Mandy's Fri Blog: Mike Rosen on Movies and When Does Herd Immunity Hit?

MIKE ROSEN IS ON AT 2 TO TALK MOVIES And he and Dave are going to discuss The Green Knight and Reminiscence the new Hugh Jackman movie. I didn't watch either.

HOW ABOUT AN ASK US ANYTHING KIND OF DAY? I'll open up the phones and we can talk about pretty much anything you want. Or the text line. Whatever.

SO IF WE'RE AT 80% HERD IMMUNITY... And that's what an article from the Daily Mail says, when can we go about our business? According to a new CDC study that I have NOT read, over 80% of Americans have some immunity to covid. So let's get on with business, shall we?

THAT BANGLADESHI MASK STUDY IS A COMPLETE JOKE And it's embarrassing for news organizations like the Washington Post reporting that this has now "settled the science' on mask wearing. It shows how bad the science to enforce mask mandates really is. I was writing a whole blog post on it but then in my research I found a guy who had already done that very thing so here that is. The news media though is running with it because NONE of them know what science means or how to read a study or they are cribbing the work of other uninformed journalist. Let me break down the final conclusions for you. In a study that increased mask wearing to a whopping 42% there was a difference of just less than 1% BUT ONLY FOR PEOPLE OVER 50 YEARS OLD. I am not making this up. And look at the glowing reporting on this piece of horse excrement:

“This is an incredibly challenging but important study to pull off,” said Megan L. Ranney, an emergency medicine physician and professor at Brown University who was not involved with this research. “Anti-mask people keep saying, ‘Where’s the randomized controlled trial?’ Well, here you go.”
“It’s not just modeling or looking back at studies,” said Lawrence Gostin, faculty director of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University, who also was not involved. “This is the gold standard of scientific knowledge.”

That's just the Washington Post, who dismissed the Danish Mask Study this way:

In the large, randomized study published Wednesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers observed more than 6,000 people in Denmark from April to June when mask-wearing was not required in the country. Fewer people in the group that was advised to wear masks contracted the virus — or about a 14 percent reduced risk because of mask-wearing — but the difference was not statistically significant, indicating that the recommendation to wear the medical masks issued was not particularly effective at preventing the wearers from being infected. Other experts, however, argue that the study was conducted when there was relatively less community spread of the virus and that testing the participants’ antibodies cannot reliably measure whether they had the virus during the time of the study.

There is NO such pushback on this trash study at ALL. They couldn't even BOTHER to ask questions about the lousy execution of this study. I doubt the Journal nature publishes it and you will miss the stories (just kidding, they won't be written) when the paper is withdrawn as the embarrassment it is. So if you want to use this study for force everyone over 50 back into a mask go right ahead, try it, you'll look like the ahole these study authors do.

THE BABYLON BEE RECOUNTS BRIAN WILLIAMS HARROWING ESCAPE FROM KABUL And we all know this is a satire site by now, right? Enjoy it here.

THE REAL NEWS MEDIA RECOUNTS BIDEN RECOUNTING A VISIT A SYNAGOGUE HE NEVER WENT TO And it's so weird because I feel like every time Trump told a lie SOMEONE SOMEWHERE made it the headline of their paper or the top of a newscast but when Biden lies about visiting a synagogue that had the site of a horrible massacre, only one paper even pointed it out. Weird.


GET IN MY WALLET, TABOR REFUND! I love getting my money back from the government and you are going to get some too! Read more here.

YOUR KIDS AREN'T YOUR KIDS THEY BELONG TO THE STATE At least according to this trio of geniuses who are arguing that as a parent, you have NO RIGHT to determine what medical or non-medical interventions your child has access to. Read it if you want to but it will make you hella mad. Actually I sure hope you do, because you need to know how these people think.

I LOVE IT WHEN THE DEMOCRATS ARE FIGHTING AMONG THEMSELVES As they currently are about the 3.5 trillion dollar spending package President Biden wants to pass so we will all forget about the Americans and Afghan allies he left behind to die at the hands of the Taliban. West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin has indicated he is in no mood for Dems to go it alone on this bloated spending bill and that has created a huge issue within the Dem caucus. Good. The more they fight the less they can screw us and our children and grandchildren over.

NOW THE INTERNET IS FACT CHECKING THE FACT CHECKERS And I had a story about the blatant bias at Politifact yesterday and now we have one at USA Today. USA Today issued a fact check on a meme of President Biden checking his watch at Dover as dead American service members were brought off the plane. Multiple Gold Star families WATCHED him check it multiple times as the coffins were unloaded, but the "fact-checker" at USA Today was there to tell them their own lying eyes were wrong. Until they fact checked him. Whoopsie.

CANDACE OWENS HAS THE MOST ASPEN EXPERIENCE EVER And this is honestly why I will only visit Boulder for the cronuts at the Hotel Jerome and nothing more. It's the most pretentious place I've ever been and there are prettier towns in Colorado where the people are lovely and kind to everyone. Watch this for the full story.

CHINA LITERALLY BANNED SUPER GAY MEN FROM TV I sure hope any left wing student who is longing for the days of good old socialism or communism pays attention to this. As part of the rejuvenation of the Cultural Revolution the Chinese government has banned "girly men" from television completely. I hope the youth of today understand that when you ask for unlimited power, this is what you get. They also just erased a popular Chinese actress for some reason they didn't share. Her name has been removed from the credits of all her work and she has disappeared from streaming platforms. Remember our current President is likely beholden to China because of his son, but that story got dropped quick didn't it?


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