interesting and makes me hate mosquitoes worse than I already do.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE APPEAL OF "ROLLING COAL" BUT NOW IT'S ILLEGAL IN ALAMOSA You've seen the big diesel trucks with massive clouds of black smoke coming out of the tailpipe, haven't you? Not every diesel will do it, but with some modifications a truck owner can send a flood of fuel to the engine creating the massive smoke cloud. I honestly don't understand why it's a thing, but whatever. Now Alamosa has banned it. They banned it because it creates a hazard for other drivers, which it does. I still don't get why someone would do it, can anyone help me out on that?



And now she thaws some of it.

DEFUND THE POLICE GOT A LOT MORE PEOPLE MURDERED LAST YEAR The FBI's crime statistics for last year are in and they are NOT GOOD. Not good at all. Murder has skyrocketed by a percentage not seen in the modern era of record keeping. Just look at this graph:

Photo: The New York Times

The New York Times seems confused by this. Look at this headline:

Murder Rose by Almost 30% in 2020. It’s Rising at a Slower Rate in 2021.

As if we are supposed to be grateful that murders are rising at a slower rate than last year's huge spike. Do you feel comforted? I don't. Read the rest of the article and you can laugh out loud like I did when you read how they try to blame it on more people carrying firearms. For real. It does not occur to them that people carried more firearms in RESPONSE to the pullback of police across the country. Idiots.



THE NEW CHILD TAX CREDIT IS DESIGNED TO GET THE MIDDLE CLASS HOOKED ON BENNIES Because instead of the Child Tax credit designed to help poor working families, we now have an entitlement completely untethered from work and poverty. From the Wall Street Journal:

Taxpayers should understand the magnitude of the benefits. Before the expansion, the average child credit for a family below 100% of the poverty line was about $975, according to estimates from the Congressional Research Service. Now it’s $5,421. That comes on top of other transfer programs such as food stamps and the earned-income tax credit.
The new child entitlement will reach well into the middle class, which is part of the political goal. A couple earning $100,000 that has three children ages 7, 4 and 2 would be eligible for $10,200 in payments. The original tax-credit rationale was to defray the costs of raising young children, but the Democratic bill also creates new entitlements for a separate child-care program plus paid family leave and universal pre-K education.

Just remember, your kids are going to end up paying this bill, either through a stagnant economy, a default on debt that will destroy the economy, or taxes so high they will never get ahead. But take the "free" money, the first hits on Uncle Sam.

DO NOT BE THE PEOPLE WHO GET NEWS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA Because you will never get the full story. About half of Americans get their news from social media, and young people are FAR more likely to get it from Snapchat or TikTok, which is famously owned by the Chinese Communists. Be better than these people.

EXTREME COUPONING SEEMS LIKE A LOT OF WORK And frankly I hope I am never so broke again I have to go to the lengths this woman goes to to save big. God Bless her though. Find out more here.

DON'T PAY BIG TO GET A WORTHLESS DOCTORATE And yes, that doctorate you have in Liberal Arts is more valuable as toilet paper than as a degree to earn money. Students spend almost 200k to get it, with jobs paying 40k. That's bad math. Colleges should be ashamed to even offer this stuff with that kind of return on investment. Read this to see doctorate degrees that are worth the money.


SENIORS AND SICKLY FOLKS CAN NOW GET A BOOSTER COVID SHOT The FDA approved the boosters for people over 65, those who are deemed to need it by medical necessity and front line healthcare workers. Read more here.

THE UN JUMPS ON THE POLITICS OF ENVY WHEN IT COMES TO BILLIONAIRE SPACE TRAVEL Remember when being super rich was an aspirational thing? Like we looked up to super rich people and wanted to be LIKE them? Well now the politics of greed has completely taken over and the Secretary of the UN is leading the parade. Instead of marveling at private space travel, he had to do the "how many people could be fed with the money this thing cost" thing that is all about envy and greed. Of course he did. Why not ask how can we help our poor and developing nations achieve at such a level? That would be productive. But instead he goes for greed. The UN is useless.

THE WARMIES HAVE WON. OUR CHILDREN ARE TERRIFIED OF CLIMATE CHANGE And this is EXACTLY what the enviros want, because scared people will agree to anything no matter how stupid it is. Polling shows students are terrified of the changing climate.

THE CUTEST LITTLE GREETER IN THE WORLD! I hope their mom shows them this when little sister gets on their nerves later.

AND NOW, A COLLECTION OF NOW POLITICALLY INCORRECT COMMERCIALS Because why not? And FYI, Funny Face was sweetened with cyclamate, Dave's favorite fake sweetener.

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