Mandy's Mon Blog: Let's Talk Paul Harvey and Moral Courage with Larry Reed

THE OPTIMISM OF PAUL HARVEY AND WHAT REAL MORAL COURAGE LOOKS LIKE My friend and President Emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education Larry Reed is on today to talk about the relentless optimism and softly pointed commentary of Paul Harvey, as well as some great examples of moral courage. We may time to dip into this great column on the perils of making sweeping generalization about rich and poor.

ZAC BROWN BAND'S JOHN DRISKELL HOPKINS AT 2 He's performing at the PACE Center in Parker Thursday night at 7:30 if you want to go check him out solo. Buy your tickets by clicking here! Check out his new album Lonesome High on Amazon Music if you've got it.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS IS REPLACING COPS WITH ARMED DISTRICT OFFICERS And I don't know whether to laugh or cry. DPS took the School Resource Officers from DPD out of all the schools because Tay Anderson is an idiot and they went along. Now that they realize that kids are still jerks and bringing weed and stuff to school they are trying to get the armed district cops to able to write tickets if the kids get caught doing something dumb. How, exactly, is this different than having a police officer in schools? Is it because the kids have not been taught to be terrified of these different kid of armed guards? How have they been trained? What certifications do they have? Does anyone know? And this paragraph almost made my head explode:

Student interactions with police can be traumatizing, according to students and their families who’ve experienced it. An 11-year-old Denver boy who has had more than 30 interactions with armed officers at schools told Chalkbeat this summer that he’s had nightmares — sometimes more than once a night — about the police coming to his house and harming him and his mother.

Am I the only one who thinks this needs a follow up question? Like what the heck were you doing or around that lead to 30 interactions with cops? Anyone? No? Just me then.

CALDARA HAS SOME GREAT IDEAS FOR LEGISLATION Assuming the GOP doesn't manage to snap defeat from the jaws of victory perhaps we can bring some semblance of balance to this state. Jon Caldara has a bunch of stuff he'd like to see the GOP jump on.

GOOD GRIEF THIS ARTICLE ON CIVIC CENTER PARK IS DEPRESSING AS HELL And it seems that the City believes that they are going to clean up Civic Center Park and it's not going to turn back into a craphole again. This part made me chuckle in horror:

Cyndi Karvaski, spokesperson for the parks department, says the city has a plan to keep Civic Center Park from returning to its present state of disrepair by adding new security and lighting systems. There are plans to increase the number of park rangers patrolling the area from three to eight.
Park rangers, who carry Narcon to administer to people who have overdosed, do not have the power to arrest people, but will be working hand in hand with the Denver Police Department “as a sort of watchdog” to handle complaints, Karvaski said.

So now we have people with no police authority to actually STOP any illegal activity running around the park dosing addicts with Narcon and asking them nicely to go OD on the state's property across the street. Y'all. There has to be a better way.

IT'S NOT JUST THE TEACHERS UNIONS RUNNING THINGS AT THE WHITE HOUSE The labor unions also get to decide policy too! It must be nice to be able to make policy for the entire country because you run a union. And yet, that's where we are. Read this story about how Joe Biden reached out to the heads of the various labor unions BEFORE announcing the mandate. And how the Postal Workers Union was powerful enough to get a pass on the mandate. Because covid does NOT infect postal workers, c'mon man! Also, covid does NOT infect members of Congress or their staffs, they are exempt too. Shocking.

WE ARE NOW IN A TIME WHEN A MAN BEATING UP A WOMAN IS CONSIDERED ENTERTAINMENT At least when a former Special Forces operator who also used to be a man decided to start fighting MMA as a woman. I firmly believe that a woman is going to be killed because of this. Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox already fractured the skull of a woman she was fighting. Now we have another case of a woman with 33 years of testosterone and skeletal structure of a man fighting a woman with none of those advantages. It is not and will never be a fair fight. This is beyond an issue of fairness, this is an issue of life or death and the MMA world better figure this out quickly.

