Ross' Weds Blog: Devious Licks, Fake Religious COVID exemptions & more!

Hey, we're halfway through the week, now in our first full day of Autumn, and it was actually kinda cold in my house when I woke up this morning. Here's some of the stuff we'll be talking about on today's show...hope you enjoy it!

If you have a high school student in your home and haven't heard of the TikTok scourge/trend "Devious Lick", ask your student about it...and make sure they know darned well not to participate. In the two videos below, you'll learn what this is about, and then just how justifiably angry school principals are.


Dumbest story of the day. It would be funny if it didn’t have such a bad outcome: Mom and Daughter Killed Adult Film Actress With Backyard Butt Implants, Cops Say (


A couple of days ago we talked about people requesting religious exemptions from getting the COVID vaccine and how it's likely that a LOT of those are not legitimate religious objections. We'll talk with Andrew M. Lieb, Managing Attorney of NY-based Lieb at Law, P.C., ( with a practice focus on litigation and regulatory compliance, about employers searching employees' social media posts to try to determine whether an objection is really based on a religious principle or just on politics or "vaccine hesitancy." Here's a great note on the subject: Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs are Undermined by Social Media Posts About Politics - LIEB BLOG (

What did Elon Musk tweet when asked why Joe Biden hadn't congratulated SpaceX on its first flight manned solely by amateur "astronauts"?

Potentially enormous Supreme Court case regarding whether a person who is otherwise qualified to be issued a concealed carry permit must be issued one without having to prove to a bureaucrat or elected official that he or she has a good enough reason (from the bureaucrat's perspective) to want one: Biden administration urges Supreme Court to uphold New York's handgun restriction | TheHill Much of this actually comes down to one word difference in the enabling laws in different states: whether the relevant agency, usually a sheriff's department, "shall" issue a permit upon application or "may" issue one.


Why starting your holiday shopping right now may not be as OCD as it sounds: Pandemic, supply-chain issues will make toys, food scarce this holiday season - Axios

One possible gift: Polish singer sells parts of her BODY as NFTs including 'G-spot, nipples and lips' starting at £73,000 | Daily Mail Online

One that doesn’t need advance purchase; it's clever although it's clearly intended to offend some folks: MSCHF Sunday Service

You can now risk eternal damnation by buying Sunday Chick-fil-A (


Sometimes people write things that make you wonder if they're trying to ridicule themselves. This is a great example: (Hint: objectivity in research is racist. Ugh.)

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