Mandy's Tue Blog: I'm Kind Of Done Urging People to Get Vaccinated

SO LAST SATURDAY I LOST A SECOND CLASSMATE TO COVID IN A WEEK And I haven't seen either of these men in years, as they still live in Florida and I don't go home much anymore, but I knew them both. I know their wives and ex wives and their children. They were both 52 year old men, in good health, one was a Captain in our local fire department. Neither were vaccinated. I'm tired of trying to get everyone on board with the best way to prevent serious illness and death. I'm tired of talking about it, I'm tired of answering emails about it, I'm tired of trying to convince smart and rational people that they are doing a dumb and irrational thing. So let's not talk about this anymore for a while. Good luck to all of you who say you'd rather die in freedom than get a shot that can keep you from dying. I'm sure these two men's families are very comforted knowing they were free when they died at 52.

HAS ANYONE SUED THE STATE OVER THIS EVICTION STUFF? I don't want people to get kicked out of their homes because the government has shut down their workplace, but these eviction changes are utterly unconstitutional. The Governor can't just unilaterally change the laws concerning rental properties in Colorado by himself. We are not living under an emergency declaration anymore so why would he think he has the power to change the number of days required for an eviction and give renters the right to stay until rental assistance has been paid? He's taken a problem created by HIS government, which is the backlog of rental assistance applications and made it the problem of landlords instead. I've gotten emails from people outlining the ways that horrible leeches are taking advantage of this moratorium and other emails from people who say they rely on that rental income to LIVE and now THEY are homeless. And now the Governor has changed the rules while extending the moratorium and how has no one sued over this?

THE SNOTTY ASPEN LAB OWNER SAYS SHE DOESN'T DISCRIMINATE IN A STORY ABOUT WHY SHE DISCRIMINATED And this is the follow up to the Candace Owens being denied a covid test by a lab in Aspen last week. First off, she's super salty because Candace shared her snotty email publicly. I would have too, by the way. Don't pick a fight with someone with millions of social media followers and access to pretty much ever media platform she wants if you don't want that to happen. What is ESPECIALLY rich is that the lab released a statement that said this:

“As a privately funded and operated business, with no public financing, we are under no obligation to provide our services to anyone who leverages their sizable public platform to undermine basic containment measures aimed at reducing the effects of this pandemic. We absolutely do not condone any form of discrimination or bullying,” the statement says.
“As an employer, we are equal opportunity and unprejudiced in our hiring practices. As a service provider, we would never pick and choose who we serve based on their race, politics or vaccination status, or other criteria. We respect the privacy of our clients and are very proud to have helped so many diverse, wonderful people this year from all walks of life, of all ethnic backgrounds and of all political perspectives.” (Emphasis mine)

Except she did and she got busted for it. She's a racist for sure, don't you think? She did deny service to a black woman after all.

PLEASE GIVE YOUR SUPPORT TO CONTROLLED BURNS IF ASKED Because that is the only way we will ever have a smoke free summer again. Maybe that's hyperbole, but if there is not fuel and we have a healthy forest, we will not have fires like we've seen in the past few years. This is a great article about building public support, which is critical. I'll see if we can get someone on from the forest service about this.

WHEN HAS FIGHTING ON FACEBOOK EVER ENDED IN A POSITIVE RESULT? The First Vice Chair of the Republican Party is under fire for some snotty and racially charged comments she made on Facebook while fighting with a woman of Latin descent. The whole thing is stupid and unnecessary and the only reason I included it was to once again point out that whatever you type on Facebook is public. EVERYONE can see it. And if you decide to call someone a "chihuahua" because you think they sound like a yapping dog (as the offending woman alleges) and also ask about citizenship status you don't get to decide how people interpret that remark. In this case, it's being interpreted as totally racist. Now there are calls for Holly Dystra to step down from her position as the head of the campaign to pass a bond issue in Weld and I'm guessing she's going to be pressured to step down from her role in the GOP as well. This is a completely avoidable situation. Stop arguing on Facebook, it accomplishes NOTHING. Learn from her mistakes.

