Mandy's Wed Blog: Krista Kafer and Hunter Biden's Laptop

KRISTA KAFER IS RUNNING FOR LITTLETON CITY COUNCIL And I normally don't do much on city races but I LOVE Krista and think she would be OUTSTANDING on any City Council. I'll have her on at 1:05 to discuss it, find out more by clicking here.

REMEMBER HUNTER BIDEN'S LAPTOP? It's SO WEIRD that JUST NOW Politico is reporting on that laptop and saying that it JUST MAY BE REAL! As big as this story was last year, the bigger story is now how Big Tech, National News media outlets and the DNC conspired to cast it as "Russian disinformation" without even so much as a cursory investigation. This article from lays it out nicely, but this Tweet thread is FIRE.


SO NOW I AM WAITING FOR KYLE CLARK TO APOLOGIZE FOR DOING A BAD JOB I have to thank Colorado Peak Politics for reminding me of the bitch fight Kyle Clark tried to start when he sicced his sycophantic Twitter followers on me because I had the NERVE to be angry about the news media ignoring a story with HUGE national implications before the election. Read their reminder here and I'll just sit over here waiting for the apology that will never come.

CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO MAKE RENTAL PROPERTY EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE By bringing back the clearly unconstitutional eviction moratorium. This will simply incentivize rental property owners to shift from long term rentals to short term vacation rentals, making the entire rental market get more expensive because there will less inventory. These idiots believe that property owners won't make changes when faced with the prospect of having a long term tenant who simply won't pay his or her bills. There is literally NO justification for this with so many jobs available across the country. But then they are Congressional Democrats so it's not like they have real jobs or own rental property.

THIS DEBT CEILING FIGHT IS STUPID POLITICAL THEATER And here is the first of what will be a zillion stories on how if the US doesn't raise the debt ceiling we will be plunged into economic despair or something. The reason it's a joke is that the Republicans, who had NO PROBLEM racking up new spending under Trump, are acting like they care about the debt. Pfft. We all know how this plays out.

KIDS NEED TO PLAY IN THE DIRT And as a country kid, this was my childhood. A Finnish child care center took place in a study on immune systems of children who played in planted boxes with forest plants in them. They found that playing in the dirt actually stimulated and strengthened their little immune systems. Go rub some dirt on it, kid.

YES, JEFFCO SCHOOLS ARE PICKING ON RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS Because I bet they don't have full mask compliance at every school in the district, and yet they only filed suit against three religious schools about masks. And let's be real, schools are doing the best they can, but this photo was sent to me by a parent of a Littleton Public elementary school's student. This bin is where kids were told to drop their masks when they went outside for field day for them to pick up later. Does anyone see what could be the issue here? Anyone?

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS STOPPING BAD GUYS HAPPENS WAY MORE THAN YOU THINK And John Lott, who really is the authority on gun use and crime in the US, has a new article about just that. Why don't we hear about the thousands and thousands of times guns are used successfully defensively? Short answer is it doesn't support the gun control narrative.

ANTI-SEMITIC DEMOCRATS STRIP FUNDING FOR ISRAELI DEFENSE Why don't Congressional Democrats want Israel to be able to defend its citizens from rocket attacks? Someone should ask those who stripped a billion dollars of foreign aid to Israel that is specifically to shore up Israel's Iron Dome. Iron Dome is an entirely DEFENSIVE system that doesn't launch attacks, it merely knocks rockets fired by Hamas out of the sky before they can land on and kill the civilian population. We can have a discussion about foreign aid to Israel and other nations, but why just THIS money? Because they hate Jews and want more of them dead is all I can come up.

MAYBE HE DIDN'T LEAVE THE ROOM FAST ENOUGH FOR THEM I'm just going to let you watch Biden's handlers INTERRUPT the UK Prime Minister to hustle the media out of the room before they could ask Biden questions. The media is finally getting mad. Good, they did this.

WANT TO AVOID A HEART ATTACK? EAT MORE BUTTER! THIS IS WHY I LOVE NUTRITION NEWS. Butter and other high fat dairy can actually PREVENT cardiovascular disease according to a new comprehensive study. Have at it, butter lovers!

WILL THE UN LET THE TALIBAN SPEAK? Because the Taliban has sent a letter and an envoy to the UN requesting some time. It would be cool if the UN Secretary told them the only job they are good for is cleaning the mens bathroom at the UN but they will probably let them speak as they do dictators from around the world.

DPD HAS SEEN A FLOOD OF COPS LEAVING BUT THEY SAY THE BUDGET IS THE ISSUE Oh, okay. Ninety nine cops have retired since January with another 30 expected to go by the end of the year. Chief Paul Pazen says they have had no problems recruiting new officers, it's the dang budget that is the problem. Not sure I believe him but it's his party.

DO YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND? One in four Americans does NOT have any money for emergencies. I would love to see a demographic breakdown by age on this stat, as during my 20s I had no emergency fund because my expenses were so minimal and I made so little. This gets super scary if you have a family though, and seems impossible to overcome until you begin to make saving a priority even if it's just a little.

POINT PARK UNIVERSITY WON'T BE ON THE FREE SPEECH INDEX ANYTIME SOON As they are threatening to discipline students who don't use someone's preferred pronouns. Free speech is such an antiquated concept.

IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, PIGS WILL STILL TRY TO EAT IT Just watch this video until the end.



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