Mandy's Fri Blog: Remembering 9/11 But Not Reliving It and Mike Rosen!

TOMORROW MARKS 20 YEARS SINCE THE WORST ATTACKS ON AMERICAN SOIL IN HISTORY If you were alive and a sentient being on September 11, 2001 you remember that day. It was the day that started out with a plane hitting the World Trade Tower and ended with the realization that we were under attack. We are marking the 20th anniversary tomorrow and I overheard a conversation yesterday about how to commemorate the day with their children. This dad said he wished a network would just play an entire day of the news coverage from that day so kids could understand what it's all about. I say hard no on that. How do we commemorate this without traumatizing the next generation the way we were traumatized? I would suggest you watch Capt Tim Brown from the New York Fire Department's speech from the Freedom Conference. It's okay, we all cried too.

MIKE ROSEN IS ON TODAY To talk about Candyman since I don't think any of us actually saw the other film yet. He's on at 2.

CLIFF MAY IS ON AT 1 He's written a great column about 9/11 we will discuss. Read it here.

COMRADE BIDEN DEMANDS YOU GET THE JAB Can I just point out that everything people said Trump is Biden is on steroids? Dear Leader just made a big announcement yesterday where he is going to force businesses to be in charge of forcing employees to get vaccinated. So weird from a guy who said in December of JUST LAST YEAR this:

"No, I don't think it should be mandatory. I wouldn't demand it to be mandatory."
He added, "Just like I don't think masks have to be made mandatory nationwide." 
"I'll do everything in my power as president of the United States to encourage people to do the right thing and when they do it, demonstrate that it matters," said Biden.

I know what you're thinking. C'MON MAN, that was nine months ago, amiright? Now he is forcing businesses with more than 100 employees to force their people to get the shot. And forcing nearly ALL healthcare workers to get the shot. And forcing all federal employees and contractors to get the shot. And demanding that venues demand vaccinations. He's a tyrant and a lying one at that. Nothing surprises me about any of this, except how quickly businesses are acquiescing to his demands. Not really, I knew they'd cave too. Frankly I'm not sure he can do this, but we shall see.

DOUGLAS COUNTY PARENTS WHO HATE MASKS, I NEED YOUR HELP And this is a small ask, but an important one to make a point. There are competing Facebook groups for each side of the School Board. One supports the mealy mouthed current board, who I believe MUST go after this last year, and the other supports a slate of candidates who want to replace them with a board that is responsive to parents, listens to teachers and believes that parents know best for their children. If you agree with that sentiment PLEASE click here and join the Facebook group. Snotty comments in the other group have lead them to believe that since it only has 1,000 members that is indicative that the movement is not strong when I know it is. I honestly want to shove those numbers down their rhetorical throats so help a sister out.

HOW DO YOU OPEN AN ENGLISH MUFFIN? Apparently not everyone reads the directions like I do. This was a revelation for some.

MISSED MY WEDDING? HERE'S YOUR INVOICE I can't believe this is even a thing but apparently people are tired of paying for people to not show up at their weddings. The internet was polled about whether or not it is appropriate to invoice a guest who has RSVPed yes but no-showed anyway. The survey came about when a newlywed couple jokingly shared an invoice for their no-show guests. So far it looks like the practice won't take off, as nearly 60% of respondents said this was bad form. Here's an idea, if you're so stressed about paying for guest that won't show up, plan a less expensive wedding.

WELL ISN'T BRUCE THE PARROT HANDY A parrot with a missing upper beak has overcome this significant disability by finding stones of similar size to do the work his missing beak would do. Read more here.

SAN FRANCISCO WANTS KIDS TO BREATHE MORE OF THEIR OWN NASTY BREATH I love this story except it's with kids wearing masks. The San Fran school district has added mindfulness meditation to it's classes, starting with the littles in 1st grade. I am a big believer in meditation and if it helps kids learn to control themselves I'm all for it. Unless they are taking deep breaths in those stupid masks.

THE KIFFNESS DOES CADENCE I love this one a bunch.

A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR ALL THE IG NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS You've heard of the Nobel prize, but maybe not the Ig Nobel prize. It's given every year to the dumbest, most ridiculous research projects of the year. From the article:

The winners of the 31st annual Ig Nobels being announced Thursday included researchers who figured out how to better control cockroaches on U.S. Navy submarines; animal scientists who looked at whether it's safer to transport an airborne rhinoceros upside-down; and a team that figured out just how disgusting that discarded gum stuck to your shoe is.

I may have a future in science after all, I can come up with dumb crap like this too!

DENMARK IS DONE WITH COVID RESTRICTIONS And I mean ALL restrictions including the vaccine passport they instituted in March of this year. Everything is back to full capacity, no masks and everyone is going about their business. Must be nice.

PERA IS MAKING ASSUMPTIONS THAT LOOK BETTER THAN THEY REALLY ARE And I know this column won't get much play, but you need to read it whether or not you are a taxpayer or a PERA participant. PERA is being badly mismanaged and they are plugging in numbers to make things look better than they actually are. A recent audit showed the three ways they are faking the books.

AND NOW, SPEED BUMPS GONE WILD This is just stupid

PLEASE ENTER MY "THIS IS DENVER" PHOTO CONTEST! I just created this contest, and I'm not sure if I have any prizes but enter anyway. Today a listener named Derek sent me this gorgeous photo of our beloved Denver. It inspired me to create a contest showing Denver in all it's current glory. If you have a similar photo, or find yourself staring at the trash dump that we've become, send your photo to subject line: This is Denver Photo Contest to enter!

This entry is from today in RINO at 30th and Blake.

MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES ARE A GAME CHANGER IN COVID TREATMENT I know five people who have used monoclonal antibodies after getting a covid diagnosis and each one of them got SPECTACULAR results. Read more here.

And this is not surprising at all, but the margin is. It was 80-20 against raising taxes overall, read more here.

HOW DOES ONE PEW PEW ANYWAY? This is how they made the sound for the blasters in Star Wars and it's cool because it's so simple.

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