WHY IS THE MEDIA ALL IN AGAINST IVERMECTIN? You've seen the stories about poison control being "overrun" with calls about Ivermectin or maybe you say Rolling Stones article about hospitals being so full of Ivermectin overdoses they are turning away REAL patients which was a completely fabricated story. You'd think with Rolling Stone's history of fabricated stories they'd be more careful, but when they saw something that confirmed their biases they ran with it and now have egg on their faces. There is significant evidence out of India that ivermectin works very well on covid patients. Like they KILLED the delta variant in five weeks in a country that has way more people than we do but killed it anyway by using ivermectin. This article sent me down a rabbit hole of click throughs that took me to study after study after study showing the benefit of Ivermectin in fighting covid. Like a LOT of studies. Just click this to see an aggregate of studies, many of them random-controlled studies, that CLEARLY demonstrate a VERY significant effect on covid mortality. So is this going to be like the Wuhan lab thing where after months and months the media is going to give Ivermectin their seal of approval after making fun of it for years? I'm guessing that will happen when their Lord and Savior Dr. Fauci tells them so. Or perhaps when this study from Oxford is done.

NOBODY THINKS JOE BIDEN IS DOING A GOOD JOB Especially in Colorado where his approval numbers have tanked as of late. Maybe some buyer's remorse is setting in for all those young millennials who could not stand the mean tweets so they voted for an incompetent bumbling old fool instead. He's underwater with everyone except over educated Democrats and black and brown people. Read more here.

JOHN HICKENLOOPER CAN'T BE THIS DUMB, CAN HE? Maybe he really believes the Taliban, who are already forcing women back into burqas, are going to have a complete and total change of heart and all of sudden become reasonable, decent human beings. If he does, he's too stupid to be in the US Senate. Read more here.

DENVER VOTERS HAVE A CRAP TON OF BALLOT INITIATIVES TO VOTE ON And here is a good list to let you know what's happening.


HEY, HERE'S MY PANEL FROM THE STEAMBOAT INSTITUTE'S FREEDOM CONFERENCE with the Babylon Bee's Managing Editor Joel Berry. He is VERY funny and made this very easy for me.

THE VIRUS IS GONNA DO WHAT THE VIRUS IS GONNA DO NO MATTER WHAT POLITICAL PARTY IS IN CHARGE This is an absolutely FANTASTIC article about the attempts to politicize the various covid responses around the country. The virus is gonna do what the virus is gonna do.

I TYPE IN OPPRESSION FOR THESE HEADLINES At least according to a Native American activist who wants us all to only use lower case letters because they are part of the repressive hierarchy something something I really lost interest because it's so dumb. Read more here.

WEST COAST SHOPLIFTING IS COSTING YOU MORE MONEY This video should be shocking as two guys steal about two thousand dollars worth of electrical cable from a Lowe's store in Oregon. But it's not if you've been paying attention to the massive shoplifting sprees taking place all over California. Because the liberals who run these states will not do anything to stop the petty crime that is turning into massive crime, the REST OF US will pay for the losses from these stores through higher pricing. Is it possible to shop at stores that don't do business in California or Oregon? Yep. Shop local whenever you can.

SLOW MOTION MAKES EVERYTHING COOL I wish I had thought of this.

HOLY CRAP WE WASTE A LOT OF TIME FIGURING OUT WHAT TO WATCH Like 100 days of our lives trying to figure it out. This is why I watch HGTV endlessly. For real.

DON'T LIE TO YOUR BOSS IF YOU CAN BE CAUGHT ON TV That is what happened to a guy who called in sick to go to a game. A game his boss watched. You know the rest.

HEY IT LOOKS LIKE DR. FAUCI LIED...AGAIN This time about Gain of Function research in China being funded by the NIH he runs. Click on this Twitter thread to read more from a molecular biologist and then read this Intercept article for the full story.


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