Mandy's Tue Blog: Threatened Lawsuits and A Cool Women's Event

JOIN ME FOR A COOL WOMEN'S EVENT I love the Colorado Women's Alliance. It's a non-partisan organization that supports research, education and advocacy in areas of concern to women voters. It's inhabited by so many amazing women and they have their biggest event of the year coming up and I'd love for you to join me! Find out more about the event here and the Alliance here. Joni Inman joins me at 1:35 to discuss it.

A LAWSUIT IS BEING PREPPED IF DOUGLAS COUNTY DROPS ITS MASK MANDATE FOR KIDS And this made me HELLA MAD this morning. First off, I have a great deal of compassion for the parents of children with health issues, I truly do. But the notion that a mask is going to prevent their children from getting sick is not backed up by the science. The science doesn't even make an appearance in this lawsuit, by the way. Read the threatened suit below but I this legal blackmail is NOT how you do things. HELLA MAD.

VAIL RESORTS HAS GONE FULL COVID GESTAPO By ordering proof of vaccination to dine on the mountain or work there. Masks are required indoors everywhere. Oddly, you DON'T have show proof of vaccination to enter their fine dining establishments, which means to me that this is mostly for show, not science, to mollify Vail's rich, white guests from big cities who have been trained to believe masks are like super heroes or something. But they can do whatever they want and you can choose accordingly. That's the joy of living in a free society!

WILL TAY TAY LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN? Over a thousand students walked out yesterday demanding the resignation of Denver Public Schools Manchild Tay Anderson. We don't know how he feels about it because he deactivated his Twitter account where he usually hurls slings and arrows to get his fanbase to attack those he disagrees with. Surely a community organizer like him would listen to the community when they make a demand, right? I'm guessing no.

JARED POLIS' EFFORTS TO DESTROY OIL AND GAS IN COLORADO MOVING ALONG NICELY And a new rule is about to take effect that puts further burdens on our oil and gas industry even though they will do nothing towards the overall big picture of carbon emissions. But don't let that stop Herr Polis from further undermining our economy and its tax base as he and other Democrats pass more and more programs that need to be paid for somehow. If oil and gas doesn't contribute that money has to come from somewhere so look in the mirror, you're it. I also love how the Colorado Sun couldn't be bothered to ask for comment from the oil and gas producers about this new rule.


I just received a message from Facebook that the (100% accurate and verifiable) comment shown below violates their "Community standards" and has been removed from Facebook:
My comment:
The AVERAGE hourly wage (excluding salaried supervisors and managers) has risen steadily over that same time is now $30.73/hour.
Less than 5% of Americans work for minimum wage and a great many of them work in tipped positions like waiters and casino dealers where tips can easily equal 2X - 4X the base hourly wage.
Apparently posting 100% accurate and easily verifiable facts published by the US Bureau of Labor statistics is now a violation of Facebook standards


NO, BORDER PATROL AGENTS WERE NOT WHIPPING HAITIANS They were using the reins on their horses to try and stop an invasion of people who are trying to break into our country. Before Democrats try to tell you it's the Border Patrol that's racist make sure to make them tell you who is deporting ONLY black people back to their craphole of a country. And Haiti is a craphole of a country. Reporters who have never been on horseback should not tweet about things they don't understand. I personally think the BP agents showed great restraint in spite of being hopelessly outnumbered. This is 100% Biden's fault. 100%.

THIS KITTY HAS QUITE THE PURR And now he has the world record. Merlin's mom looks like a Wallace and Grommet character to boot.

I'LL HAVE TO CONVERT BEFORE JINX TURNS 13 So she too can have a "bark mitzvah". This made me laugh this morning but I kind of love it.


I burst out laughing when she said this:

“It’s not the same thing. … They’re not intending to stay here for an extended period of time.”

So if you're coming here to go to Disneyworld from a foreign country, why do you have to show proof of vaccination again? You're not intending to stay here for an extended period of time. What a joke this admin is.

THE EMMYS WERE COVID PROOF JUST LIKE OBAMA'S BIRTHDAY PARTY AND BLM PROTESTS And when is this NOT GOING TO BE OKAY with enough Americans that we can end this nonsense completely? The LA Health Department responded to criticism of the Emmys by announcing that Covid does NOT infect performers in fancy dresses in tents that are completely enclosed by called "outside" anyway. That's not quite how they said it, but that's what they said. Read it here. And remember to slap a mask on your preschooler this morning for safety UNLESS your child has a SAG card. Covid is the smartest virus ever and we are the dumbest rubes ever.

IS FEAR OF OFFICE POOPING KEEPING YOU AT HOME? I honestly can't believe this is a story but here we are. According to a survey, 18% of workers say going back to the office gives them anxiety because of pooping at work. WE ALL DO IT, PEOPLE. Take some PooPourri if you are that self conscious about it.

COVID HAS KILLED MORE AMERICANS THAN ANY PRIOR PANDEMIC And it's been interesting to see people parse this raw number by saying "well the population is bigger now" or "we didn't live in cities then" which are both true, but why? This pandemic has killed a crap ton of people and pretending it hasn't is just weird to me. I do believe the death numbers, like hospitalization numbers, have been inflated, but it's still a horrible pandemic.

WAITING FOR A SHIPMENT OF STUFF? KEEP WAITING Because there is a HUGE backlog of ships sailing around the Pacific waiting for a spot at the LA Port. Why? Covid protocols allegedly.


COULD YOUR PHONE LET YOU KNOW IF YOU'RE STARTING TO LOSE IT? Apple is working on tech that could help your phone tell you if you're depressed or experiencing cognitive decline. I'm not sure your phone telling you this is helpful but I guess we'll see.

I AM THRILLED THAT MY ALMA MATER IS NUMBER FIVE ON THIS LIST And though they have a stellar spot on the Party School list as well, I'm talking about the Campus Free Speech list. FSU is #5, while CU comes in at #17. Read about the list here. CSU is a lousy 77th. Shameful.


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