I'M TOO OLD FOR YOUNG WOMEN TO DRESS LIKE THIS Years ago Rose McGowan appeared on a red carpet damn near naked with Marilyn Manson. It was an attention getting move and it worked. She now says that it was a political statement in a time before social media. Whatever. Fast forward to last night's MTV awards and it was a race to the naked. So many of these young, very successful women are parading around with all their naughty bits being protected by little more than double stick tape. Why? Do they need to the attention they are getting from this? That is really, really sad. I talk to Q about this stuff all the time. There is a line between sexy and trashy and I don't care how much these women's dresses cost they are trashy. And on top of that they aren't all very flattering to the wearer. There, I'm done being my Nana.

GEORGE W BUSH'S SPEECH ON 9/11 WAS A DISAPPOINTMENT And I say this as a fan of the former President. Watch it here.

This paragraph irritated the crap out of me:

And we have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders, but from violence that gathers within. There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit. And it is our continuing duty to confront them.

Call me crazy but this appears to be an attempt to equate January 6th with 9/11 and this is untenable. It's just stupid and it lessons the horror of what we endured as a nation on 9/11. He also called for civility, which I agree with, but I was mad by that point and it just annoyed me.

THE LA TIMES SAYS GOP CANDIDATES ARE HORRIBLE BUT THEY STILL ENDORSE ONE SORT OF I'll be honest, I haven't been following the California recall with any real interest because I don't live there and mostly don't care. Other than wanting to sue them for our crappy air right now, I don't care what California does. I know I should since so many of them are coming here and ruining our state too, but I don't. But I thought I'd check out what the LA Times had to say about this recall it's a doozy. As their state falls apart around them they are VERY worried that a mean Republican will come in and undo all the garbage policies that got them to where they are now. They even poo-poo rising crime in the state, which they themselves have reported on as GOP lies. They get the government they deserve. We all do.

JUST KEEP YOUR LEGS TOGETHER, PREGNANT LADIES A New York hospital says they will "pause" their labor and delivery services because of the labor shortage created by vaccine mandates. But I'm sure it will be fine.

THEO IS A GOOD AND SMART BOY He had a problem and a stick and he solved it.

GOOD NEWS FOR CAR DEALERS IN NEW JERSEY AND CONNECTICUT! New York just followed California's lead and banned the sale of gas powered vehicles by 2035. Too bad their neighboring states haven't done the same. This could be very interesting for traffic noise in NYC though.

JAY LENO IS GOING TO STAR IN THE ONLY REMAKE I AM EXCITED ABOUT And it's the remake of You Bet Your Life, the show made famous by its longtime host Groucho Marx. Leno is right when he says, “This is a comedy show with a kind of tenuous connection to a game”. The show retains its focus on the people and the host with prize money remarkably low in today's era of millionaire making game shows. I will watch this. I never realized how much I liked Jay Leno until he left the Tonight Show.

CLINT EASTWOOD IS STILL WORKING AT 91 And honestly when he dies I think there should be a National Day of Mourning. This is a great article about him and his new movie.

WE ARE NOW INTOLERANT OF OUR FRIENDS WHO AREN'T EXACTLY LIKE US And this is super sad and depressing. One in seven people have broken up with a friend over vaccination status. If you aren't immunocompromised I don't get this at all. This is just stupid. I hope your righteous indignation shows up when you need help moving. This is actually the most depressing part of this story:

The poll discovered other reasons friends broke up– whether vaccinated or not – including having different political views (16%), dating or sleeping with an ex (15%), making up rumors about them (12%), and believing someone is a liar (7%).
Similarly, the vast majority of vaccinated people (97%) consider their ex-friends to be “full-blown anti-vaxxers” and say they could never get them to understand the importance of the vaccine. Those respondents also shared why their former friends didn’t want to get vaccinated – from not believing in vaccines to claiming the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t work.

Now if someone sleep with an ex, who really cares? If someone sleeps with your CURRENT love that is an issue. Two of my friends dated exes of mine and it's truly no biggie if things just didn't work out.

C'MON MAN, THAT WAS LIKE FIVE DAYS AGO When Biden said he had no authority to introduce a vaccine mandate.


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