Mandy's Tue Blog: This Parent is Not Happy with Tri County Health Right Now

TRI COUNTY WENT AND DID IT ANYWAY LAST NIGHT And I am SUPER PISSED right now. I am still deciding how to approach this stupid nonsense about forcing ALL PEOPLE regardless of vaccination status or age. This is NOT based in science, NOT what parents in Douglas County or Adams county want according to the latest polling I've seen. This is the result of super scared parents who only follow what the CDC tells them to do without doing ANY research for themselves. Not to mention they made this decision in a meeting that was not properly noticed and WITHOUT public comment. They should really watch this video of a woman who LITERALLY works with protective equipment as her JOB.

But that's not all. A quick search of "school outbreaks" leads me to covid outbreaks ALL OVER THE COUNTRY in schools, and guess what? A whole bunch of them are in schools where kids and teachers are wearing masks. Like this one in Virginia for instance. Or this one Nashville, Tennessee. Or this one in Montgomery, Alabama where again, masks have been mandated since the beginning of school this year. I could go on and on, but I won't. We all MUST accept that we are going to have outbreaks in our schools, but we should do so with the knowledge that children are largely unaffected by this virus, STILL only making up fewer than 500 deaths TOTAL and 1.8% of hospitalization STILL. More children die from the flu, people. It's sad, but it is what it is. What is happening now is madness disguised as public health. What a sham.


SPEAKING OF UNELECTED BOARDS MAD WITH POWER let's pivot and rip CHSAA to shreds again, shall we? The ridiculous board that for some reason oversees high school athletics in this state with no accountability is being sued for disqualifying a swimmer and then his whole team during a meet. Why? Because he has a medical device attached to his body to treat his Type 1 diabetes. Seriously. Attorney Igor Raykin joins me at 1 to discuss this bit of crap. I'm already mad and I'm only two stories in. It's gonna be one of THOSE days.

YOU NEED TO WATCH MIKE POMPEO'S SPEECH AT THE FREEDOM CONFERENCE It was EXTREMELY illuminating about what is happening now in Afghanistan.

REP PERLMUTTER IS WORKING HARD TO GET PEOPLE OUT OF....GITMO As his Democratic colleague Jason Crow is working feverishly in his office to help Americans and allies escape the Taliban in Afghanistan that have been left behind by the Biden Administration. Check out this fun story on them both. Perlmutter is INCREDIBLY concerned about terrorists getting home. Americans? Not so much.

C'MON MAN THAT WAS LIKE THREE WEEKS AGO When Biden said that we would remain in Afghanistan until all Americans are out. Watch it here for fun even though you know it's a lie.

THIS IS THE USELESS SECRETARY OF STATE BLINKEN ACKNOWLEDGES WE'VE LEFT AMERICANS BEHIND And I don't believe that the State Department even knows how many. And this line of "we will help those who choose to leave" is garbage. This is a moment of national shame.

SURE, WHY NOT HAVE TAMPONS JUST FOR MEN? Maybe we can make them camo colored or smell like leather so this "masculine trans man" doesn't have to feel upset when he buys his period products that are labelled for women. We can make a brand called SOB instead of OB just for guys who bleed. Leave the rest of them for the women who still want stuff for women to be called for women. Trans people are trying to erase my identity and I'm quite over it.

A BUNCH OF MILITARY DUDES ARE DEMANDING RESIGNATIONS As well they should because any military leader who stood aside and let President Biden make the crappy decisions he's made needs to go. Read more here.

AND NOW, A SEA SHANTY JUST BECAUSE The Kiffness works his magic on the sea shanty

ISRAELI DOCTORS SAY THERE IS NO REASON TO EXPECT LONG TERM EFFECTS FROM THE VACCINE And the point being made here is that IF there is a problem, it is usually pretty regularly apparent in the first two months. There is no indication that there should be any long term effects even from the mRNA vaccines, especially because of how mRNA degrades very quickly in our bodies, even with the lipid coating. Read more here.

WANT TO STAY SHARP AS YOU AGE? DON'T STOP WORKING And I will tell you that anecdotally I've seen this in my own life with people I care about. The older people I know who are the sharpest are those who are still working doing something they enjoy. I emphasized that last part because I don't think that working at a job you don't like helps as much. Read the details of the study that showed working until later in life can stave off issues like Alzheimer's and dementia. And then get to work!

NO, PANDEMIC BABIES DO NOT HAVE LOWER IQS This sort of idiotic fear mongering is click bait. This column dismantles the so-called study that showed that babies born during the pandemic have a lower IQ than previous generations.

WHERE'S KAMALA? Any lingering thoughts of Kamala Harris being a transformative Veep sure seem over. This Editorial in pretty much lays out all the ways she sucks and is useless. It's quite the impressive list.

IF YOU ARE STILL CLINGING TO SIDNEY POWELL TO SET THE WORLD RIGHT, WATCH THIS Australian Broadcasting has a new documentary about the election aftermath where Sidney Powell put herself at the front of the conspiracy theory that voting machines were fixed by a company to help Biden win. She does not look good here.

I'M NOT SAYING WE NEED TO DO THIS, BUT DAMN THIS IS JUVENILE AND SUPER FUNNY This happened at a school board meeting and the poor guy who got the names has obviously never seen The Simpsons.

MORE TEACHERS BEHAVING BADLY And these stories appear to be getting more frequent as parents are mad and paying attention. The two "teachers" in this story need to be removed from the classroom, one already has been. Neither flies the American flag in their classroom (one says it makes her feel "uncomfortable") and one gives extra credit to his students for going to Antifa rallies. For real. Parents, please pay attention!

NEWSOM CAMPAIGN RELEASES LARRY ELDER IN BLACKFACE PHOTO! Of course this is The Babylon Bee and it's very, very funny. Read it here!

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