Mandy's Thu Blog: DougCo Leaves Tri-County I Wonder Why A Girl is Fighting

DOUGCO SAID NO THANK YOU TO TRI-COUNTY'S EDICTS And yesterday in a work session decided to sever the relationship between Tri-County and Douglas County. This is legal according to the county attorney because Tri-County violated the agreement entered into last year with Tri-County by doing away with the opt-out provision. I've never been happier to live in Douglas County than I do right now. I'm not sure yet how this affects students in DougCo, although the commissioners say it voids the PHO for DougCo kids. That being said, Douglas County SCHOOLS still has a mask mandate in place right now, so if you child goes to a traditional public school expect them to be masked up. If you don't like that, be sure and vote for this slate of candidates for School Board to change that. I am waiting for guidance from my charter school now. I'll keep you posted.


WHERE IS THE NEWS COVERAGE OF THE STUDENT WALKOUTS YESTERDAY? When students poured out of schools to support the teachers unions demands a couple of years ago, there was a LOT of media coverage of the walkouts. There was a story about the walkout at Thunder Ridge High but nothing on the much bigger walkout at Legend High School, Rock Canyon High School, and Ponderosa High School and the only one that even mentioned them all is the Parker Chronicle. Why is that? We know the answer.

ABOUT THAT "MASKS ARE NO BIG DEAL" THING There IS quite a bit of science that doesn't paint that rosy picture. This column shares a lot of research about the negative effects of wearing masks. I urge you to click through to the study to see HOW comprehensive it is.

CASPER STOCKHAM WANTS TO SHOOT WITH YOU At his event on September 11th at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club. He's on at 1 to discuss it, register by clicking here!

I'VE BEEN SLACKING ON REMINDING YOU ABOUT GRANT'S PODCAST! So you need to check out TWO new episodes. His latest is with Ben Glover. Ben Glover is a Grammy award winning songwriter and producer, and has known he'd be a part of the music industry from a young age. There was no plan b for Ben, and when his career as a singer flamed out, he had to find another way to work in music. He found songwriting and producing, and maybe his calling. After working with country superstars like Lee Brice and just getting his 40th number one hit, he is humbled by his success, but knows his hard work had a big part in it. Ben is adamant about his love of sports, God, and his family, and couldn't be more pleased with how his life has worked out so far, but can't wait to see what comes next!

The one right before that is with Jerry Schemmel! If you don't know Jerry's story, it's incredible and he is an incredible guy. Jerry Schemmel was a broadcaster for the NBA and MLB for 30 years, hosts the podcast Amazing Americans, and is the author of "Chosen to Live," which details the plane crash he survived. He is a giver, helping those in need through various philanthropic avenues, including biking across the country twice to raise money for Children's Hospital. Jerry hasn't always been dealt the best hand in life, but he finds real joy in spreading kindness to everyone he crosses paths with. Find out more about Jerry and his work at

Click here to find Grant's podcast!

THE CULTURE OF VIOLENCE ON FULL DISPLAY At East High School. When I was a kid, there were fights in school. The kids all gathered around and watched and yelled things, and the adults stepped in to break things up. Ahhh, the good 'ol days. Nowadays apparently fathers come to high schools to cheer their daughters on while they beat up much smaller girls and kick them in the face. That voice you hear in the background saying "beat that ass, Cynthia" is apparently her FATHER. Ross Kaminsky sent me this video this morning: CLICK HERE TO SEE IT.

This girl is doomed with parenting like this. Does this happen all the time at East High school? If so, why is it allowed to go on? If not, why weren't people shocked into doing something? I sure hope Tay Anderson stops over there to blame this on racism or school resource officers. Too bad there wasn't one on campus that could have helped.

THE GRAND JURY INDICTED EVERYONE IN THE ELIJAH MCCLAIN CASE And I am going to be shocked if these charges actually stick in the end. The Elijah McClain case is especially tragic imo because he was a true innocent who never did anything wrong whose life was ended by police for no real reason. I don't think he's dead because he's black, I think he's dead because he was on the autism spectrum and did not respond well to being unnecessarily hassled for walking around with a ski mask on. I also think his death was the end of a series of bad decisions made in good faith by the police and poorly trained paramedics who used ketamine when they should not have. Read about the indictments here. I will be surprised if a fraction of them are proven in court. Remember, indictments mean nothing, you can indict a ham sandwich.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO THIS WEEKEND? Here is a great overview of what's happening here in Colorado this upcoming holiday weekend.

