Mandy's Fri Blog: How Are People Living and Mike Rosen at the Movies

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES AT 2 And I LOVED Shang Chi and Dave saw it yesterday so I'm interested in hearing his thoughts too. That's coming up at 2.

HOW ARE PEOPLE LIVING? I had another conversation with a business owner who can't find employees. He said he sets up interviews and no one shows up, because they only have to show they are applying, not that they are doing any interviews. And this guy starts his people at 18 bucks an hour. How are people living? We are talking about this today and I want to hear from you guys and girls who have been out of work this year. But I ALSO have a friend who got laid off last March and has been applying and NOT getting interviews likely because she is 57 years old so we have some issues to fix.

DANIELLE JURINSKY IS RUNNING FOR AURORA CITY COUNCIL And if there were EVER a City Council that needed to be changed, it's this one (and Denver). She is on at 1 to talk about why she wants to be on the council and why you should vote for her. Find out more and PLEASE consider supporting her campaign by clicking here.

TODAY IS CONSTITUTION DAY! And if you need to read some reasons to love the Constitution, read them here.

THIS AS AMERICAN AREN'T AS DUMB ABOUT IT AS IN RECENT YEARS Only 56% of Americans can name the three branches of government. The good news? It's up from prior years.

TAY ANDERSON IS THE WORST KIND OF PREDATOR And the type I've had experience with in the past. Men who prey on young women, or teenage girls in his case, and then when you reject them they go full psycho on you and call you names and threaten you. Been there, done that. Tay Anderson does NOT need to be in any kind of position that would take him near the high school girls he obviously has a taste for. Probably because real women won't date a pathetic man-child like him. The Denver Gazette Editorial board agrees with me on this. Tay is going to be censured today, but before that he will stand in front of the school board building with the NAACP, who obviously don't care about the black girls he victimized, as he tries to make himself the victim.

SOMEONE ASKED WHY I AM NOT COVERING THE STORY OF THE MISSING FLORIDA WOMAN And I'll tell you why. The media LOVES a missing blonde. Like they LOVE it. I used to get all involved until I realized that women go missing EVERY day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. And unless you are a blonde with a cool hobby like van life, they don't care. I hope she is found safe, but we know how these things usually end, but I'm not talking about it until every missing woman is treated the same way. Oh, and by the way, more MEN go missing every year than women. Do you ever hear about that? Nope.

THE AURORA POLICE UNION CHIEF IS DOING WHAT THE CHIEF OF POLICE SHOULD HAVE DONE He's standing up for the officers who have all been called racists by AG Phil Weiser. From the article on KDVR:

Marc Sears, president of Aurora FOP Lodge 49, said he is completely willing to work with the attorney general to make meaningful changes, but he said the report unfairly characterized Aurora officers as racially biased.
“When you think about how rapidly our situations evolve, and you think about [how] we have to wear a bullet proof vest to work every day, are people really going to be that juvenile to think that I care about your race, your gender, your sexuality? I just want to go home to my kids. Police officers don’t care what color you are,” Sears said.

Would have been nice if the Chief had issued a statement like this. But she did not. Perhaps that's why record numbers of Aurora PD officers are leaving right now.

DICK WADHAMS IS RIGHT IN THIS COLUMN TO THE GOP If the Republican party decides to shut out unaffiliated voters in this state, when state law gives them the right to choose the primary they want to participate in, they are stupid. Dick Wadhams said it more nicely here.

THE MEDIA CONTINUES TO COVER THE BIDEN ADMIN'S GARBAGE ECONOMIC POLICIES By putting out articles like this one touting the HUGE increase in benefits for Social Security recipients, who are getting their largest COLA raise in YEARS because of the rampant inflation happening right now. But it's all sunshine and roses in USA Today, just YAY for old people! As if 6% is going to keep up with what we've got now.

FOR NO APPARENT REASON THE FAA HAS LOCKED DOWN THE SKY OVER THE MIGRANT SURGE IN TEXAS First off, imagine Donald Trump did this. After horrifying pictures of THOUSANDS of people waiting under a bridge to break into this country emerge, many of them filmed with drones above the scene, the FAA decided to lock down the area directly over the scene to drone flight. They say media can still apply for access to the skies, but how long might that take? If Trump did this there would be screaming about the 1st Amendment and him stifling the media, but when Biden does it....

DID YOU EVEN KNOW TURTLES COULD DO THIS? I for real did not. Here is the link if you can't see the whole thing:


GREAT COLUMN BY MIKE ROSEN WHERE HE DOES HIS BEST CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER And tries to correct the record when it comes to some commonly mangled phrases. Read it here.

HOW ABOUT A TRAIN TRIP TO DO SOME LEAF PEEPING THIS FALL? We've got multiple options for you in Colorado this year. Find out more here.

RABBIT EARS ARE MAKING A COMEBACK IN THE AGE OF STREAMING But these aren't your parents rabbit ears that you could add tinfoil onto to increase their capability. These are high tech digital rabbit ears and they are selling like hotcakes.

RULES FOR THEE, BUT NOT FOR ME Hey look erebody, another elected official who issued a mask mandate seen breaking it! She's a Democrat and the Mayor of San Fran. I know you're shocked.

MOSQUITOS GET SUCKED IN BY THIS MACHINE BECAUSE IT BREATHES LIKE US And anything that kills mosquitoes is okay with me because they suck literally and figuratively. Read about this cool thing here.

WE HAVE TO GET THIS HUMAN COMPOSTER ON THE SHOW Because human composting has come to Colorado and I am fascinated by this. Read more here.

THE CUCUMBA GUY, FIXED UP BY THE KIFFNESS! The cucumba guy is awesome, he sings about vegetables.

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