Colorado's "Disproportionately Impacted Business Grant" is still racist

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As I read the state’s website about the Disproportionately Impacted Business Grant, it seems to me that there are situations in which a white business owner would not get a grant that a black business owner would get with all other factors being equal.

For example: Business has been around since 2015, still operating in CO, 8 employees, 25% income loss since 3/26/2020, no prior federal or state loans or grants, neither business nor owner are in “economically distressed” areas, owner has income of $100K/yr and household net worth of $2MM and has been able to access a bank line of credit if she wants it.

Again, as I read the state’s web site, this person could get the money if she were black but not if she were white.

So far I am unable to get an answer from the state government on the question. I think that means I'm right.

Wen Fa and the Pacific Legal Foundation would like to represent (at no charge to the clients) Colorado Business Owners who would qualify for this grant if they were minorities but not if they're white.

Attorney Wen Fa | Pacific Legal Foundation

CO DIB Grant:Disproportionately Impacted Business Grant | Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

You can see that they literally just replaced “minority owned” with “disproportionately impacted” and then defined the latter to mean, among other things, the former:C:\001_en2.txt (

You can E-Mail Wen through Pacific Legal Foundation website

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