NOW URGING WHITE PEOPLE TO COMMIT SUICIDE IS AN ANSWER TO WHITE SUPREMACY And of course that would be the dream of so many CRT advocates, and this college professor, when teaching a large lesson from South Africa, has said that to urge white people to commit suicide is an "ethical" position. Mmmkay then. Here is the conversation so you can judge for yourself.

Some in the comments are trying to say that white people don't need to kill themselves, they just need to kill "whiteness" but no word on how they do that without being accused of cultural appropriation or wearing blackface. I'm being serious with that comment.

DEMANDS FOR TRANSPARENCY ENDED WHEN TRUMP LEFT OFFICE And because the internet is forever, someone went back and found a tweet by now White House spokesperson Jen Psaki where she demanded FULL transparency about President Trump's call with the Ukraine President. So weird that she won't answer questions about her boss's phone call with the Afghan President where he urged Ghani to LIE about how things were going in the country. So weird.

BREAKTHROUGH INFECTIONS ARE RARE AND NOT SERIOUS IN VACCINATED PEOPLE This according to a new large study from the UK that counted ALL infections, symptomatic or not, in vaccinated people. Vaccines work to prevent serious illness and death. Please consider getting a vaccine shot.

DON'T HATE THE FIDGETER If you can't stand when someone around you is fidgeting, you may have a disorder called misokenisia. Researchers define misokinesia as a strong negative emotional response to viewing someone else’s small and repetitive movements. I only have this around children in church.

NIKE GIVES EMPLOYEES THE WEEK OFF TO DESTRESS And this is what life looks like it a tight labor economy. As businesses work overtime to KEEP the employees they have, expect more things like this one to come down the pike.



POLITIFACT CAN FACT CHECK THIS LETTER ACCUSING IT OF BIAS And good luck with that because they are hopelessly biased. It must be interesting to work for an alleged arbiter of truth and then carefully have to ignore any lies that come from one side of the aisle. Now a group of media types are asking the International Fact Checking Network asking them to kick out Politifact for their bias. They even give some cool examples like this:

  • In July of 2021,PolitiFact tagged as FALSE that: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “distrusted COVID-19 vaccines” in 2020. PolitiFact’s aggressive defense of Biden and Harris was exposed recently when PolitiFact tagged as “False” a Tik-Tok video that “Says Joe Biden and Kamala Harris distrusted COVID-19 vaccines.” In fact, both President Biden and Vice President Harris did voice their distrust of the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • PolitiFact has failed to create a page for Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s press secretary. It blatantly refuses to fact-check her, even when she outrageously suggested that her political opponents favored defunding the police. 
  • PolitiFact dealt a “Pants on Fire” determination for Tucker Carlson for a guest interview in September stating that COVID-19 came from a Wuhan lab and was released with malicious intent. It retracted this designation in May 2021, long after the election. 
  • PolitiFact gave former Georgia Senator David Perdue a “Pants on Fire” rating for characterizing Jon Ossoff as a “socialist,” but failed to give a “Pants on Fire” to President Biden for labeling voting integrity laws “Jim Crow.” 
  • PolitiFact gave Josh Holmes, the former chief of staff for Sen. Mitch McConnell, a “Mostly False” label when he correctly stated that ‘A Georgia law has not ‘criminalized giving people bottles of water.’ It pertains to political organizations.” 
  • In March, PolitiFact stated that former Vice President Mike Pence was “False” concerning two statements on election integrity, but at that point had not evaluated current Vice President Kamala Harris’s statements since September.

We'll see if the IFCN (which I did not know was a thing) cares about its own integrity more than they care about partisan politics.

ROGUE ANTIBODIES COULD EXPLAIN WHY SOME PEOPLE GET SICKER FROM COVID And this is really interesting though I think it's too soon to say how this will be used in treatment protocols for covid. It seems that our bodies can produce this autoantibody cells that actually get in the way when our autoimmune system kicks in. They are shockingly prevalent even in people who didn't get covid, especially as we age. Read more here.

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