Mandy's Wed Short Show Blog: Women and Wealth and Our Sad State Department

BASEBALL EATS THE SHOW TODAY AT 12:30 But I've still got some stories for ya.

IF BASEBALL ISN'T FOR YOU, LISTEN TO GRANT'S PODCAST! The newest episode of the Taking It for Granted podcast is out and he talks to Becky Morrison Happiness and Leadership Coach. Becky Morrison had done it all in her career. She was a well respected lawyer turned COO, but no matter how much success she found at work, the one thing she couldn't find was her happiness. So She went on a mission to find her "Happiness Recipe," the name of her book, and is now helping others find success not only in their career, but on the happiness front as well. Find out more about Becky's story, clientele feedback, and a link to her book at Listen to the show by clicking here!

LADIES IF YOU DON'T FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR MONEY I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU Stacy Swanson used to BE you and now she is helping women get a handle on their finances for good. Whether you find yourself newly single for some reason, or you've never been good with your cash, this workshop is for you. It's a virtual workshop so you don't even have to wear pants. Find out more and sign up here!

DOUGCO BIDS ADIEU TO TRI COUNTY HEALTH They made it official yesterday with a vote to go. Now they form their own board of health. Good.

I THOUGHT THIS ARTICLE WAS FROM THE BABYLON BEE BUT NO The State Department of the United States of America, which says it still doesn't know how many Americans are left behind in Afghanistan, has announced they are concerned. About Americans being left behind? Nah. They are concerned about the lack of women in the Taliban government. I am not making this up. And check out this sentence from the State Department's statement:

“We have made clear our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government,”

We unfortunately also made it clear that we aren't going to do anything about whatever government the Taliban puts together, or how many women they force back into burqas and into segregated classrooms. This is pathetic and embarrassing, I'd rather they have said nothing. That would have been better. Watch this crap.

I'm sure the Taliban is shaking in their sandals. Especially because the UN said women need to be part of its government. Mmmkay. Let me ask the question I'm sure the Taliban is asking: Or what?

THE BANGLADESH MASK STUDY IS GARBAGE, PART #5974 This is a really complete annihilation of the Bangladesh mask study that Maskites want you to believe is the "settled science" on mask wearing. You really should read it.

WHO IS GOING TO PAY THE BILL FOR THE STATES UNEMPLOYMENT FUND? Trick question, it's the same employers who are struggling to find workers right now. Here is a long article about how we went from a $1.2 Billion unemployment fund to negative $1 billion dollars in just over a year and how we build that back up.

OUR PRESIDENT THINKS NEVADA HAS WETLANDS AND TORNADOES ARE DUSTY FANDANGO WHIPPERS* This guy is in charge but I'm sure it's fine. The asterisk is because I stole this joke from a guy named @DeebsFLA on Twitter.

THE CLOSURE OF CIVIC CENTER PARK IS MAKING HEADLINES As Denver tried to clean up what should be the crown jewel of our city. Here is a story from the Denver Gazette about it, and here's one from Fox News. It's such an embarrassment.

THE ACLU IS OFFICIALLY DEAD As they are now advocating for government mandates that force people to inject something into their bodies against their will which seems to me to be a pretty solid civil rights issue. But the ACLU is now simply an arm of the Democratic party and should be reorganized as a Political Action Committee. Oh, they've opposed them in the past, of course. Just not now when Dems are in charge.

SO HOW ARE THINGS GOING WITH SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IN THE UK? Just a fun story about 5.4 million people waiting for routine care and 1.2 million people waiting for "urgent" care that doesn't come. That 1.2 million includes people waiting for joint replacements and BRAIN SURGERY so I'm sure it's fine.

I HOPE DAVE KNOWS HE'S GOING TO BE DOING JUMPING JACKS DURING THE BREAKS NOW Because a new study shows that microbursts of movement for as little as three minutes at a time can counteract our sedentary lifestyle. So now I will be forcing him to exercise on breaks whether he likes it or not.

WE MAY BE HEADING TOWARDS A PTSD MEDICATION And I'm including this even though it is in the early, early stages and not even remotely at a point where we can celebrate it, but it's interesting nonetheless. Read it here.

WHAT'S THE REAL DEAL WITH IVERMECTIN? This is a long very complete article on the good, the bad and the undecided about Ivermectin. More than anything it shows how insane our media has gotten in the way we cover such things, to the detriment of actual science. Is Ivermectin the miracle cure? It depends on who you ask. Is it safe? Absolutely but it can have nasty side effects for some. Read more here.



WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP THOSE IN LOUISIANA AFFECTED BY HURRICANE IDA? A wonderful local church is collecting donations. Here is the press release

Peace With Christ Lutheran Church Gathering Food, Water and Supplies for Louisiana

September 6, 2021

Aurora, Colorado-On Sunday, August 29th, Hurricane Ida devastated many homes, businesses and lives. Help is now needed in an effort to help the Louisiana communities which are still rebuilding from hurricane Katrina. Peace With Christ Lutheran Church will be collecting items during the following days and times:

Tuesday, September 7th 7:00 am-10:00 am AND 4:00 pm-6:00 p.m

Wednesday, September 8th 7:00 am-10:00 am AND 4:00 pm-6:00 p.m

Thursday, September 9th 7:00 am-9:00 am

Once supplies are gathered our students will travel to Louisiana to deliver them to the Metairie, Louisiana community where they are waiting to receive help. Our team departs Sept. 9th and will return Sept 13th.

Items Needed:

Gift Cards, Work Gloves, Toilet Paper, Feminine Hygiene Products, Bug Spray, Mold Killer, Canned Meat, Pump Sprayers, Dog/Cat Food, Non-perishable Food Products, Diapers, Baby Wipes, N95/P100 Masks, Formula, Baby Food, Baby Juice, Baby Bottles, Pine-Sol, Mopping buckets, Toiletries, Large plastic totes with lids, Blue Tarps, Brooms, shovels, Snow shovels, Bottled Water, Heavy Duty Garbage Bags. We will also accept donations through venmo or cash at the drop site.


To learn more about this effort contact

Donna Patton, Director of Student & Children MInistries

Peace With Christ Lutheran Church

3290 S. Tower Rd., Aurora 80013


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