Mandy's Thu Blog: Thomas Frey Joins To Talk About the Future

THOMAS FREY KNOWS ABOUT THE FUTURE And he is wonderful enough to share it with us. If you want to find out the future of your industry or have Thomas come speak find out more about The DaVinci Institute by clicking here. If you want to listen to his super nerdy and interesting podcast, click here.

STACEY SWANSON WANTS TO HELP WOMEN WITH THEIR MONEY And she's got a cool virtual seminar coming up this weekend about Wealth and Women designed to help you manage your money and create a cohesive money plan to take control of your finances. Register here for the Wealth and Women virtual conference and listen to the full podcast of the interview with her by clicking here.

COLORADANS ARE RESISTING THE MASK MANDATE And I am encouraged to find out that we are one of the top states to resist the mask mandate according to polling data. Of course it's split down political lines, with Dems wanting masks and Reps saying no.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS ARE THE REASON YOUR KIDS ARE IN MASKS And I've typed that headline before but it was just speculation and now we know I am RIGHT. Fox News has acquired emails between the national teachers union leadership and the CDC. What is it about? When the CDC dropped it's indoor mask recommendation the teachers unions FREAKED OUT. They were going to release a stern statement until the Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the CDC, talked to the head of the NEA about masks, and lo and behold, a DAY later, we have recommendations for masks in school. Why in the world would the CDC bow to the teachers unions? Perhaps because he sleeps with an NEA member every single night, as he reminded us Labor Day. So now the same garbage organization that stops any meaningful reforms to make our schools better and kept millions of children out of school to lose an entire year of learning is running the CDC. Awesome.

DID YOU SEE WHERE LARRY ELDER WAS TARGETED BY A MANIACAL RACIST DEMOCRAT WOMAN? The answer is probably no, because the networks couldn't be bothered to cover this story.

Now imagine if a MAGA hat, gorilla mask wearing woman threw an egg at Kamala Harris. What do you think the story would have been then? Just a thought exercise we all know the answer to.

TRADITIONAL MEDICINE IS FINALLY GETTING HIP TO STEM CELL THERAPY And I already know it to be very effective from my treatments from Downtowns Healthcare but now it seems the medical community is moving that direction too. Read more here.

JIM ACOSTA'S SHOW IS FAILING BADLY And now that his Orange Foil has been neutered, it seems that no one wants to see Jim Acosta do anything on CNN. His ratings since taking over the late afternoon news shift have tanked. Good.

WHY IS THE LEFT ERASING ONLY WOMEN? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading the charge against womanhood by calling women "menstruating people". Just like the new "people who give birth" erases mothers, this just erases women completely. Isn't it odd how none of this seems to affect men? We don't have to change the language for men, but we have to erase women from the lexicon. The misogynists would be so proud right now. Does she call women in Afghanistan "people forced to wear burqas"? Just a question.

IN THE FIRST EIGHT MONTHS IF THIS YEAR, 99% OF HOSPITALIZATIONS FOR COVID WERE AMONG THE UNVACCINATED And yes, I realize that in the beginning of the year the vaccines were not readily available, but they have been since March at least. Read more about the numbers here.


THE ANTI-GUN ATF NOMINEE IS NOT GOING TO MAKE IT And I am not the least broken up about the failure of Beavis lookalike David Chipman to make it through confirmation. The latest setback for this guy is an accusation that he accused a man of cheating because he was black. Heh. The White House is expected to withdraw his name from nomination soon.

YOU CAN RETURN YOUR TICKETS TO THE AFGHAN WOMEN'S CRICKET MATCH Because the new inclusive government of the Taliban has decided to cancel women's sports because they may result in a part of a woman's body to be "exposed" during the game. Where is Alyssa Milano when you need her? Australia is now cancelling its scheduled matches against Afghanistan in protest. That will show them.

THE WHO CHIEF IS ATTACKING THE US OVER BOOSTER SHOTS Because there are so many developing nations full of people who haven't had one shot. So now we have two large, governmental organizations, both allegedly using science to come to their conclusions, arguing about whether or not healthy Americans need a booster shot before people in poor nations get one. Good news, I think both organizations suck!


MY FRIEND KELLY HAS A NEW SUBSTACK And you may know her from her Real Best Life Homegrown Year, but you may not know she is an excellent writer grappling with some big life changes. Read about goats, making cheese and magic of dishwashers and then subscribe for a lousy five bucks a month by clicking here.

THESE DOGS KNOW WHEN YOU'VE GOT COVID And now they are working at the airport in Miami as Covid sniffing dogs. The trainers say that they are right 97% of the time when it comes to covid infections. Why don't we have these at schools? The kids would love it.

GOOD GUY WITH GUN STOPS BAD GUY WITH GUN And it happened a day or so after the new Texas law went into effect allowing permitless concealed carry. The bad guy got shot in the face after brandishing his weapon and demanding valuables from the victim. The victim is facing no charges.

IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE BEER'S NAME, DON'T BUY IT The North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Board has found themselves at the wrong end of a lawsuit over their random and arbitrary decision to prevent a beer called Freezin' Season Winter Ale in stores there. Why? The owner of the brewery believes it's because of the painting on the label but isn't quite sure. This is just another in a long line of governments trying to decide what is offensive or not. It's also a violation of free speech, which is why this brewery is suing. I guess you could argue that children need to be protected from paintings of headless figures with teeny tiny penises but I'm pretty sure children aren't the target market for this seasonal brew.

DOES YOUR KIDS SCHOOL HAVE A "GENDER SUPPORT PLAN"? You need to find out. Read this column to find out how schools all over the country are conspiring (I chose that word very carefully because it's true) to keep parents from knowing that their child wants to choose another gender. They create TWO SETS OF DOCUMENTS about these kids, one that uses the chosen gender and name and one that they send to parents. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This needs to be stopped via legislation now.


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