Mandy's Wed Blog: Milley Committed Treason and Ross Kaminsky!

ROSS KAMINSKY IS GONNA HANG OUT FOR A BIT TODAY If you don't know Ross from his morning show on KHOW, you are in for a treat when he takes over next week at 9am. He's gonna hang out today for a while so we can play "Get to Know Ross" for a bit. He's one of my favorite humans and I hope you like him too.

HEIDI GANAHL IS ON TODAY AT 1:40 TO TALK ABOUT WHY SHE WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR And boy do I want her to be Governor. Find out more and PLEASE consider supporting Heidi as she tries to unseat Herr Polis. Here is her campaign website! She's going to need your help, as the media is already showing itself to be a good foot soldier for Polis.

HOW HAS THE WORKFORCE CHANGED IN MY AUDIENCE? We have a bad labor shortage in Colorado and I'm interested in talking to those of you who were affected by the downturn at the beginning of the pandemic. If you lost your job, did you find a new one? If not, why not? I'm curious as to how people are living right now.

MARK MILLEY COMMITTED TREASON AND MUST GO NOW I know he will not be charged as such because we've seen over and over again that the people in power never face consequences for their bad behavior. I refuse to refer to this man as General because he has sullied his reputation as a military man by taking it upon himself to take over the nation by undermining a President he did not like. Of course assuming the new Woodward-Costa book is telling the truth, which remains to be seen. The fallout from the revelation that he called his Chinese counterpart to let him know that if Trump launched a nuclear strike Milley would call to warn them, and that he told military commanders to IGNORE the orders from the Commander-in-Chief should be non stop and harsh, but no. The national media used the revelation to focus on the fact that Milley and Pelosi thought Trump was "crazy" as if that excuses the palace coup they pulled. If a general had done this Obama, there would be hell to pay. If anyone UNDER Milley's command did ANYTHING like this to HIM, they would have been busted and maybe faced a court martial. He should face much, much worse. This is the closest thing we have ever had to military coup in the US. Pay attention to what happens next.

PARENTS ARE GEARING UP TO SUE OVER THE TRI-COUNTY MASK MANDATE And I was hoping this might happen and here we are. The issue for one parent is that teachers have been made defacto law enforcement agents in schools. Read more here.

NO WONDER WE DON'T BELIEVE THE EXPERTS ANYMORE This is a video from North Carolina where a meeting at a hospital on how to make covid more scary to frighten people into getting vaccinated by inflating covid numbers. This may be why.

RAND PAUL QUESTIONING ANTONY BLINKEN IS MUST SEE TV Watch it and pay special attention to the exchange about the drone strike that killed a bunch of kids. It's especially interesting.

ASKING KIDS TO SIT IN THEIR SEATS AND LISTEN IS WHITE SUPREMACY I just can't even anymore with this crap. A young teacher who needs to immediately find a new career announced via TikTok that the strategy his Virginia school uses to get kids to be quiet and listen is a form of white supremacy. I just can't even anymore with this crap.

DO WE NEED A FIVE STAR CHICAGO STYLE HOT DOG? I always laugh when someone tries to make a humble dish into something super fancy, but this one does look intriguing. From the youngest man to ever get a Michelin star we get the top dollar Chicago dog with:

Officially named the Toulouse Sausage and appearing on the daytime menu of Venteux’s recently opened café, Young’s garlicky version of the ketchup-free classic is served on a poppy seed bun accompanied by a charred leek and foie gras mustard, pickled celery, mustard seed and cornichon relish, heirloom tomatoes, sport peppers and micro-celery.

I'd hit that. Find the recipe in the story here.

THE FLYING BUM SHOULD TAKE TO THE SKIES IN FOUR YEARS And I kind of love the thought of hopping on an airship to go a short distance. Can you imagine flying over I-70 instead of sitting in traffic? Read more about this very funny looking airship here.

THE MEDIA SPIN ON AFGHANISTAN IS...INTERESTING When I saw this headline, I did a double take:

In Rural Afghanistan, War Remnants Everywhere, but No Shooting or Checkpoints

Isn't that GREAT!!! No more shooting! No one really mentions in this story that it's because the people who were doing the shooting are now in charge. It is amazing what is possible when you give the enemy everything they want.

DON'T PERSONALIZE YOUR KIDS BACKPACKS With their names. It can make them susceptible to a stranger using that name to pretend to be friends they know. Read more here.

DID THEY NOT SEE JURASSIC PARK??? Nobody can fool Mother Nature and yet we try all the time. Now a company has launched a project to bring back the woolly mammoth. I'm sure nothing could go wrong. They say they want to bring back extinct species and prevent the extinction of other species but I'm not sure this is a good idea. Perhaps the cycle of life needs animals to go extinct from time to time. As it's been a part of Earth since the beginning of life on this planet it seems like we are messing with the plan pretty significantly.


DR. FAUCI IS NAMED THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE AND I'M NEVER HAVING SEX AGAIN If he is. BLECH. And HOW STUPID IS THIS?? The Guardian left wing hack of a paper named the good dictator doctor The Sexiest Man Alive on their Instagram account and no one can stop laughing and making fun of them.

GAVIN NEWSOM WON THE RECALL ELECTION And California will continue to have the highest rate of income inequality in the state because of his stupid programs. California gets the Governor they deserve.

SO HOW IS THE PRESIDENT FARING THESE DAYS? Not well according to the latest opinion polls. From the economy to the way Afghanistan was handled, he is underwater with everyone but Democrats.

THE HIGHEST NOTE EVER SUNG And it's sort of painful to listen to so turn down your volume. There is a warning in the video before she hits it.

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