Mandy's Mon Blog: A Real Estate Market Check and Ghosting is Not Cool

MIKE POTARF WITH THE CHAD MADLOM TEAM IS ON TO TALK REAL ESTATE As we move out of what used to be our buying season what does fall hold? How is inventory? We'll find out from Mike. Call Mike or Chad or find out more by clicking here.

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE BEING TOLD TO PAY BACK UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS And I was reading this article about it from the Colorado Sun and I KNOW the woman they interviewed about this. Dahlia Weinstein is one of my favorite people and she's being told to pay back 18 grand because the Department of Labor says she didn't produce documents. She did. And she has screenshots to prove it. Others may not be so lucky. Considering how badly the Dept of Labor handled the rush of unemployment claims at the beginning of the pandemic I'm inclined to think if you've been told you didn't do something you did, try to prove it. Read the story here to see if you may be affected.

MOMS AND DADS, WE NEED TO TALK TO YOUR GROWN KIDS ABOUT GHOSTING This is what happens when a young person has no clue about what it takes to run a business and no one (I'M LOOKING AT YOU MOM AND DAD) told them that just not showing up anymore is the wrong way to live. This article speaks to the frustration business owners are facing hiring people who show up for a couple of days and then never show up again. I personally think this is also a symptom of a generation that has been shielded from doing hard things like telling a boss that the job isn't right for you instead of being a jerk.

I FORGOT TO SHARE GRANT'S NEW PODCAST LAST WEEK And this one is a really, really good one. He talked to Joshua Santiago. Josh is a man on a mission to make as big an impact as he can in his community and around the country. Through his nonprofit organization Empowering Cuts, he provides free haircuts for the homeless. Josh is always thinking of his next big idea like the 7 Random Acts of Kindness for 7 Days, where he blesses an individual with whatever they need in their life. Learn more about Empowering Cuts, and how to donate to his cause at Listen by clicking here

JEFFCO PUBLIC HEALTH IS SUING SCHOOLS OVER MASKS And Dawn Comstock is quite the little dictator over there at JCPH, isn't she. She is now suing three religious schools who have the nerve to believe that parents should make a decision for their children. That won't stand for Herr Comstock so those schools will now have to defend themselves in court. This is a super great use of taxpayer dollars, but it's really about putting everyone on notice that if you decide something different for your children the Public Health department doesn't really care.

ALL THOSE HOSPITALIZED COVID PATIENTS AREN'T ALL THERE FOR COVID And this is where it gets more and more difficult to "trust the experts". It seems that about a quarter of "covid" hospitalizations are where people are hospitalized for something ELSE and they HAPPEN to have covid. The Colorado of Public Health Director says that the numbers aren't easy to seperate when someone is in the hospital but they do separate it out if someone dies. Colorado has been doing this at that point, but they keep telling us how many "covid" patients are hospitalized without providing that context in real time. Which is dodgy if you ask me.

YES, TAY ANDERSON NEEDS TO GO And this editorial by the Denver Gazette lays out the many reasons why. Too bad the Denver School Board is too afraid of being accused of racism by the man who victimized black girls to show some spine and at least give him the dressing down he deserves. They can't remove him, but they could marginalize him.

COLORADO GOP MAKES A COUPLE OF GOOD CHOICES First they stayed in the open primary system. This would have been a disaster and alienated potential voters who are unaffiliated in a state system that allows them to do vote in the primary of their choice. But the GOP also voted to sue the state that opened the primaries in the first place. I think these are both good choices.

HERE'S A FUN VIDEO THAT PRETTY MUCH SHOWS SWEDEN WAS RIGHT Did you know that Sweden has THREE deaths in the last MONTH from Covid? Here is the chart:

Here is an article with graphs and whatnot. Now check out this video for more.

JOE BIDEN IS OBVIOUSLY A RACIST FOR SENDING HAITIANS BACK TO HAITI Haitians being black and all, it's pretty obvious to me that the same President who is releasing migrants from Latin America into the country but sending Haitians back to Haiti is OBVIOUSLY racist. I am being very sarcastic, but what would the headline have been if Trump were in office? The thousands of Haitians massed on the southern border think they are going to get the same deference as the migrants flowing over the southern border, but now they know Biden hates black people. Maybe they weren't "clean and articulate" enough. He wouldn't want the US to become a "racial jungle" would he?

I'D SAY BIDEN WOULD LIKE TO FORGET LAST FRIDAY But I'm not totally convinced he hasn't already. Even the AP had to tally up his defeats. From the article:

On Friday, the Pentagon acknowledged that a drone strike in Afghanistan killed 10 civilians, including seven children, not terrorists. A panel advising the Food and Drug Administration voted to not recommend COVID-19 booster shots for all Americans over age 16, dashing an administration hope. And France announced it was recalling its ambassador to the United States out of anger for being cut out of a secret nuclear submarine deal Biden had struck with the United Kingdom and Australia.

Aren't you glad the grownups are in charge?

MORE PEOPLE ARE WONDERING ABOUT THE PEOPLE BIDEN'S VACCINE MANDATE DOESN'T INCLUDE And this column rightly asks why welfare recipients are excluded, along with members of Congress and Postal workers. Good question.

AOC'S TAX THE RICH DRESS DESIGNER DOESN'T PAY HER TAXES And this is HILARIOUS to me. It seems that the designer of the dress designed to demand higher taxes for rich people owes $130,000 in back taxes she evaded. Hah! This is fantastic.

GOTTA A COOL 20 MILLION SITTING AROUND? You can buy an original copy of the Constitution. Anybody got an extra 20 million laying around I can borrow?


GREAT COLUMN ON FORGIVENESS BY MITCH ALBUM And he's right, we need to work less on cancelling those who err and more on forgiving them when they are wrong. Imagine the world we'd live in if this were the norm.

THIS IS WHY WE DON'T LET TEENAGERS VOTE Because their judgment tells them this is a good idea. It is not.


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